Church Service on 3 May 2014

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Jill Newman

Hymns were led by George Henderson:
Hymn 1 – Rejoice the Lord is King
Hymn 2 – Immortal Invisible

church-005-300x225Announcements were given by George Henderson:
*Valerie Philo has settled well in a Residential Home in Leavesden Watford.  If you would like her address, please contact George.
*John Halford has been diagnosed with stage 3 oesophageal cancer. He is to have chemotherapy for 5 weeks and then surgery. He has lost a lot of weight and is very weak. He thanks everyone for their cards and messages.
*Ruth Edwards and her husband thank everyone for their prayers. The cancer has now spread to her spine, hip and pelvis. She is to have treatment, but it might be needed for some years.
*We are sorry to announce the death of Arnold Klouson and Shirley Moskell who both lived in the U.S.A. Please pray for their families.

Hymn 3 – When I Survey the Wonderous Cross

Philip-Halford-Intercessory-Prayer-1-300x225Intercessory prayer was led by Phillip Halford:
*Phillip is John Halford’s brother. John has been overwhelmed by all the very many cards and messages and thanks everyone.
*We may forget God in our busy lives, but he does not forget us. We can pray any time or anywhere. Our creator God, what can we say? We humans have our limitations. We give you praise and glory. It must grieve you to see the trouble, pain and anguish in this world. Do we understand what is happening to people, or even care? We should love one another, not hate. We pray and ask you to help, because you have the power to change things.
*We pray for those suffering with cancer. Judy Harper, Ruth Edwards, Lexi Ellis, Bernie Schnippert, and John Halford.
*Here in the Watford church we remember Jack and Rosemary Stokes, Valerie Philo and Blossom Daley.
*George Henderson is soon to go into hospital for a heart operation. We pray that all will go very well for him.
*We ask for your comfort for those who grieve. We remember the families of Shirley Moskell and Arnold Klouson.
*We do love one another, and we know that you can heal people. Let your will be done. We need Jesus to return, and we ask these prayers in his name.

Hymn 4 – Who is there Like You
Hymn 5 – I the Lord of Sea and Sky

The Message was given by Irene Wilson on the topic of Famous Last Words. Irene read out the last words from some famous people. What would ours be? They would be remembered by our loved ones, so must make them count. The most famous man that ever lived was Jesus. We can read his last words spoken on the cross, in John 19:30. Did his disciples think that was the end, it’s all over? No, it was just the beginning. We read in Matthew 28:16-20, the last words that Jesus spoke to them. They were to go out and spread the gospel message. Some doubted they could do this, but Jesus assured them that he would always be with them. Mark 16:15 and 20.
The infinity of God is hard for humans to understand. Hebrews 7:3. Psalm 90:2. Do we make excuses like Moses? Exodus 4:1-10. Or read the book of Jonah. Many were faithful and obedient, like Mary and Joseph. Jesus knows that we are reluctant. Read the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-29. The servants were given talents according to their own ability. Verse 15. We should ask for faith and wisdom. Matthew 7:7. We should ask for opportunities to help others. We should proclaim the gospel in our conversation and deeds. When sending someone a card we should tell them we are praying for them. Let people know of God’s love for them. Philippians 2:13. God works through us. Matthew 6:3-4. Be a doer, not just a hearer. James 1:22-25. God will help us. Isaiah 41:13. We all look forward to standing before God and hearing him say,” Well done, good and faithful servant”. Matthew 25:21.

The Final Hymn was Will you come and Follow Me after which the Closing Prayer was given by Geoff Sole. 

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall. 

Children’s Church took place during the Main Message time.


Bricket Wood Bible Study 2 in January 2014The Bricket Wood Bible Study met on Friday night 2nd May at 7:30pm in the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre to continue in their in-depth study of the book of Psalms with a particular eye out for Messianic Passages.  Do consider joining us for this fortnightly study.  We enjoy fellowship and refreshments following the study each time.


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