There was a Church Service on 13 December 2014.

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Mike Hustwait

George Henderson giving AnnouncementsHymns were led by George Henderson
Hymn 1 – Lo He Comes With Clouds Descending
Hymn 2 – Fill Thou my Life

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:*
The Rev. Chris Cottee invites our church to his Open House at the Vicarage on Friday night, 7-10p.m.*
George and Sueann had to take Rosemary Stokes to the Casualty Department last Saturday night. She had cut her finger and it couldn’t be stitched. She had it redressed again this morning. Her husband Jack has a growth on his ear which will need a biopsy.*
James Esom is unwell today with flu like symptoms.
*Winston Bothwell’s daughter Suzie has had her tube removed and is now able to swim again. This makes her very happy.
*Irene Wilson’s friend has asked if our church will pray for her. She has secondary cancer. We all signed a card to encourage her.
*George read out a thank you card from Margaret Woolston, a member of  our Luton church. For many years Margaret has made marmalade to sell to raise funds for Mission House. She thanks the members of Watford church who have helped the total sales to now reach £4,000.
*Our Northampton church will celebrate its 40th anniversary on May 9th next year. They plan an afternoon service followed by a social and invite all who would like to attend.
*Our Norwich church recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. As part of which, they asked people to bring donations of food for their local Food Bank. They thank everyone, and there are photos on their Face Book page.
*Prayers are requested for two families in the U.S.A. Susan and Lee Macnult were in a car accident. Susan has a fractured sternum and Lee has bruising.
*Bob Perskey, a retired Pastor in Texas, is to have triple heart bypass surgery on December 17th. His wife Kay also had heart surgery some weeks ago.

Hymn 3 – Make Ne a Channel of Your Peace

Bill Wilson leading Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer was led by Bill Wilson and included:
*This is the time of year for giving. God has given us so much. Freely we received and freely we should give.
*We are very thankful to be here. This planet that we live on when viewed from space, is very beautiful.  Sadly this is a troubled world. We should appreciate what we have here, especially our Welfare System.
*Thousands have died in Africa because of the Ebola virus. Please stop it spreading, as we know everything is possible for you.
*We thank all the “Doers” of Christianity at this time of year who help the poor, homeless and lonely. We especially thank the New Hope Trust and the Salvation Army for all their work. Many people give to Charities but they also need helpers.
*We pray for Rosemary and James to get well very soon and be back with us next week. Please also bless and heal Jack. Thank you that Suzie is now happy and please bless all her family.
*We ask your healing power for Irene’s friend, and thank you for her faith to ask for prayers.
*Please heal quickly Susan and Lee Macnult. Please let Bob Perskey’s operation to be very successful and help his wife Kay.
*Please help the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines, and all who mourn for their loved ones at this time of year. Jesus said that they would be comforted.
*We pray that the real meaning of Christmas will dawn upon the world. Christ came willingly to be born as a baby for our salvation. Let us never forget this.

Hymn 4 – O Come O Come Immanuel
Hymn 5 – Tell Out My Soul

ancientbibleThe Sermon was given by Olivier Carion.  He began by reading from an article written by Mr.Tkach about two pregnant ladies in the Bible, Mary and Elizabeth whose story is found in Luke 39. Verses 46-55 have become known as the Magnificat or Mary’s song. In verse 49, Mary says that Holy is his name. These words of joy and hope can come only from God. He who was God, came as a baby. God invested in his creation and has a plan for humans. Philippians 2:5-11. In verse 10 we read that one day in the future, at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow–Those in heaven, on earth and under the earth, because Holy is his name. We should rejoice in his name. Psalm 97:12.
Our sins were paid for by the body of Jesus on the cross. That is why he said “It is finished.” In holiness and righteousness we can now be at peace. We are fully accepted by God, his precious children. Nothing can separate us. Some people think though, that we should work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Philippians 2:12.
We read in Matthew 4:8-10 that we should only worship God. In Verse 10 Jesus quoted from Deuteronomy 6:13 where it says that we should fear God. Fear is another word for worship and is a positive thing. God has given us an amazing gift–it can never be bought or it would not be a gift. God gives great blessings and we don’t have to be negative. 1 Corinthians 2:1-5. God’s power in action. Our fear and trembling can become an expression of joy at what God has done for us, as for the woman in Mark 5:25-34. We must study the Bible and not just read it.

The Final Hymn was Angels From The Realms of Glory, after which the Closing Prayer was given by Sueann Henderson.

Fellowship continues over refreshments in the Church Hall.

On the 13th of December six young people attended the Young People’s Church. They discussed and looked at picture’s from Charles Dickens’ book The Life of Our Lord. They then rehearsed their nativity play which is based on the first chapter of this book. They also made some props out of cardboard boxes to be used in the play which were the stable where Jesus was born, the Bethlehem inn and the house where the wise men visited Jesus. (The nativity play is to take place on the 20th of December.) The children then helped to decorate the Christmas tree in the Church.

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40th Anniv cake for Great BaddowGreat Baddow Congregation celebrated its 40th Anniversary on 13th December 2014.  The Service began at 1pm and was followed with a buffet tea, sharing of memories and a cake-cutting.
















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