Church Service on 5 April 2014 at 11am 

Peter Beardsmore giving the opening prayer
The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

2014-04-05 Sue Ann leading hymnsHymns were led by Sue Ann Henderson:
Hymn 1.  Lord, I Lift Your Name On High

The Opening Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore 

Hymn 2.  Shine, Jesus, Shine 

2014-04-05 George Henderson gives Announcements1Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Churches Together project to clean up the North Watford Cemetery is this coming Friday 11th April beginning 10am.  Do come along and help for an hour or so if you can.
*St. Peter’s Newsletter is ready for delivery, and are on the bench at the side of the Church.  Please help deliver a few if you can.
*This weekend is the Leeds Regional Conference and next weekend is the Scottish Retreat.  Pray that they go well.
*Ron Hitchcock’s great nephew was killed in a plane crash leaving a wife and small child.  Please prayer for the family during this difficult time.
*Pastor in the US, Larry Hinkle’s 19 year old grandson, Coty, died.  He was a special needs child that we have prayed for in the past.  Please pray for the family mourning his loss.
*Dt. Tkach’s update speaks of Palm Sunday and Holy Week.  James Henderson’s Thought for The Week is on spiritual pollution. 

Hymn 3.  Father, I Place Into Your Hands

2014-04-05 Winston Bothwell leads Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer was offered by Winston Bothwell and included:
*Great and merciful God, we are grateful for your creation and it’s beauty.  We know that you are aware of each sparrow and during this spring, the renewal brings hope as we are reminded of the sacrifice of your Son
*Aphganistan is going to the polls in hope of a peaceful future.  Help them in their struggle to turn over a new chapter.
*We remember those grieving—the Hinkle family, the Schroeder family and the Hitchcock family.  Comfort and encourage them
*We have been aware of the pollution this week with sand from the Sahara and several in our congregation are suffering from asthma—Irene Wilson and Joan Esom.  Give them the breath of life and ease their difficulties.
*Eileen Howard is suffering from back pain, and Valerie Philo is still in Hemel Hempstead hospital waiting for a place in a care home.  Many seniors in our congregation have age-related ailments.  Please sustain and be with them to be able to continue their Christian Service and example.  Give them health in their old age.
*We know of many suffering broken relationships and ask that you guide and help them to find a way to peace and joy.
*Some are facing depression and despair as they seek a job or have to move home.  Open a way forward for them to have hope and peace.
*Our Prayer Table outside mirrors the love of Christ to those passing by.  Reward the faith of those who come to request prayers.
*Thank you for St. Peters who share their facilities and bless the work that they do in the community.
*Thank you for the new life and new hope in Christ. 
2014-04-05 George and Sue Ann singing

Hymn 4.  The King Of Love
Hymn 5.  O Let The Son Of God Enfold You 

2014-04-05 Cliff Neill gives the sermonThe Sermon was given by Cliff Neill, who ‘took us for a walk with Jesus’ to spend time with him and experience his compassion and empathy.  Empathy is ‘your pain in my heart’.  In Mark 5 Jesus went with Jairus, whose daughter was ill, but on the way a woman touched his garment and Jesus stopped to speak with her.  He healed her and her issue of blood was gone.  We empathized with the woman and felt her despair, her hope and then her joy as Jesus gave her life back!  In the meantime Jairus’ daughter died and we felt his despair and grief, and then his hope and his joy as Jesus raised his daughter and gave her life back!  Jesus touched the two ‘daughters’, who were both ceremonially ‘unclean’, one from an issue of blood and the other through death, and gave them back their life.  The woman had been ill for 12 years and the daughter of Jairus was 12 years old.  He suffered with and for them.  He didn’t need to go to Jairus’ home in order to heal his daughter, but he did.  He didn’t need to touch the ‘unclean’ to heal them, but he did, through his love and compassion.  We thank God for the willingness of Christ to drop everything and walk with us.  “When you feel like you’re drowning in the sea of life, don’t despair, our Lifeguard walks on water!” 

The final Hymn was What A Friend We Have In Jesus
after which the Closing Prayer was led by Mike Barlow 

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.  
Children's Church

Children’s Church took place during the sermon time. At the Young People’s Church on the 5th of April we looked at a very large and heavy John Brown’s Bible which was about 200 years old. From this we looked at the many names the Bible gives to Jesus and the many names the Bible gives to the Church.


Bricket Wood Bible Study 2 in January 2014The fortnightly Bricket Wood Bible Study met Friday night at 7:30pm at the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre in the upstairs room.  Mike Barlow took us through Psalm 104 and 105 as we continue to go through the Psalms with an eye for Messianic passages.  We enjoyed refreshments together afterwards.  You are welcome to join us any time.  The next Bible Study will be Friday 2nd May after the Spring Festival season.

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