There was a Church Service on 27 December 2014

Keith Stevenson gives the opening prayerThe Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was give by Keith Stevenson 

Hymns were led by Phillip Halford
Hymn 1 – Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah
Hymn 2 – There is a Redeemer 

George Henderson with announcementsAnnouncements were led by George Henderson and included:
*Irene’s friend Sheema, thanks us for the card we sent her recently. She is trusting in God for healing of her secondary cancer.
George and Sueann went to visit Valerie Philo. She now lives in a fine Care Home and is being well looked after. They were very pleased that Valerie has not lost her sense of humour.
Irene Tibbenham requests prayers for her brother Victor Francis. He is now very ill and in pain with liver cancer, and is soon to have a scan. Please pray for his wife and young children.
Bob Perskey is recovering in hospital in Texas following a quadruple heart bypass operation. They also replaced a valve. Bob and his wife Kay, thank everyone for their prayers.
Please pray for Mark Harrison whose brain tumour has begun to grow again.
Phillip Halford

Hymn 3 – All Glory Laud and Honour
Hymn 4 – When I survey the Wondrous Cross 

Intercessory Prayer was led by George Henderson and included:
We thank you Father that your throne is open to us to come before you. Jesus Christ came and revealed you to us. He became our Saviour so that we can we can live in your presence forever. We hear of accidents, deaths and murders. Some people in the world are enslaved for their views. There is so much wretchedness in the world. We long for your return to bring about the fullness of your Kingdom.
We pray for your healing of Sheema. We are pleased that we were able to encourage her with our card.
We thank you for the good care of Valerie. Please bless her and all the staff, and watch over her.
We ask you to intervene and heal Victor, Mark and Colin. Please help and support their families through this difficult time. Colin is Paul’s Zehetmayer’s Brother in law who has cancer.
Thankyou that the surgery went well for Bob. Help him to make a good recovery. His wife Kay is also recovering from heart surgery.
Please help all those who have to work over these holidays.
Thank you for so many blessings. We look forward to Christ’s return and an end to all the problems in the world. 

Hymn 5 – Lord I Come Before Your Throne of Grace
The Sermon was given by Barry Robinson
Do we ever feel that you are going down hill when you want to go up? It is like trying to go up on an escalator when it is going down. We are all subject to decay. Romans 8:20-22. Our home, our body and our  car will all decay in time. Gravity is not just physical, but also historical. If we don’t keep up the skills we have learnt, we soon forget them. How can we go forward and make progress with our character?
It can seem difficult. Time itself can pull us down. We can grow more set in our ways or more selfish or cynical. How can we stop this? We must be joined in union with Christ. He is the vine and we are the stem. John 15:1-5. We enter the very nature of Christ and are spiritually united. John 14:16-23. 2 Peter 1:2-4.
Christianity is not
just a set of rules. It is a change of heart. The basis of our growth lives in us. Do we have areas of our lives that cause concern and we have given up on? We need to ask God for help. John 15:7. God can help us with our spiritual development. We are too weak on our own. We must remain in the vine. We must read the Bible and let the words dwell in us. Colossians 3:16. Psalm 119:103. A Christian puts his faith in Christ. The branch lives off the life of the vine. God’s love towards us is perfect. The only love that really lasts. Remaining in his love, we will be growing in his grace. James Esom gives Intercessory Prayer

The Final Hymn was Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, after which the Closing Prayer was given by James Esom.

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the Church Hall.












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