Church Service on 25 January 2014 at 11am

2014-01-25 Collage

This was a special Service during the Churches Together Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and was held in St. Peter’s at the earlier time of 10:30am.  We had guests from a number of different churches and denominations in the Watford area.  This was Day 7 and the Theme was TOGETHER…WE BELONG TO CHRIST
David Silcox leads worship

David Silcox welcomed everyone to our Service and mentioned the Themes and Services each evening during the past week at different Churches.  The final day is tomorrow here at St. Peters at 4pm with the Theme of TOGETHER…WE PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL.  Everyone is welcome to come along for this Service as well. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore 

Linda Halford gave a Scripture Reading which reflected the Theme for today—Mark 9:38-41 which says you belong to Christ 
Linda reading, David Brace at the piano

Hymns were led by David Silcox, who invited everyone to stand and greet those near them before singing in worship:
Hymn 1.  King of Kings, Majesty
Hymn 2.  I, The Lord Of Sea And Sky 

There was a short video from Dr. Joseph Tkach, the Denominational President of Grace Communion International, also known as Worldwide Church of God in the UK.  The Video Clip is called Speaking of Life and can be viewed on  This presentation was entitled In Christ, and was followed immediately by the Intercessory Prayer
congregation on Day 7 of Churches Together Week of Prayer-trimmed

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Irene Wilson, this years’ Moderator for Churches Together in Watford:
*We come boldly before the Throne of God to talk to him – thank you, Lord for the opportunity to be together.
*Young people of Watford face a lot of pressure and we bring them to you—open their hearts to find joy and peace in you
*Thank you for the number of charities in Watford working with your people.  Please bless and direct them
*Senior Citizens are vulnerable in today’s society and we ask that you help us to show compassion and respect
*We remember now the sick, both physically and mentally ill.  Help us to make time and effort to help them
*Our hearts go out to Colin of St. Peters who has lost his mother and ask that you comfort him and give him peace
*We think of the lonely.  We know that you are aware of them, and ask that you help us also to be aware and take time for them
*As we join together, we pray that Churches here in Watford will respond to your heart to reach out to the lost and needy.  Thank you that through you we are one family.  Thank you for your love and for our Saviour, Jesus.  You are truly an awesome God and we pray that you will be glorified by all that we do. 

Hymn 3.  Love Divine, All Love’s Excelling
Hymn 4.  The Power Of Your Love 

There was another Scripture Reading before the Sermon, also read by Linda Halford—1 Corinthians 12:12-27 the Church is the body of Christ with many members each essential and fulfilling different functions. 
James Henderson giving the Sermon 2

The Message was given by James Henderson, the National Leader of the Worldwide Churches of God for the United Kingdom and the IrishRepublic.  Worldwide Church of God is part of Grace Communion International.
James began with a quiz to see if people knew the collective names of things such as starlings, hedgehogs and cobras.  There is a collective name for all Christians as Linda read in 1 Corinthians—we are the body of Christ.  One body of many individuals.  We need one another and should not be either exclusive, as we heard in the video message, or fighting amongst ourselves.  The Body of Believers has implications and we looked at three:
1.  When Jesus moves, e all go with him.  We belong to him and he belongs to us, together.
2.  We each have a part to play.
3.  Togetherness – we are all the children of God and he loves each of us. 

The final Hymn was Onward Christian Soldiers
after which the Closing Prayer was given by Phillip Halford 
Children's Church

There was Children’s Church during the Service, taught by Ricki Fowler and Janie Gadston in the Committee Room. 

Fellowship continued over BRUNCH in the church hall.  
Brunch Collage

Don’t forget that you are invited to join St. Peters tomorrow at 4pm for their Service, which ends the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with a Theme of TOGETHER…WE PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL. 


Friday night, 24th January 2014, the fortnightly Bible Study met at 7:30pm as usual in the upstairs room of the St. Stephens Parish Centre.  Anyone is welcome to join us as we continue to study through the book of Psalms with a focus on Messianic Passages.  We enjoy refreshments together after the study.
Bricket Wood Bible Study 2 in January 2014

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