Church Service on 31 May 2014

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Robin Howard

Hymns were led by George Henderson:
Hymn 1 – At the Name of Jesus
Hymn 2 – Hallelujah Sing to Jesus

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*After 25 years, the New Hope Trust in Watford, has now changed its name to New Hope.
*S.E.P. is now only 8 weeks away. We have some international campers coming but can take more. If you know of anyone who would benefit from this experience, then please contact Gordon Wilson. They also need qualified catering, sailing and kayacking staff. Volunteers are needed for Take Down from 10th August.
*Dorothy Beardsmore thanks you for your prayers for her great nephew Harley Elliott. He has recovered well following his heart operation and is now home.
*All are invited to the Northampton social on 14th June. The service starts at 2.30p.m. and there will be a guest speaker. A fish and chip meal will be served at 6p.m.
*Our Pentecost service will be held at St.John’s church Radlett on Sunday 8th June at 2p.m.
*Our Church Board meets this weekend. Please pray for this.

Hymn 3 – Jesus Shall Reign

James Esom gives Intercessory Prayer
Intercessory prayer
was led by James Esom.  James began by reading about prayer in James 5:13-15.
*We thank you for all the many blessings you give us. It is good that we can come here and pray for others. Please bless our Watford church and inspire the main message today. We thank you for our children’s church where they can learn more about you. Help our table outside to reach people and also help the Street Angels in Watford.
*The summer is a lovely time of year for us to enjoy, but we hear of such misery and suffering around the world. We ask you to intervene and help world leaders to try harder to end this. Some people have no homes, water or food. We heard this week of the terrible treatment of women in some parts of the world. We all look forward to your kingdom when these things will be put right.
*We ask your help for the Board meeting and the decisions that have to be made.
*Please bless all the plans for S.E.P. and provide the staff needed and more campers.
*Help the Northampton social to be a great success.
*David Rose’s wife Margaret was in a car crash this week. Please help her to get over the shock.
*We pray for those with cancer. John Halford, Judy Harper and Ruth Edwards. Please help their relatives.
*Some of our members are not able to be here today. We remember Jack Stokes, Valerie Philo and Margaret Silcox. Please be with them and their families.
*Thankyou that Harley has made such a quick recovery. and once again we thank you for all you do for us.

Hymn 4 – Majesty
Hymn 5 – Crown Him with many Crowns

David Preaching
The Message was given by David Silcox on the subject of the Ascension. Our church liturgy is to rehearse and remember the saving acts of Christ. Ascension is not mentioned much nowadays, but we should not forget its importance. In Acts 1:4-6, we read that the disciples wanted to know when Christ would return. They had built a bond of friendship during the three and a half years together. He told them that he would go, but they didn’t want to lose him. They had come to understand who he was, the Messiah. He told them no-one knows when he will return and not to worry about it. Verse 7-8. He left his disciples to continue his work, and so must we. Verse 1-2. Power would be sent to help them Verse 8. Luke 24:49. Acts 2:33. The Spirit will be poured out on all flesh worldwide. Acts 2:17. John 14:16. He will live in them. Romans 8:9. The Ascension in a sense is like Christ’s heavenly enthronement as King. He returned to his Father. Jesus had explained where he had come from and will go to. Acts 1:9-11. Revelation 3:21. What must that reunion have been like. We will also spend eternity in heaven. Heaven means in the presence of God. Hell means cut off from God. Jesus will return as King and Judge. Acts 1:9. The world’s problems will be solved then. We must be active in continuing his work until that day. Our hope for a glorious future, all hinges around the Ascension.

The Final hymn was Rejoice the Lord is King, after which the Closing Prayer was givem by Bill Wilson.

Children’s Church took place during the Sermon time.

Children's Church


5-Watford Congregation-Bricket Wood Bible StudyThe Bricket Wood Bible Study met on Friday Night 30 May 2014 at 7:30 pm in the upstairs room of the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre as usual.  The Study continues in the Book of Psalms with an eye out for Messianic Passages.  Anyone is welcome to come along and join us for the study and refreshments afterwards.


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