Church Service on 29 March 2014 at 11am 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

Chernobyl Children Life Line Computer Powerpoint

The Opening Prayer was given by James Esom 

David PreachingAnnouncements were given by David Silcox and included:
*The Luton Quiz Night is tonight.  Anyone wishing to go is welcome.  The Service is this afternoon, the meal will be 6pm followed by the Quiz.
*Valerie is still in Hemel Hempstead hospital.
*For account and photos from the funeral of John Ross Schroeder visit this website:  

were led by David Silcox:
Hymn 1.  I Sing The Mighty Power Of God
Hymn 2.  I Stand Amazed In The Presence 

A Video Clip of Dr. Tkach Speaking Of Life was shown, entitled ‘Because The World Depends On Us

Geoff Sole introducing intercessory prayerIntercessory Prayer was offered by Geoff Sole and included:
*Thank you that we can come here on this lovely spring day in freedom and safety.  Help us to follow the example of Jesus in loving our neighbour and we give you thanks for his sacrifice and that he lives in us.
*So many are in spiritual darkness—please open eyes so they can see you and come to relationship with you.  Help us to do our part in making this happen, such as the Prayer Table outside.
*It has been brought to our attention in the news this week that human trafficing even occurs in this country and we pray for the victims, we pray for politicians to take actions to stop this tragedy.
*The airliner that disappeared is still a mystery and we pray for the relatives and loves ones of those passengers, that you would give them peace and be with them in their distress.
*We pray for those affected by the mudslide in Washington State this week.
*We have heard about Mr. Clausen who has cancer in the US and bring him to you, as well as those in our own congregation like Valerie Philo who is still in the hospital.
*We will be hearing today about lives in Belarus and Ukraine, still after all these years, suffering terrible health issues as a result of the Chernobyl disaster so many years ago.  Our heart goes out to them and their loved ones.  Please bless the many charities and organizations bringing them aid and help, such as the Bayleys who are here today to speak to us.
*Children’s Church is an important part of our Church and we ask your blessing upon the teachers and the children who participate.
*We pray for the Tkachs and Hendersons who lead us and ask that you guide and bless their work. 

Hymn 3.  Come, Ye Thankful People, Come

Gerrie Bayley speaksThe Message was given by Gerrie Bayley.  Gerrie and her husband, Chris run a branch of the Charity CHERNOBYL CHILDREN LIFE LINE, which brings children to the UK from the area of Belarus and Ukraine suffering from the effects of low-level radiation from the nuclear accident at Chernobyl in 1986.  Belarus received 70% of the radioactive fall-out which was 90 times greater than that created by the Hiroshima Bomb.  While in the UK, they have medical and dental care and have opportunity to have a holiday breathing fresh air and eating uncontaminated food to help give their immune systems a boost.  Even this short time away from Belarus is proving to add 3-4 years to their lives!  Chris & Gerrie co-ordinate flights, host families, activities and fund-raising. 
Chris Bayley showing the powerpointChris operated a powerpoint with photos and information, while Gerrie gave us an update.  We had heard from her three years ago and now this year is the 10th Anniversary of their involvement.  It has been a life-changing experience and she requested us to pray that God will give them the children that need them.  “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.” is her inspiration.  They updated us on past groups and individuals, as well as shared projections and plans for the future.  One particular story she shared was about Anton.  They brought him to Wales and took him to London to fulfill a dream.  These visits to the UK give them the incentive to never give up, to keep fighting to get well and live—it gives them HOPE.  They say THANK YOU for your prayers and help.  Gerrie requested prayers for one particular child, Katya, who has cancer in her eyes.
Gerrie has visited Belarus and Bazar in the Ukraine to see for herself the conditions the children live in, and to visit past children to see how they are getting on.  Sadly, some have already died, but others are doing well.  If you would like to know more about this charity, visit: 
Taking up a collection for Chernobyl Children Life Line

There was a Collection taken up for Chernobyl Children Lifeline during Hymn 4:  God Of Grace And God Of Glory 

The final Hymn was Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending
after which the Closing Prayer was led by Irene Wilson 

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.  

Young People’s Church took place during the main message time, led by Ricki Fowler. 
Children's Church


A number of members from the Watford Congregation enjoyed attending the Luton Quiz Night, which began at 6pm with a buffet meal.
Luton Quiz Collage


 There is to be a BRICKET WOOD REUNION 19-22 MAY 2014.  To participate in this event you must register.  Registration for many of the events closes 1 April 2014, but others are still open.  For example, even if not registered for anything else, you can register for the Bricket Wood Campus Tour which will be 9:30am on Monday 19th May.  There is no cost, but without registering and receiving a name tag, you will not be allowed through the security gates of the grounds.  There will be a Bricket Wood Reunion Group Photo in front of Memorial Hall at 10am.  For information on the Reunion go to this website: 

To register you will need a password, which can be obtained by emailing:

There is a facebook page for ‘Ambassador College Bricket Wood Friends & Alumni’ you also may be interested in.

AC Collage 

Below is the Schedule of Events for the Bricket Wood Reunion:

Schedule of Events

Please note: Times for the hotel breakfast (free to registered guests) are set, while other schedule times are approximate. Also, when group outings are planned, please feel free to arrange your own transportation, or arrange other activities if you would prefer not to participate in that event. Additionally, the evening meals on Sunday and Wednesday are available by pre-purchased ticket only.

Sunday May 18th

Arrival/Check-in: Check in at our Reunion hotel, the Watford Hilton, is from 2 pm on

Sunday Afternoon Reception: 1.30 pm – 4 pm Hotel Ballroom. Tea/Coffee/Biscuits served.
Drop in and meet everyone! Sign in and get your name tag, Welcome package and tickets.

Sunday Welcome dinner: Hotel Ballroom. Admittance by pre-purchased Ticket only.
Cash bar opens 6.30 pm, buffet dinner, 7.30 pm   Come casual!

Monday May 19th

Full English Buffet Breakfast 7 am – 9.30 am – free to those staying at hotel, others can join in for £14.95 per person

Tour of Campus – 9.30 am, optional, by double decker bus (pre-purchase ticket for bus)

St Albans – afternoon, optional, by same buses, return to hotel by approx. 5.30 pm

Happy Hour 6 pm – 7 pm in Hotel Lounge, Cash Bar

Dinner: 7.30 pm, Pub or Restaurant: TBD

Tuesday, May 20th

Full English Buffet Breakfast 7 am – 9.30 am – free to those staying at hotel, others can join in for £14.95 per person

Trip to London, optional, Parliament tour AND/OR personal sight seeing – Parliament tour by pre-purchased ticket only. Departure by bus at 9.30 am (pre-purchase ticket for bus). Buses return to hotel by approx 8.30 pm

Happy Hours 6 pm – 10 pm in Hotel Lounge, Cash Bar

Dinner: Time allowed in London for dinner, or can purchase dinner in Hotel Lounge if wish.

Wednesday, May 21st

Full English Buffet Breakfast 7 am – 9.30 am – free to those staying at hotel, others can join in for £14.95 per person

Hatfield House – 9.30 am, optional, by bus (pre-purchase ticket for bus) Buses return to hotel by mid-afternoon.

Gala dinner & Dance: Hotel Ballroom, Admittance by pre-purchased Ticket only.
Cash bar opens 6 pm, buffet dinner 7 pm, Semi-formal dress

Thursday, May 22nd

Full English Buffet Breakfast 7 am – 10 am – free to those staying at hotel, others can join in for £14.95 per person

10 am – noon Hotel Lounge for final farewells

Check out from our reunion hotel is by noon



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