Luton Ladies Day 2014


Luton Ladies Day this year was on 20th September 2014.  Around forty ladies came from near and far to enjoy a day partaking of a buffet of chatting, listening to stimulating talks and enjoying a delicious lunch together.

Daria FowlerThe day began with arrival and registration over a cup of tea at 10:30 before being welcomed at 11am by organiser, Daria Fowler, who opened with prayer and gave some announcements before introducing Portia Brathwaite to lead the Hymns, as we sang come, Now Is The Time to Worship and Morning Has Broken.

Pam Maylin speakingPam Maylin from the Great Baddow congregation spoke about Hellen Keller, “A Most Remarkable Lady.”  Hellen, although profoundly deaf and blind, overcame formidable obstacles to learn to read, write and talk.  She graduated from University with honours, was a lecturer, author and travelled extensively as an envoy for the deaf/blind, meeting numerous heads of state and dignitaries.  She died at 88, leaving a legacy of courage and perseverance for us all. 

This was followed by a Readingby Caroline Gentil:  “Live A Life That Matters.”

And then we heard from Dr. Graham Mitchell, pastor of the Northampton congregation, and professor of Psychology at Northampton University, about “Living and Coping In A Stressful World.”  Stress is usually considered bad and detrimental, but research has proven that it is also necessary and provides opportunity for growth.  We perform better when challenged.  This is reflected in such scriptures as 1 Corinthians 10:13, God “will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm…he will give you the strength to endure it…” and 2 Corinthians 4:8, where it says, “We are often troubled, but not crushed…”  And James 1:2 say to count it all joy when you encounter trials!  which sounds like a contradiction, but out of trials comes growth depending on how you handle it.  Three areas for coping:
Dr. Graham Mitchell speaking 21.  Your Cognitive State, or attitude.  Hope is key.  A positive outlook can turn stress from detrimental to beneficial.  Having a sense of purpose, vision and a goal help us cope with stress.  We need C-ommitment (passion),  C-ontrol (self-control) and C-hallenge to keep a positive cognitive state
2. Social Support of both others and God
3. Exercise is a wonderful stress/illness buffer
We want to do more than just cope, though, we want to live a joyful life and this can be helped if we:
1-See life as a Journey and enjoy the journey rather than just enduring the journey to get to the destination.  Use every opportunity and learn to be content (Philippians 4:11-13)
2-Just do it!  Seize the day.  Don’t put things off.
3-Gratitude.  Thankfulness and appreciation makes a difference in your health and turns a stressful situation into an opportunity for growth.
Dr. Graham illustrated his points with many scriptures, examples and research results and encouraged a perspective transformation that will lead to real life-changing growth.
Hymns with Shirley on the fluteChoir

Another hymn, One More Step Along The world I Go, and Special Music from a small choir singing  Fill Your Mind finished the mornings proceedings.  Nancy Silcox asked a blessing upon the meal and the ladies moved to the back of the hall for a leisurely lunch.
Buffet Queue 2Delegates at lunch

After lunch Tiny Sullivan asked a prayer over the second half and Portia led two more hymns, Lord, I come to You, and I Am A New Creation.  Daria then introduced our first speaker for the afternoon.


Rebecca Woolford SpeakingRebecca Woolford gave a talk entitled “English—Past, Present & Future”.  Her talk sped us through the development of the English language, touching on Shakespeare, Jane Austin, Winston Churchill, and even texting with LOL being ‘laugh out loud’!  Her talk was peppered with quotations and statistics that kept us with her through thousands of years!

Len Maylin speaking 2Our next speaker spoke with confidence, as “Speaking With Confidence” was the title of Len Maylin’s talk.  Len attends the Great Baddow Congregation and has taught public speaking for many years as a part-time business.  He shared some of his tips with us beginning by saying that having something worthwhile to say is key to a good speech.  Len recommends speaking from notes, not script reading or memorized, or impromptu.  First you need to decide what you will speak about and then research, gather material and prepare well.  This will give you confidence to go on to the how of delivery.  Consider the following:
*Your appearance.  Your appearance has an impact on others and how they preceive and receive your material, as well as on your confidence.  It should be appropriate—if your bank manager had a mohican haircut, you would change your bank!
*Voice—pace, pitch & pause. *Gestures—be careful not to develop annoying habits like jingling change in your pocket
*Eye contact—Len put on sunglasses to demonstrate the difference it makes when you don’t have eye contact.
*Consider your audience when preparing and when giving a speech
Len went on to briefly guide us on organising a speech into the introduction, suggesting using a quotation or story to begin; body of the speech should flow from point to point and use colourful illustrations and analogies; and then the conclusion which should be short, with perhaps a summary or a quotation to end on.  He finished with a few recommendations that might help, such as checking out motivational speakers on youtube like 

Before our last speaker we heard a reading by Margaret Gibbon, Trust In God.

Then Kathy Shattock gave a lovely talk, entitled “Taking A Closer Look At Children.”  She illustrated her talk with stories of children and grandchildren.  We teach children, but they can also teach us:
Kathy Shattock speaking 21-Perseverance, as they fall many times learning to walk
2-Being Eager to Learn & Listen
3-Faith as they jump into your arms
Kathy finished with a poem by Helen Steiner Rice entitled “A Child’s Faith”, and then reading Luke 18:16 & 17 where Jesus says we should become as little children.
Portia waving worship flag

The Closing Prayer was given by Matilda Radovic.

Maybe we’ll see you at next years’ Luton Ladies Day—24 October 2015!






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