There was a Church Service on 29 November 2014.

Jean Sole gives a prayerThe Service was held in St. Peter’s Church as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Jean Sole 

Hymns were led by George Henderson, who began by reading Psalm 89.
Hymn 1- To God Be The Glory
Hymn 2 – Thy Word 

We then watched a short video from Chris Cottee about “Operation Rudolph“. Christians Across Watford provide hampers each year for needy people. This is to show the love of Christ at Christmas time. If anyone would like to donate money or help pack the boxes and deliver them, please see their website. 

George Henderson with announcementsAnnouncements were led by George Henderson and included:
There is to be a Harvest Festival next year in Galway over 29th August – 1st September.
Our Great Baddow church is to celebrate its 40th anniversary on 13th December. Anyone who used to attend in that area is very welcome. The service begins at 1p.m. followed by a tea and fellowship.
Our Norwich church is also holding a celebration of their 40th anniversary, but it has now reached capacity.
*Anna Boston aged 89, a long time member of our Hull congregation, has died following a fall. Please remember her daughter Karen.
Neil Earle’s father George has died. He lived in Canada.
Roland and Janie Gadsden request prayers for some of their relatives. His sister Jane is to have an operation on Monday for breast cancer. The Unsworth family have had two deaths, one which was sudden and unexpected.
Reg Newton is now home and recovering well following surgery.
Please pray for Duncan McLean who has a bad chest infection.
Tony Shevlane is now recovering following an infection in his leg that he developed on his return from China.
Geoff and Jean Sole are very happy to announce the birth of their 5th grandaughter Scarlett. Her parents are Jacqueline and Matthew Westhorpe, and she weighed 9 pounds and 7 ounces. 

Hymn 3 – The King of Love 

Geoff Sole SpeakingIntercessory Prayer was led by Geoff Sole.  Geoff began by reading Philippians 1:4. Paul always prays with joy, and so should we.
We thank you for our calling. We are living stones in your temple. Christ is our Shepherd and our King. Thankyou that your Holy Spirit  leads us, and as a church we can come before your throne.
*There are many troubled areas in the world, and we ask your guidance for all the world leaders. Please bring peace.
Please help the World Health Organisation as it works to end the ebola crisis. Please protect all those who go to help.
Please help all who grieve. The Unsworth family, and the relatives of George Earle and Anna Boston.
We ask your healing power for Reg Newton, Duncan Mclean, Tony Shevlane and Jane Gadsden. Please restore them to full health.
We thank you for all our church leaders, and for those who teach our Young People’s church. May they continue to encourage and inspire others. Help us all to develop the fruits of your Holy Spirit.
Please bless the coming celebrations for our Norwich and Great Baddow churches.
We thank you again for your amazing grace. 

Hymn 4 – All Heaven Declares
Hymn 5 – Men of Faith 

photoThe Sermon was given by John Stettaford on the subject of Sin.
Sin has been dealt with by Jesus Christ, so it is not a problem to us. 1 Peter 2:24. 3:18. We are reconciled to God and are redeemed. Christ took our sins and gave us his rightousness in exchange. 2 Corinthians 5:21. We still sin, but do those sins separate us from God? Sins of the past, present and future have already been included. 1 John 1:8-10. 2:1-2. Sin no longer has sway over us, but most Christians still focus on their sin. Other sins can separate us from God and become like a trap. They are not labeled as sin, but if left unchecked they can run rampant and keep us out of God’s Kingdom. Matthew 13:1-22. Some will fail.
Many things in life can push Christ 
into second place. Lack of riches or having to work long hours. Our spiritual state can become unfruitful. It can happen quickly or fester for many years and then break through. We deal with neglect mostly on our own. Hebrews 2:1-3. We must not drift away. Verse 1. Some hang on like withered fruit, and in a crisis fall away to their everlasting loss and sorrow.
Do we tire of waiting for Christ to return?
We must watch and be ready. Luke 12:39-40. 2 Peter 2:20. We have been given much, so now more is required. We must not be luke warm. Revelation 3:15-16. Hebrews 10:38 then 37. Each day brings us nearer to Christ’s return. We must be patient, and draw near to God through prayer, study and fasting. We need to to stir up the Holy Spirit. This is not the time to fade away, but to hold our head high and wait with growing confidence knowing that Christ will return soon. 

The Final hymn was Now Thank We All Our God after which the Closing Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore.

There was Children’s Church during the Sermon.

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the Church Hall.











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