There was a Church Service on 3 January 2015

Pat Newton gives the opening prayer

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Pat Newton

George gives announcementsAnnouncements were given by George Hendersonand included:
*The Reading Congregation are having a celebration of their 40th on 7 February—contact John Stettaford if you are interested in attending *Christians Across Watford are having a ‘Sleep-Over’ soon—if you are interested in participating, see George.
*We are coming up to the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  Churches Together in Watford in which we participate, begin this week of prayer with a ‘Pulpit Swop’.  Saturday 17th is the Pulpit Exchange and we are pleased to welcome as our guest here, Jane Robson from Kingsway Baptist Church.  During the following week there will be a Service hosted by a different Denomination on each day.  Do consider attending one or more of these Services to demonstrate Christian Unity in worshipping together including prayer.  We will host the 7th Service on 24th and will welcome anyone who wishes to worship with us to our Service followed by a ‘Breakfast’ or brunch in our case because OUR SERVICE ON 24TH WILL BEGIN 10:30AM.  The Theme for that day will be ‘Give me to drink’ taken from John 4:7, 15.  (For a list of all the Services during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, visit our ‘Coming Up’ page on this website:
*John Paul Jones, a GCI Pastor in the Bahamas has died.  Prayers are requested for his family, friends and congregation. *LueAnn Patrickson thanks us for our prayers and is on a new round of cancer treatment presently.
*James Henderson’s ‘Thought For The Week’ was read out.  Each week this appears on our Watford Church Website ( as well as on our Denomination Website on the home page on

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1.  10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord O My Soul)
Hymn 2.  Love Divine, All Love’s Excelling
David & George break bread for communion
To Commemorate that unbounded love, David Silcox led the congregation in Communion.  He began by asking ‘How do we figure in all of God’s creation?  The shepherds in Bethlehem were given Good News of great joy by the angels who said ‘There is born TO YOU a Saviour.’  This was a personal event for us, for you, for me.  Think as you take of the break and wine, of this personal evens and it’s implications—Jesus was prepared to lay down his life for YOU. George joined David to break bread and ask a blessing on the elements.  Members who wished, came up and partook when they felt ready.

Hymn 3.  An Army Of Ordinary People 

Geoff Sole introduces intercessory prayerIntercessory Prayer was offered by Geoff Sole who told us about a book entitled ‘Prayer’ by John Bunyan, who writes in it that ‘Prayer is for the good of the Church’.  So we pray together each week:
*Thank you for your awesome creation from the whales of the sea to the stars in the heavens, and thank you for sending your Son into that creation to bring glad tidings of great joy for each of us personally.  Thank you for the symbolism of the bread and wine
*We want to pray for the Church that you will bring those on the edge back to the light.  We pray for Christians being persecuted and/or in prison.  Thank you for and be with the missionaries who bring that good news into dark places
*Bless our own congregation and be with the Council, the ministry and leadership.  also our national and Denominations leaders, James Henderson and Joseph Tkach.
*Be with our young people, bless the young peoples’ church and we pray for Messy Church which takes place in St. Peter’s later today.
*We think of those in ill health and pray for Judy Harper, Paul Gunning, Irene Tibbenhams brother, Victor, and we thank you for the recovery of her nephew. We think of Torveig, for LuAnn and also Irene Wilson who is not too well today.
*Be with those bereaved, particularly Pam Websters family.  Pam served faithfully for many years in the Northampton congregation and will be sorely missed.  Be with the family, friends and congregation mourning the loss of John Paul Jones in the Bahamas.
*Our hearts go out to those affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris this week.  Guide the politicians and leaders as they respond to this distressing event.

Hymn 4.  Ambassadors For Christ
David gives the sermon
The Message was given by David Silcox.  One hundred years ago Church was at the centre of life of the community, but the relevance of the Church has dimmed in this technological age.  Islam is growing despite atrocities such as we have seen in Paris this week.  How do we see the relevance of our Church here in Watford? We don’t want our statements like ‘we are an aging church’ become self-fulfilling prophecies, so consider whose idea was ‘Church’ in the first place?  It came from God, so we should not ‘take it or leave it’ or ‘decide not to bother’.  Matthew 16:18 says I will build MY Church! We have come to our relationship with church members ecause of our relationship with God.  We do not ‘go to church’, we ARE the Church!  Because of who Jesus is, we are Church, his followers Matthew 16:13.  Our participation in the church is by divine revelation—Christ was revealed to us by the Father Matthew 16:17.  Also in this passage *I will Build my church—it is an ongoing action still going on today *The gates of hell will not prevail against it—it is NOT going to die out! *The keys of the Kingdom of Heaven are given the church to open, unlock and reveal God verse 19 What are we doing with those keys?  Matthew says we should go and tell, teach and baptise, making disciples. Church is total commitment, not a part-time profession.  Take up the challenge and become an active Christian seeking opportunities to serve in whatever way God has gifted us—consider helping on the prayer table, in Children’s Church, in Churches Together, sweep the floor, lead worship, etc.  What are YOU going to do to show the relevance of the Church in the world today?!

The final Hymn was I Am A New Creation after which the Closing Prayer was led by Robin Howard
Refreshments 1-trimmedFellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

Children’s Church took place during the Sermon time.
Children's Church

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