Church Service on 7 June 2014

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am

The Opening Prayer was given by Colin Bovingdon

Hymns led by Sueann Henderson:
Hymn 1See What a Morning
Hymn 2My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness
George Henderson giving Announcements

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*There are several Regional Conferences coming up soon. Everyone is welcome to attend, but they do need to know how many to plan for. This is especially important for Coulsden. Please give your name to the Church office at Market Harborough.
*Please pray for Nicola Dempsey-Boyle, who had her laptop stolen while working in Cuba.
*Our Pentecost service will be held on Sunday 8th June at St.John’s church Radlett at 2p.m, followed by a High Tea. Please arrive early as parking may be difficult as there is an event in Radlett Park.
*John Halford’s daughter says that he is responding well to treatment, but has lost a lot of weight. He is now to rest for 3 weeks before surgery. They will try a feeding tube to help him gain the weight he needs.
*Please pray about a very bad accident in the U.S.A. It happened in the car park of an Assembly of God church where we also meet. A disabled member of the other church had a problem with her car, knocking down 2 members and injuring herself. One of the people has died. Our Pastor there Rand Holm, has written a prayer to try and comfort all involved.

Hymn 3All My Days
Phillip Halford-Intercessory Prayer.1

Intercessory Prayer was led by Phillip Halford and included:
*Many people in the world do not want God in their lives, but we do.We want and know that you are here with us now.
*There are many people ill with cancer, and we ask you to help and heal them. John Halford, Judy Harper, Ruth Edwards, Shirley Faulkner, Mark Harrison and Phyllis Kelly.
*We also remember members of this congregation who have health problems. Margaret Silcox, Jack Stokes, Valerie Philo, Martin Willis and Janie Gadsden.
*We pray for Winston’s daughter Susie, who is suffering with asthma and finding breathing difficult. Please heal her and help her to breath normally.
*Phillip then read out the prayer written by Rand Holm, to heal wounds and hearts of those in shock, injured or grieving.
*There are many problems in the world. People need to know you, we all need you. Your return is needed, but until then, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Hymn 4My Jesus My Saviour
Hymn 5All I Once Held Dear

The Message was a video from the Church Conference in Orlando last August. The guest speaker was Jack McSwain and the message was entitled “Jesus is the Gospel”.
Mr.McSwain works with people with disabilities. He finds they easily celebrate and accept the gift of grace. We are all at the centre of the Father’s love. Why then do we introduce a conditional God? We find one God we can’t touch and one that embraces us. Jesus is the image of God. Colossians 1:15. The fullness of God. 2:9. In John 14:7 we read Jesus said that if they had seen him, then they had seen the Father. Are we double minded about God? Out of compassion, Jesus touched and healed a
leper. Mark 1:40-42. This is a microcosm of what Jesus did for all humanity. The leper came to Jesus, but God came to all people first. Jesus will come near to us and embrace us at our worst. He washes us clean unconditionally. He reveals God in action. We shall overcome some day because Christ overcame. Nothing can separate us from God’s love. Let’s celebrate this.
This video can be seen on our church website.

The Final Hymn was In Christ Alone after which theClosing Prayer was give by Winston Bothwell.

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