Church Service on 25 October 2014 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore
GeorgeAnnouncements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Paul Gunning Sr. is being treated for cancer and requests prayers
*John Halford died this week and the funeral is today, Saturday 25 October in the US
*Margaret Silcox died on 11th October and her funeral is Thursday 30th October at 12 noon at the West Herts Crematorium.  Everyone is invited to a reception afterwards at St. Johns in Radlett
*Lorraine Lutman of the Blean Congregation died last week as well and her funeral is Friday 7th November.
*Ivy Griffiths of the Cardiff Congregation died at age 91.  Ivy has been a member of the Church since 1962.
*Next week our Service may have a number of visitors in the area for the Denominational Conference at Allum Hall on Sunday beginning 10am.  At our Service here next Saturday Mrs. Tammy Tkach and Mrs. Cathy Deddo will be speaking.  After Church lunch will be available in the Church Hall. *The Clocks go back tonight.

David Silcox introduced a new song, An Army Of Ordinary People before we saw a video of Dr. Joseph Tkach Speaking of Life entitled Church Is Healthy
The children gather the donations for New HopeHymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1.  Come Ye Thankful People Come
During this hymn the children were invited to come up the centre aisle to bring the donations of non-perishable goods to the front.  The items were taken to New Hope, a charity to feed and help the homeless in Watford.
Hymn 2.  By This Shall All Men Know
Irene leads Intercessory Prayer
Intercessory Prayer was offered by Irene Wilson.  Bill & Irene recently visited Ephesus and remembered that Verulamium was thriving at the same time period.  To much given much is required applies to spiritual harvest as well—much required because we have known about Jesus for a long time.  Come with me before God’s throne to give thanks and make intercession for those in need:
*We are abundantly blessed for which we give thanks and thanks also that we have this opportunity to share with those in need with our harvest Service collecting for New Hope.  We represent you in this nation.  Help us reflect Jesus in what we say and do.
*We bring before you today families that have suffered bereavement.  You know the sense of loss that you experienced when you saw your own son die.  Each of these families trust in you and have faith in you to comfore and hope in the future. *We bring before you some who are ill.  Paul Gunning recently diagnoses with cancer.  Charlie Deakins still recovering from his fall
*This dreadful ebola epidemic is still on the rampage and we pray for the suffering, as well as the care and aid workers.  We pray for the epidemic to be resolved speedily
*The Middle East is tensing up again and we pray that calm and sanity will prevail.  The only true solution is your return for which we yearn *We pray for the family that has requested prayers.  You know who they are and we ask your blessing and help for them
*Alison Stokes has had an operation on her shoulder and we ask that you please heal her
*Bless the Children’s Church today and be with the teachers—lead and guide and bless them
*The prayer table outside is faithfully served by Pat & Reg—bless them and bring people to the table
*Thank you for our daily bread and thank you that we can share but even greater for our spiritual food and ask that you guide and help us to share you with a hunry world.

Hymn 3.  Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace
Hymn 4.  How Good And How Pleasant
David silcox
The Sermon was given by David Silcox.  We looked at the cripture in Matthew 11:28-30 which says come unto me all ye that are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. It says my yoke is easy—doesn’t do away with the yoke.  A yoke ties two together to pull a burden  and Jesus says MY yoke—he pulls together with us. Jesus goes on to say my burden is light—he doesn’t say we will have NO burdens.  When we come to him we give him our previous burden of sin, anxiety, sickness, bereavement, poverty and our many burdens.  He doesn’t remove our trials and burdens but comes alongside to give us peace and joy.  His love casts out fear and his hope makes our burdens bearable.

The final Hymn was Ambassadors For christ after which the Closing Prayer was led by Sue Ann Henderson
Winston & Jill serving teasFellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

At the Young People’s Church on the 25th of October, the voyage of Paul to Rome was considered. A globe and various maps were looked at to help plot this journey. The shipwreck on the island of Malta along with the snake bite Paul received there were read from the Bible. Paul’s encouragement to obtain the ‘prize’ in a race in 1 Corinthians 9:24-25 was also discussed. As Paul, Aquila and Paul were tent makers, the young people put up a tent on some grass next to the Church. They also played with some bubbles.
Children's Church blowing bubbles******************************

Bricket Wood Bible Study in January 2014The Bricket Wood Bible Study began again in the St. Stephens Parish Centre at 7:30pm on Friday night 24th October.  We are continuing to look through the book of Psalms with an eye out for messianic passages.  This evening we began the longest chapter in the Bible, Psalms 119, which is an acrostic using the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  We enjoy refreshments and fellowship after the study each week.  Why not come along and join us for this fortnightly study of the scriptures?  The next study will be 7 November.

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