Church Service on 25 January 2014 at 11am 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given Colin Bovingdon

2014-07-05 George Henderson with Announcements in WatfordHymns were led by George Henderson
Hymn 1 – Fill your Hearts with Joy And Gladness
Hymn 2 Come ye Thankful People Come

Announcements were give by George Henderson and included:
*George is to have his heart operation on 12th September.
*Our Norwich church wishes to invite anyone with a connection to their church, to a celebration on 6th December. Please contact Irene Tibbenham.
*Next weekend is the last chance to book your place at the Conference in Borehamwood on 2nd November. Please contact Market Harborough or George Henderson.
*We have several prayer requests from the U.S.A.–Mary Schnyder and her husband are involved with outreach to young people. Mary is now suffering from health problems.–Jodie Haist has a heart problem. Her husband Brad is a pastor in Mitchigan.
*John Halford is home, but will need 2 more sessions of chemo to make sure he has no more cancer. He still requires a feeding tube, but has now begun to swallow fluids. Soon he will begin to swallow soft foods and has to learn to eat again. Thankyou for your prayers.
*Mike Rasmussen is improving daily following an operation for prostate cancer. He seems free of cancer now and thanks everyone for their prayers.

Hymn 3 – Be Still

Sue Ann leads hymnsIntercessory Prayer was led by Sueann Henderson and included:
*Sueann thanks everyone who prayed for the Street Angels last Thursday. The young people were celebrating their A Level results. At one stage in the evening in Watford, 2,000 were queuing to go into one of the Night Clubs.
*Please pray for Sueann as she told us that she has a problem with her voice when very tired, which also affects her right arm.
*We are very thankful that we can come here. You are not a far away God, and you rush to us like the father of the Prodigal Son. We know that the blood of Christ covers our sins. Your grace and mercy humbles us.
*The world is in turmoil. It astounds us. War, unrest, starvation. Please intervene. Help the world leaders, including David Cameron and Mr. Obama with the difficult decisions which must be made. Help them to be generous with aid. Please give safety to the fleeing Christians.
*Comfort all those in the Middle East who suffer and grieve. Help the missing girls in Nigeria to be found. Please protect all Missionaries and Aid Workers. We long for the peace when Christ returns. Help us here and all Christians not to forget the power of prayer.
*A lady who came to the table outside, asks us to pray for two people–Jean, who is soon to have a shoulder operation. Stella in Canada, went into hospital for an operation. Whilst there her husband died suddenly, and her house burned down. Please help them both.
*We thank you for the improvement for John Halford and Mike Rasmussen. We ask you to help and heal Jodie Haist and Mary Schnyder, who are both suffering great pain.
*Help also Irene Wilson who has a very painful knee today.
*We thank you that Suzie Jones-Bothwell is improving. Her brother Sam has kidney problems and is diabetic. Help their parents, Cathy and Winston through these difficulties.
*Bob Halford is to have an operation on 26th August. Please also help his family and his parents Linda and Phillip as they support Bob.
*Please continue to help Tom and Judy Harper and family as Judy faces more treatment for cancer.
*We thank you for hearing us, and for every good thing you give to us.

Hymn 4 – I the Lord of Sea and Sky
congregation on Day 7 of Churches Together Week of Prayer-trimmed

The Sermon was given by Mr.Bergin on the subject of Peace.
Peace is not just cessation of war, it is much more than that. Biblical peace is very special. Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh to bring peace. Matthew 10:34. He will bring peace at his second coming.
How can we have peace of mind? If we found a wallet in the street, would we steal any money from it? All of us here would not, but many people would. Why wouldn’t we? We have an educated conscience that gives us inner calm. The enemies of peace are sin and guilt. Our unique Biblical peace is through Christ. Romans 5:1. John 14:27. We should possess this peace in our daily lives. We don’t need to worry about our relationship with God. It was settled on the cross and we are forgiven.
Guilt destroys inner peace. Little things can irritate us daily. We should be still, and pray for calm. We should try to be at peace with all people. Hebrews 12:14. Let the peace of God rule in our hearts.
Colossians 3:12-15. Peace is a fruit of the Spirit. Galations 5:22. If it is possible, we should always try to solve problems in a peaceful way. Matthew 5:25. Romans 12:17-18. Some people love to fight and argue, but we should always work towards peace and not cause division.
Is my home a haven of peace? The Hebrew word Shalom means peace for now and all eternity. Most countries want peace, but only on their terms. We should pray for our Queen and all world leaders, and for religious freedom. When Christ returns there will at last be world peace. 1 Timothy 2:1-5. Isaiah 2:4, 32:17-18.

The Final Hymn was When Peace like a River after which the Closing Prayer was given by Bill Wilson.

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the Church Hall.

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