2014-10-04 Watford FlowersThere is no report for the Service on 11th October, which was held in St. Peter’s at 11am as usual.  There was a Communion Service held during the Worship, and the Church Service was followed by lunch in the Church Hall.  Apologies from the web master for the lack of report–the 3 reporters and photographers were all at our annual Harvest Festival Convention in Paignton of which a report follows.  May I take this opportunity to thank Dorothy & Peter Beardsmore for their help producing a report for this website when I am away, and to David MacEwan for his help with photographs when I am away and reporting when Dorothy & Peter are away.  Thanks also to Geoff Sole who sends in his reports on Children’s Church.

Worship-Phil Stevens leading hymns


The 2014 Autumn Harvest Festival at Paignton in Devon took place 8-16 October with just over 300 registered.  The schedule (click here to see the activity schedule https://watford.wcg.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/2014-06-04-Schedule-2014-draft5.doc) included a Prayer Meeting each morning and a Church Service each day as well as a Communion Service and Children’s Church during most of the Services.  The activity schedule also included a Young Adults Bible Study, a Ladies Tea, Bible Seminar, Talent Show, Ceilidh, Hymn Sing, Life Club, Quiz Night and a Classical Concert.  The ‘Go Ape’ outing was a new event this year and was a great success despite the rainy day.  The weather, although variable was unseasonably warm.
Sermon by Richard FowlerThe Services had a variety of Speakers from the UK as well as Roger Lippross, a guest from California, USA.  The nearly 30-strong Festival Choir was, as usual, a vital part of worship, which also included Speaking of Life each morning and readings before each sermon.
Hymn Sing OrganisersThere was a warm and joyous atmosphere and we returned home refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated to make the Gospel of God our Saviour attractive in all aspects of our lives, which was the Theme of this years’ Festival.  Gary Glenister’s Sermon suggested practical ways to let our light shine and gave us a practical and immediate opportunity to participate by encouraging people to give unopened non-perishable food items to a collection for a local Food Bank Charity, ANODE, helping us to make the Gospel attractive in our immediate locality.
Blessing of the Children Service-Halford baby6The hope of the Resurrection is a key element of the Gospel and this was especially poignant as Margaret Silcox died in her Care Home during the Festival.  Wolfgang Thompson also learned of the death of his mother while in Paignton, and shortly after returning home Ivy Griffiths died (Grandmother to Joe Mortimer who gave an Offering Sermonette in Paignton), and of course, John Halford, whom we all knew and loved.  Although we are sad to see some of our older members die, we also had a Blessing of the Children Service for two babies and we rejoice that we have an active Children’s Church.
Children's Church in the ConservatoryBelow is a report from Peter Beardsmore who organised and looked after the younger Children’s Church from 0-7years: The Children’s Church for the younger children looked at the 7 Days of Creation from Genesis. Each day we looked at another day of creation and produced our own model.  We started with a dark world covered in sea and added the land areas followed by trees, grass and flowers. We then filled the sea with fish and the sky with birds. We had a competition to see whose bird flew the best. We then made the land animals and the first man and woman. A ‘serpent’ (made from folded paper tape) then convinced Eve that it was ok to steal the fruit from God’s special tree, and Adam soon followed suit.  They were no longer allowed to stay in God’s garden, and if they wanted fruit trees, they would have to dig the ground, hack down the nettles and brambles, and plant their own.  As Adam’s family gradually filled the earth, nobody listened to God any more, except Noah.  The earth was filled with fighting, stealing and all bad things, until God was sorry He had made people, and He decided to start again with Noah.  The children put the finishing touches on a large Ark made from cardboard boxes from the camp shop, and filled it with animals, who all survived the Flood and started a new life a long way away.  The children were interested in what became of the Garden of Eden, and it is presumed it was washed away during the Flood, a bit like big elaborate sandcastles on the beach when the tide comes in. The lessons had lots of fun games connected with the story, and we also sang lots of songs accompanied by guitar.  Three of the songs were sung on stage by the children to the congregation.  All the lessons were conducted in language and concepts appropriate to the age group which averaged 3 years old. We had between 9 and 12 children each day.
Children's Church work display


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