There was a Church Service held in St. Peter’s Church as usual at 11am on Saturday 7th February 2015 

The Opening Prayer was given by Bill Wilson

Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson, who began by reading Psalm 95:1-3
Hymn 1 – Great is the Lord
Hymn 2 – Majesty

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Thankyou for your prayers for Julie Robas who was missing for several days. She is now back home with her family.
*We sadly announce the deaths of three people. Mrs Edna Lavers last week. Eddie MacMillan, an Elder in Canada and Elizabeth Arnold, the wife of Malcolm, Co-Pastor of our Leeds congregation. Elizabeth has suffered health problems for many years and died last Friday. Please pray for their families.
*Anna Bermajster, a member of our Reading church, has had major surgery. She is now recovering well at home.
*We were asked to pray some weeks ago for Geoff Curtis-Smith who lives in Ireland. He had severe pancreatitis and he is pleased to report that he is now back to full strength.

*Judy Harper requests our prayers. She is to see a specialist on Monday about a kidney problem. They don’t think this is caused by the medication to reduce her tumours, but she has stopped all other medication.
*Today our Reading congregation is celebrating its 40th anniversary.
*On 21st February, our Liverpool congregation will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. All who had any association with that church will be very welcome to attend. The service will begin at 2p.m. followed by refreshments. For catering purposes please give your names to Robert Harrison.
*On Mothering Sunday March 8th, Irene Wilson has been invited as the main speaker at Woodside church in Watford.

Hymn 3 – Wonderful Grace

James Esom gives Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer was led by James Esom and included:
Thank you for all our blessings this week and that we can meet here in peace and safety. Help us to work in your name and in unity.
*Thank you for the Street Angels, and their willingness to go out in such cold weather to help people.
*Thank you that Geoff Sole was able to go to Uganda to help our church there. He does a wonderful work with the Life Clubs around the world. We also thank Geoff and all the teachers and helpers for our Young People’s church.
*Misery surrounds us. We know that peace will come eventually. Please help the world governments as they have to make difficult decisions.
*We pray for those bereaved worldwide. We see on the News shocking poverty and natural disasters that can affect the poorest countries.
*Please bring comfort to the families of Mrs Lavers, Eddie MacMillan and Elizabeth Arnold.
*Please intervene for Judy Harper and heal her kidney problem. We also pray for Ruth Edwards who also has cancer.
*Thank you that Julie is safe and please continue to help Anna Burmajster and Geoff Cutis-Smith to a full recovery. We also pray for our own members here who can’t meet with us due to ill health. Valerie, Jack Stokes and Joan Esom.
*A lady came to our table outside. She asks us to pray for Ron who is in hospital with chest pains.
*Thank you for our church and our leaders and for this service.

Hymn 4 – Lord I Come to You
Hymn 5 – The Wonder of your Mercy Lord

Bible openThe Message was given by Mr. Olivier Carion about Peter’s Journey.
Mr. Carion was talking to an Indian lady who has her own food business. The food all looked very good, but it was only when he tasted some that he realised how delicious it was. We watch the cooks on television, but we need to taste the food for ourselves. How did Peter taste that the Lord is good? 1 Peter 2:3. In Luke 5:2-7, we read how Jesus helped Peter catch a great number of fish. How did Peter react to this? He saw the holiness of God and was scared and wanted to distance himself. Verses 8-10. We read in Matthew 17:1-8, that Peter saw Jesus transfigured, and his face shine like the sun and his clothes became white as the light. Verse 2. Peter saw how Jesus could speak to Moses and Elijah and also speak to the three disciples at the same time. The voice of God told them to listen to Jesus and do not be afraid. Verses 5-7. At the last supper, Peter did not want Jesus to wash his feet because he didn’t understand. John 13:3-9. When Jesus was about to be arrested, Peter wanted to defend him and he cut off the servant Malchus’s right ear. John 18:10-11. Although Peter told Jesus he was willing to die for him, Jesus told Peter that before the rooster crows, how he would deny that he knew Jesus 3 times. Luke 22:33-34. In verse 60-62 after the rooster crowed, Jesus turned and looked at Peter. Did Peter see God’s grace, forgiveness, mercy and compassion in that look? Jesus showed himself again to the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias.They were fishing. John 21:1-14. This time Peter plunged into the sea. Verse 7. Things had now changed. Peter had  tasted that the Lord is good. We need to understand that God is love and that we have now to help others and give them the chance to taste God.

The Final Hymn was Here is Love Vast as the Ocean, after which the Closing Prayer was led by Irene Wilson.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.

Children's Church with their workYoung People’s Church continued with 2 events in Jesus’ life; The Wedding at Cana, and the visit by Nicodemus, written in easy to understand English.
We also talked about what we can discover about the mind of God fromlooking at all the wonderful animals He has created. The teachers were Caroline and Peter



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