Church Service on 30 August 2014 at 11am
Congregation Singing Hymns
The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

Keith Stevenson gives the Opening PrayerThe Opening Prayer was given by Keith Stevenson.

were led by George Henderson: Hymn 1.  Who Is On the Lord’s Side Hymn 2.  Fill Thou My Life

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*The last Churches Together summer Service will be at Kingwood Baptist Church tomorrow evening at 6:30pm.  All are welcome.
*Tuesday 23 September there will be a Churches Together Social
*Linda Zehetmayr is in good spirits.  She is still in hospital and Paul requests that you ring before you visit because they are strictly allowing only two at a time in to see her.
George Henderson with announcements*Nancy has some unused Epson 0711 Printer Cartridges cartridges that she will give to anyone who has a printer that takes these cartridges—a full set of colour and two blacks.
*Victor Francis update—there has been a huge improvement in his health as he is responding positively to chemo.
*Please pray for Manfred Kraus—he is in hospital where he has shared the gospel.  Manfred hosts a house church in Germany.
*James Henderson’s Thought For The Week was read out—these are provided on this website on their own page—here is the link for this weeks:

Hymn 3.  The Lord’s My Shepherd (Townend)

James Esom with Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayerwas offered by James Esom and included: *In this troubled world, The Lord’s Prayer is always relevant.  thank you Father in Heaven that we can come to you together in prayer. *Bless this Service and the prayer table outside *Thank you for the success of adventure Camp and for the volunteers to help run it.  Bless the children as they learn about you. *We pray for your intervention all over the world as families suffer through war, or lack of clean water and sufficient food. *We pray for the young boy who is missing and for organisations that help *We continue to pray for John Halford and for Linda Zehetmayr, Jack Stokes, Valerie Philo and Margaret Silcox of our congregation. *There are others among us who suffer in silence.  You know each of us and our concerns.  We pray that you will be with them. *Manfred Kraus in Germany is your servant and we thank you for him.  We put his health into your hands.
Mike Hustwaite playing for hymnsHymn 4.  I Heard The voice Of Jesus Say Hymn 5.  Jesus Is The Name We Worship

The Message was given by Olivier Carion, entitled A Canopy Of Glory.  He began by telling us that his son Jonathan, who is 23, is getting married in two weeks!  Then he led into the Sermon by asking the congregation to think of three things that we can thank God for.  These were 1. being the Source of Life 2. His abundant mercy and 3. Patience unlimited.  Sue Ann came forward and led a prayer of thanks for these qualities of God and called on him to bless our learning today.
Sue Ann with a prayer in the sermonWe’re human but God is working on and with us, just as the underneath of a tapestry is messy, but the right side is fabulour and glorious!  Philippians 4:4-7tells us to rejoice in the Lord always, not to be anxious, but in everything with prayer and thanksgiving make our requests know to God, and his peace will guard your hearts and minds. He puts his canopy of glory over us to guide and protect us just as he guided ancient Israel with the pillar or cloud by day and by night.  Exodus 13 and 14 says the presence of God was in the cloud shading them from the heat of day and the fire giving them light and warmth at night, as well as coming between them and their enemies giving protection.  Today this presence is through his Holy Spirit.  We are blessed to be under His Canopy of Glory.Sue Ann & George leading worship

The final Hymn was Rejoice The Lord Is King after which the Closing Prayer was led by Chris Esom

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

Children’s Church begins again next week after the summer break.




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