Church Service on 26 April 2014 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Jean Sole. 

David Silcox giving Announcements & leading HymnsAnnouncements were given by David Silcox and included:
*Members in Greece send their regards.  We were able to spend four days with them, holding a Lord’s Supper Service, several Bible Study/Discussions, and eating wonderful Greek food both in restaurants and at the home of Manuel Phoenix.
*Several Prayer Requests:  John Halford, recently diagnosed with cancer; Blossom Daley with an ear infection; Jack Stokes is not well and Rosemary is not able to leave him; Carolyn Gentil’s husband’s friend has cancer and requests prayers.
*Martin Willis’ mother died.
*CRE, the Christ Resources Exhibition will be held soon
*Joe Tkach’s weekly update includes an article on the cursing of the fig tree and announces the death of John Moskel’s wife, Shirley
*The Thought For The Week comments on the recent news coverage of the claim that the UK is a Christian Nation. 

Nancy in April 2008Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox, who began with a humourous story about communication in a Bible perspective.  The worship this week was themed around Communication:
Hymn 1.  How Great Thou Art
Hymn 2.  Faithful One
Hymn 3.  Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind 

Nancy showed a short video clip of Joseph Tkach Speaking Of Life, entitled ‘Presentation’

James Esom gives Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer was offered by James Esom and included:
*Thank you for today, Lord, and that we can come to you in thanks, praise and petition.  Thank you for friends, family and neighbours.
*We pray for our Children’s Church, for the leaders as well as the children.
*Please bless our outreach initiatives such as the prayer table, street angels, etc.
*We pray for peace in this troubled world, especially the situation in Ukraine/Russia.
*We pray for those involved in this week’s ferry disaster and continue to uplift and comfort the families of the plane crash victims.
*Three disabled children were killed this week and we pray for that situations
*We think o those in the update—Shirley Moskel’s family mourning her death, and for John Halford’s healing from cancer
*SEP is now in preparation and we pray for your blessing on this important outreach to share you with young people

*Blossom Daley is ill with the flu and an ear infection.  Please be with her.
*Be with the willis family mouring the death of his mother
*Be with Jack Stokes and with Rosemary caring for him
*Carolyn’s husband has a friend diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Haver mercy and be with him and his family. 

Hymn 4.  I Am Thine, O Lord
Hymn 5.  In The Garden 
James Henderson gives the Sermon
The Message was given by the UK Denominational Director, James Henderson.  He spoke about Living in the Fulness of the Holy Spirit.  Some people read Ephesians 5:15-17 and misunderstand the analogy of being filled with the Spirit to mean that it is like a commodity which runs short and needs refilling.  The analogy in context contrasts the Holy Spirit with wine, whcih was contained in a wine-skin, and which does need refilling.  Colossians 2:9 contains another concept that shows we live in the abundance of God and verse 10 that we are complete in Him, in the fulness in Christ—we operate out of that fulness.  The deposit of the spirit doesn’t mean a tiny portion, but that the Spirit is the deposit of our future redeption.  If we look again at Ephesians 5, it is speaking to the Church and goes on to give the results of being filled with the Spirit in verses 19-25, which include singing from the heart, giving thanks, and submitting one to another.
James closed by reading Ephesians 3: 14-21 as a prayer. 

The Service was closed with the Hymn Make Me A Channel of Your Peace, and he Closing Prayer, which was led by George Henderson 

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.  
Children's Church
In the Young People’s Church the subject of Noah and Noah’s ark were covered. The young people read Hebrews 11:7 and parts of Genesis 6 and learnt about Noah’s faith. The story was told using pictures from a Ladybird Bible book called Safe in the Ark. They also watched a power-point presentation about Noah and the ark and saw some photographs of the full-size replica ark in Holland. They did a Noah’s ark puzzle and then built their own arks out of cardboard boxes and stuck lots of animals and birds on them.
Children's Church make models of Noah's Ark

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