The First Spring Festival Service was held on 15 April 2014 in Garston Community Church at 11am

Phillip HalfordThe Opening Prayer was given by Sueann Henderson

Hymns were led by Phillip Halford:
Hymn 1 – Praise my soul the King of Heaven
Hymn 2 – Crown Him with Many Crowns



An Offering was then taken up while Mike Hustwait played the piano.
Mr Bergin then said a prayer of thanks for it.
Mike Hustwaite at the piano

Hymn 3 – Faith of our Fathers
Hymn 4 – Onward Christian Soldiers

Francis BerginThe Sermon was given by Mr.Francis Bergin.
Which event in history do we think is the greatest? Mr.Bergin thinks that the Exodus must be one of the greatest, when after 450 years, millions of Israelites left their slavery in Egypt for freedom, Exodus 12:40. The Chief Rabbi recently has called this time of year a Festival of Freedom. Our precious freedom depends on how we use it and the choices we make. The Israelites made many mistakes. They rejected God, and made a golden calf and worshipped it, Exodus 32:7-8. God called the people your people to Moses, not my people in Verse 7. They complained to Moses that they had nothing to drink, Exodus 15:24. They forgot their mission or calling, Deuteronomy 4:5-6. Others should have been able to see that they had a very special God. 1 Corinthians 10:1-12. is an example for us to follow in our lives. Verse 11. Wise people learn from the mistakes of others. We know that sin brings death automatically, Romans 6:23. and 3:23–All have sinned and deserve death. We can become slaves to sin, but Christ has set us free, Romans 6:12-18, Luke 4:16-19 & Romans 12:1. We should always count our blessings with gratitude, Ephesians 5:20. Shine as a light in a dark world, Philippians 2:15 & Matthew 5:16. We always need God’s help, guidance, correction and Grace. Christ has set us free from slavery, and we must live our lives as an example to others and to the glory of God. Through Christ we will one day claim our crown.

The Final Hymn was My Shepherd will supply my Needs, after which the Closing Prayer was give by Mike Barlow.

Following the Service a light lunch was enjoyed by all.

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