There was a Church Service on 6 December 2014.

James Esom with Intercessory PrayerThe Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by James Esom

Hymns were led By Sueann Henderson
Hymn 1 – Love Divine
Hymn 2 – Great is thy Faithfulness


2012-04-21 George Henderson introducing worshipAnnouncements were given by George Henderson and included:
*We are very pleased to see Tony Shevlane and Reg Newton back here with
us after being unwell.
*The Rev. Chris Cottee thanks all who helped in any way with their new  hall. At last Saturday’s inauguration, it was decided to name the hall  the “Westfield Room”.
*Thankyou to all who donated to “Operation Rudolph”. £150 was donated by
our church.
*Duncan Mclean thanks us all for our get well card. He is now much improved.
*Paul Zehetmayr requests prayers for his brother-in-law Colin.  He is Linda’s brother. He has been shocked to learn that he has been  diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer.
*Elaine Vernon has died. She was much loved and admired by her two sons.
*The Rev. Chris Cottee is hosting a Christmas “Open House” at the  Vicarage on December 19th, from 7-10p.m. He has kindly extended the  invitation to our church.

Hymn 3 – I the Lord of Sea and Sky

Winston Bothwell introduces Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer was led by Winston Bothwell.  He began by updating us about his daughter and granddaughter. Suzie is doing well and is to have her tube removed this week.  She has now given up her job and hopes to start swimming again. Katie’s kidney pain has still not been resolved. This is difficult for her as she prepares to take her A Levels next May. Please continue to pray for them.
*We thank you for your wonderful creation. A bright moon last night, and lovely sunshine this morning. Please help everyone to be careful through this darkest time of the year. Several accidents lately have involved young people.
*Even in our modern world there is still such a divide between rich and poor. Many young people face so many problems and feel depressed. They don’t see any reason to continue their life and commit suicide. Please help, strengthen and encourage them to see that you have an amazing future for them.
*Please help all the Aid Agencies as they try to stop the spread of ebola. There are now many orphans who rely on their help.
*Please steer the Typhoon away from the Phillipines. They suffered so much last year.
*We ask your healing power for those with cancer. Judy Harper, Phyllis Kelly, Victor Francis and Colin.
*Please comfort the family of Elaine Vernon. She was greatly loved. Thankyou for her life and her example.
*There is great tension between nations. Please remove their stony hearts and make them more loving. Please  help our Queen and Government as their decisions can affect our church. Help them to use compassion and mercy.
*Please help us here in our church to always to support one another. Many now have health problems and our young people need our encouragement to live your way of life.
*Christians all over the world need to be able to worship you without fear. Please make this possible and speed the return of Jesus Christ.

Hymn 4 – When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

geoffThe Message was given by Geoff Sole on The Beatitudes.
We should have ” Beautiful Attitudes”. Jesus taught this in The Sermon on the Mount and that we would receive great blessings. He taught us how we should “Be”. Matthew hapters 5-7.  Geoff explained how we can compare and link together this with other parts of the Bible. He had prepared a hand-out for each of us and went through all he had written. He encouraged us to take this home and study more about this for ourselves. ComparisonsBeatitudes

The Final Hymn was Thine is the Glory after which the Closing Prayer was given by Bill Wilson.  Fellowship continued over refreshments in the Church Hall.

The Young Person’s Church continued with readings from the life of Jesus.  We then continued on our journey through Genesis. We learned of Noah’s experiences after the Flood right up to the re-population of the world through his children. We ended where God once again had to intervene in man’s affairs at Sodom and Gomorrah where their behaviour had become intolerable.  We then helped prepare some material for next week’s Messy Church which St. Peter’s hosts. The teachers were Caroline and Peter.



Bricket Wood Bible Study 21 Nov 2014The fortnightly Bricket Wood Bible Study continued in the Book of Psalms in the upstairs room of the St. Stephens Parish Centre on Friday 5th December.  We are now in the midst of Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible.  You are welcome to join us any time.



Norwich 40th Anniversary cake cuttingThe Norwich Congregation celebrated its 40th Anniversary on 6th December 2014.  There was a Celebration Service followed by refreshments and cake cutting.  Participants were invited to bring items for the Norwich Food Bank on this occasion.







David and Nancy Silcox were pleased to be able to attend the Civic Dinner given by the Mayor of Corby, Anthony Dady on Thursday 4th December 2014.  Anthony addressed the group saying he was pleased to give his Civic Dinner at this time of year as it was a special time for Christians commemorating the birth of Jesus.  Anthony, an Elder in the Northampton area, shares his Christianity freely on every occasion he can.

Anthony, Alison, Nancy & David at the Civic Dinner-lightened

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