Church Service on 13 September 2014 at 11am 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by James Esom
David Silcox with announcements

Announcements were given by David Silcox and included:
*Sad to announce the death of Bernie Schnippert
*Linda Zehetmayr is up and down at the moment.  she was not too well yesterday with an infection after her procedure and very swollen legs. *Luton Ladies Day is next Saturday 10:30am-4pm.  All ladies are welcome—see Dorothy or email Daria if you are planning on attending.
*Audrey Lyon has had successful surgery and thanks everyone for their prayers and cards
*John Halford is still in a lot of pain and tired after chem, although he has been told that he can eat whatever he likes—says everything tastes like dried cardboard!
*Anyone interested in meeting on Wednesday 17th in St. Albans, gather 12:15 inside the main doors of St. Albans Abbey for a 12:30 Organ Recital after which we will have coffee or lunch together in the refectory.  There is no charge for the Recital, but you may give a donation.  Contact Nancy Silcox for more information.
Sue Ann reports on George's operation

Sue Ann came forward and told the congregation about George’s operation.  The surgeon assured them he had done the procedure over 100 times with 100% success!  He has come through the surgery and is doing well.  The doctors are pleased with him and says he will not need physiotherapy.  He is sitting up and being moved into a ward.  He sent Sue 4 texts already this morning!  He may be home in a week.   If you plan to visit, please coordinate with Irene because they are strict about number of visitors in the ward at once.  visiting hours are 3-5pm and 6-8pm

Nancy in April 2008Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1.  Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord
Hymn 2.  My Shepherd Will Supply My Need 

We watched a Speaking of Life Video clip from Dr. Joseph Tkach entitled, Stillness.

Hymn 3.  Be Not Afraid My People
Hymn 4.  Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

Winston Bothwell with Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory Prayerwas offered by Winston Bothwell and included: *We thank you for a safe place to meet in peace and safety, and we thank you for the people of St. Peters and ask a blessing on them.
*We stand in awe of your creation, even watching insects crawling out of autumn fruit, seeing life so small in a universe so vast.
*Thank you for the good news that George’s surgery was a success and we pray for his full recovery.  Give him strength and encourage and bless him and Sue Ann.  They are a much loved part of our congregation as well as other Christians in Watford.
*Linda Zehetmayr is going through a very severe trial, God, and suffering great stress and anxiety.  Help her to continue to look to you.  Bless Paul as he seeks to support and encourage
*You are aware of the others mentioned in Dr. Tkach’s weekly update and the A&I like Audrey Lyon and John Halford.  Be with each of them through your love and mercy.
*Many families are bereaved at this time and we present to you specifically the family of Bernie Schnippert, some of whom are also very unwell.
*The world is a sad and difficult place at this time and we pray for persecuted Christians in the Middle East, Iraq, Pakistan and Syria.  Be with, inspire and help them as they look to you, their Saviour.
*Look down and guide the referendum in Scotland this coming week.  Whatever happens it will be a momentous decision and the unity has been broken.  There will be no true ‘win’ with around 50% of people unhappy whatever the outcome.  Help people to be magnanimous and peaceful as the consequences will be felt for years to come.
*we pray for those who are determined to go against your ways.  Let them be softened in heart and led to your truth and peace.  Following the death of Ian Paisley this week be with the people in Ireland to have a change of heart and be reconciled—let there be peace
*We pray for our Queen who has given her life to the service of the people of this nation.  Be with her, give her strength and health as she comes into the year that will see her the longest reigning monarch in history.

Hymn 5.  God Is Our Strength And Refuge (to the tune of Dambusters)
Barry Robinson

The Sermon was given by Barry Robinson, pastor of the London Congregations of North London and Camberwell.  He spoke on What Does Brotherly Love Look Like?  He related a story about a tramp and begger who visited a large congregation to be treated with contempt until he turned out to be the new Minister testing the Christianity of the congregation.  Matthew 25:35-46 says when we see the needy and help, then as we have done to the least of these we have done it to him.  We need to follow in christ’s footsteps in more than just talk, closing the gap between faith and practice.  In John 15:17 Jesus says this is my command that you love one another, so what does brotherly love look like? Hebrews 13:1-6 gives us several points to examine
*verse 2 speaks of entertaining strangers—not just hospitable to family and friends, but those that we don’t know.
*verse 3 urges that we visit fellow believers who are imprisoned for their faith (this verse gives no indication of these people being murderers, or people that we know, although there is a need for ‘prison ministry’ as well, this is not what this is talking about).  We may not be able to physically visit persecuted Christians but we make it a point to know about them and we can help in other ways, through charities and by prayer.
*Verse 4 speaks of honouring marriage, which includes not only living lives of sexual purity, but setting examples of a happy marriage.  Ephesians 5 shows how precious marriage is to God as he protrays the church as his bride.
*Verse 5 tell us to maintain a life style free from ‘love of money’—that is greed and lust.  The solution is in verse 6 we can confidently say the Lord is my helper and I will not fear.  Being a Christian involves risk, but we have faith and assurance in god as we live our lives of brotherly love.

The final Hymn was Blessed Assurance after which the Closing Prayer was led by Mike Barlow

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

Young People’s Church looked at the lives of famous missionaries and their work. At Adventure Camp this year the theme was mission and therefore the children’s teams were called after missionaries: the ‘Carmichaels’, the ‘Aylwards’, the ‘Newtons’ , the ‘Spurgeons’ and the crèche team were called the ‘Careys’. At the Young People’s Church on the 13th of September we looked at the lives of Amy Carmichael, Gladys Aylward, John Newton, Charles Spurgeon and William Carey in more detail. A lot of information about these people came from a book called Missionary Stories From Around The World by Betty Swinford which the children were given at Adventure Camp. The children were also given some chocolate left over from SEP!
Youth Church learn about missionaries

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