Church Service on 12 July 2014

2014-04-05 George and Sue Ann singingThe Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

Opening Prayer was given by Chris Esom

Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson:
Hymn 1 – O Worship the King
Hymn 2 – To God be the Glory

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
George had his pre-op examination this week. Everything is fine, but he needed some dental treatment. He now waits for a date for his heart operation.
*We have 3 brethren needing our prayers in the U.S.A. An Elder,John Connors, is in great pain due to pancreatic cancer; Ginny Dietrich, was put into an induced coma while she had an operation for colon cancer. She is now awake and responsive; Kay Persky, had a triple by-pass. She is now recovering but needs to avoid post operative complications.
It is our Market Harborough Conference tomorrow. Pray that all goes well.
There will be a communion service next Saturday.
Michael and Jessica wish to announce that they have a new brother. He is called Niall, and we send our congratulations and best wishes to Michelle and Chris.

Hymn 3 – Great is the Lord
Hymn 4 – Majesty  

Bill Wilson leading Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer was led by Bill Wilson, who began by telling us about a statue in Edinburgh called Greyfriers Bobby. When his master died, this dog sat on his master’s grave for 14 years. The statue was made because of Bobby’s loyalty. Bill went to London to see the musical “West side Story”. One of the songs was called “There’s a Place for us”. It reminded Bill that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us, and that we must remain loyal to him. John 14:2-3.
We welcome you here Father, and we come to be taught from your words in the Bible. We know the power of prayer, it is a master tool. Thankyou for your son Jesus. Our place is waiting for us through him.
There are so many troubled places in the world, and we pray for peace.
Please bless all those involved with preparations for the Commonwealth Games in Scotland. We pray for safety and that all will go well.
We pray for Judy Harper, Ruth Edwards and Susie Jones-Bothwell. Please heal them and help their families.
We ask your healing power for John, Ginny and Kay. Please also help their families through this difficult time.
S.E.P. begins soon. We pray that more young people will want to attend, so that we can proclaim you to them.
We ask your help for those unemployed to soon find good jobs. It is difficult for their families and can cause problems.
This can be a hard world for Christians. Help us all to work together.
We give you grateful thanks for all you do for us. Thankyou for our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Hymn 5 – Teach me to Dance
2014-07-12 Graeme Mitchell 1
The Message was given by Dr.Graham Mitchell about New Hope. Do we dream about new things or just dwell on the old? What about life after death? There are many different views. Is there anything new or do we just die? Do we mix old with new? Matthew 9:16-17. There is danger to do this. In the Old Testament, God indicated there were to be new things ahead. Isaiah 43:18-19. God had hope for his dream, his plan. We were already chosen for his pleasure and purpose. Ephesians 1:4-5,9,11,14. The Holy Spirit is our guarantee of our inheritance. Adam and Eve started happily in the garden, and then came the enemy. Jesus died because God would not give up his dream. He was recreating the human race. Jesus’s body was resurrected. Romans 8:29. We also will be. 1  Corinthians 15:20-23. One day there will be a new heaven and a new earth. Isaiah 65:17. Revelation 21:1-5, explains that God will dwell with his people.

Earth and heaven will be together. There are those people who give hope, and those who take hope away. We are those who can give hope, because the world desperately needs this.\

The Final Hymn was And Can it Be. after which the Closing Prayer was give by  Mike Hustwait.\

Children’s Church took place during the Sermon time.\

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall. 


 Photo: Church coffee duties - David Leslie MacEwan all fed and watered





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