Church Service on 22 November 2014
Opening Prayer-Winston Bothwell

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Winston Bothwell

Hymns were led by Sue Ann Henderson:
Hymn 1.  Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus
Hymn 2.  Who Is There Like You?
Hymn 3.  I love You, Lord
SueAnn Henderson leads worship 2

Announcements-David SilcoxAnnouncements were given by David Silcox and included: *There is a card to sign for Flo—a regular visitor to the prayer table.  she has a cataract operation coming up on the second eye after the first one was unsuccessful, and is anxious. *Next Saturday Evening, St. Peter’s is having a dedication for their new room and invites six from WCG to join them.  Let George know if you are interested in attending.  They will announce the name of the new room at the grand opening! *Operation Rudolph is once again making parcels for needy and would welcome volunteers to help make up the parcels as well as to donations of cash. *St. Peter’s quarterly Parish Magazine is ready to deliver—if you can help, it will be much appreciated.

Intercessory Prayer-Phillip HalfordIntercessory Prayer was offered by Phillip Halford, who began by talking about emails that can be inspirational.  He read out a story about students asked to list the seven wonders of the world, where one student pondered over the task and came up with, To See, To Hear, To Touch, To Taste, To Feel, To Laugh & To Love.  We often overlook what are the truly wonderful things in this world.  His prayer included: *What a wonderful blessing it is, God, to know you and your love *Thank you for our blessings of family, church, safety, inner peace, friends, food, shelter, clothing, HOPE and the promise of Eternal Life. *We contemplate recent deaths and see sicknesses increasing in our Church family.  at this time we particularly think of Mike Feazell and his family mourning a loss *Shannon Esom is ill today and we pray for her healing *The Table outside is available for people to request prayer and we pray that you will send people to us there *Judy Harper, Ruth Edwards and Mrs. Kelly are suffering with cancer and we ask for your intervention in each of their lives *Guide us to share our hope with the world as we are able and have opportunity.

Hymn 4.  Wonderful Grace Hymn 5.  Lord, I Come To You
Sermon-Barry Robinson

The Sermon was given by Barry Robinson about Jesus, our Good Shepherd.  John 10 speaks of Jesus being the gate for the sheep, verse 11 & 14 says he is the good shepherd, verse __ says he has sheep in the Jewish flock and other sheep, verse 17 says he laid down his life for the sheep, verse 16 that there will be one flock of those who listen to His voice, verse 27.  Verse 28 says he gives them Eternal Life and verse 9 that he is the say to safety and their destiny.  Ezekiel 34:1-9 condemns the present ‘shepherds’ and say God will rescue His flock
Barry continued to go through the rest of John 10 and showed how the Jews were angry when they realized that Jesus claimed to be God in verse 30-33.  Jesus, however, skillfully defuses and deflects the mob from stoning him by using doubt because it was not His time to die and not the way prophesied.  OHP-George HendersonHe gave them opportunity to think and to believe several times.  They didn’t but we can—we can believe and continue to have faith and trust in him.  1 Peter 5:4 tells us when the chief shepherd appears we will receive a crown of glory.

The final Hymn was Blessed Be Your Name after which the Closing Prayer was led by George Henderson

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

Children's Church Collage

In Children’s Church On the 22nd of November the Watford young people discussed the Christmas presentation they will be doing on the 20th of December. They also looked at part of the Sermon on the Mount which talks about laying up for yourselves treasures in heaven and serving God, not money (Matthew 6:20, 24). The young people also looked at some very old coins, a gold sovereign and played ‘shove half-penny’!


Bricket Wood Bible Study in January 2014On Friday night, 21st November, the Bricket Wood Bible Study took place as usual in the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre in the upstairs room at 7:30pm.  They are continuing in the Psalms, studying with an eye for Messianic passages, and are halfway through Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the bible.  Anyone is welcome to join us for this fortnightly Bible Study and for refreshments afterwards.

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