There was a Church Service on 14 March 2015 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Linda Halford

2015-03-14 Winston Bothwell gives Announcements-trimmedAnnouncements were given by Winston Bothwell and included:
*George & Sue Ann are both at home with the flu
*Rosemary and Jack are both unwell
*Janie Gadston is quite ill and is being seen by a specialist.  She requests prayers
*There are cards at the front for George & SueAnn, Rosemary & Jack, and Janie
*LuAnn Patrickson thanks everyone for her prayers and is pleased to report her recent scan was hopeful
*Irene Wilson is speaking tomorrow, Mother’s Day, at the Woodside Community Church!
*Shannon Esom raised £150 pounds for a school project and received a prize for the largest amount received!  Well done, Shannon!
*Eileen Howard’s hip operation went well and she has been discharged from St. Albans Hospital to recouperate at home.
2015-03-14 Phillip Halford leads Hymns

Hymns were led by Phillip Halford:
Hymn 1.  Holy Mighty Majesty
Hymn 2.  Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven
Hymn 3.  _______________________________

2015-03-14 Irene Wilson leads Intercessory Prayer-trimmedIntercessory Prayer was offered by Irene Wilson and included:
*Thank you so much for honouring us with your presence, God
*We would like to mention on behalf of the congregation some of our members who need prayers at this time:  George & Sue Ann, Rosemary & Jack, Janey, Eileen Howard.  We pray for their healing, comfort and speedy recovery
*Thank you for hearing our prayers for LuAnn Patrickson and continue to heal her
*We pause to remember the Harper family grieving the loss of Judy
*We pray for our leaders with the election coming up—give them a sense of dedication, hearts for service, help them not to make empty promises, guide them and give them an awareness of you.
*Thank you that your promises are sure that we need never doubt
*A recent hurrican in the South Pacific is wreaking havoc and we pray for those affected in their time of trouble.  We pray that you will turn the hurrican from it’s path away from New Zealand.
*The role of a mother is so important and a difficult, challenging role.  We honour mothers this week and we come to you as our spiritual mother for comfort, nourishment and guidance.  We pray for mothers that you would give them a relationship with you

Hymn 4.  Faith Of Our Fathers
Hymn 5.  Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah
2015-03-14 Barry Robinson giving the Sermon
The Message was given by Barry Robinson on the power, character and healing of our words.  The Book of Proverbs has a lot to say about wisdom and the power of the tongue including for instruction and knowledge.  Our words have great power for good or bad, we need to heed the character of our words so they do good and not harm, our words can be healed and turned from evil to good by the Holy Spirit in us. 1.  The Power of Language:  Proverbs 12:18 can be like a sword-butting 18:21 tongue has the power of life and death!  What you say can lead to murder, suicide, loss of self-esteem.  The saying ‘Sticks & stones can break my bones, but words cannot disturb me’ is only true if you make it so.  What we say to and about others can have a profound and lifelong effect.  Pro. 16:28 gossip & slander destroy community & relationship.  It is hard to control our words as we read in James 3:2-6! 18:21 eat the fruit—we need words like we need air and food to live—words from inside and words from outside. 2.  The Character of our words a.  Words should be truthful, honest, not deceptive 12:17 & 15:4  You can mislead and deceive even be speaking only the truth or by not telling facts b.  Speak gentle & kind, not harsh, words. Pro 15:1 a soft answer turns away wrath, but that does not mean sugar-coated, the key is motivation which will affect purpose and thus tone & attitude. c.  Speak wise and thoughtful words, not careless.  Pro 10:32 fitting like apples of silver 25:11 d.  Be direct, forthright and courageous, don’t gossip  Pro 10:18 lying lips come from hatred, slander e.  Apt & economical words, not impulsive and going on and on.  Pro 17:28 says even a fool is considered wise if they keep silent! 3.  Words Can Be Healed.  Pro 16:23 the wise heart guides the mouth.  Matthew 12:33-34 says a tree is known by its fruits and out of the heart the mouth speaks.  You can’t heal your words by yourself, it takes a change of heart through the Holy Spirit.  Your words show what motivates you and what you value. Jesus IS the WORD of God and he is the final Word, the Alpha & Omega.  Romans 8:16 we need the Spirit to fill us with the Word of God, to heal our hearts and give us wise words that bring healing.

The final Hymn was Where Shall I Go From Your Spirit O God? after which the Closing Prayer was led by James Esom
2015-03-14 Tea & Fellowship after Services

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

Children’s Church took place during the Sermon time. On the 14th of March six young people made a wordless book each! The book consisted of five pages in five different colours. The first is a dark page. This represents that we are in spiritual darkness without God (Ephesians 5:8, Proverbs 2:13, etc.). The second page is a red page. This represents the blood of Christ who purifies us from sin (Acts 20:28, 1 John 1:7 etc.). The third page is a shiny white page. This represents that Jesus cleanses us from sin and us a result we are whiter than snow (Psalm 51). This white page also represents light (John 8:12, etc.). The fourth page is three shades of green. This represents Christians spiritual growing in 1) prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:17); 2) Bible study (2 Peter 3:18) and 3) attending Church (Hebrews 10:25). The fifth page is gold coloured. This represents the Kingdom of Heaven (Revelation 21). Consequently the young people learnt a simplified version of salvation using five colours and no words!
2015-03-14 Children's Church


Bricket Wood Bible Study Nov 2014The fortnightly Bricket Wood Bible Study met in the upstairs room of the St. Stephens Parish Centre at 7:30pm on Friday 13 March to continue studying the book of Psalms.  You are welcome to join us for the study and for fellowship and refreshments aftewards.  The next study is 27 March, after which we have a Spring recess and begin again on 24 April.

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