There was a Church Service on 7 March 2015 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Winston Bothwell

2015-03-07 David Silcox gives announcementsAnnouncements were given by David Silcox and included:
*Janie is not well and requests prayers
*Mrs. Margaret Woolston fell and fractured her femur last Saturday night
*Eileen Howard is to have a hip operation Wednesday in St. Albans Hospital and requests prayers that all will go well
*The Watford Newsletter with dates of the Spring Festivals went out this week (this can be found on the Newsletter page on this website: The First Spring Festival Day falls on the Anglican Quiet Saturday and so in deference to them we will not have a meal after our Service, which will be here at 11am as usual on 4 April.  Instead, those who wish to can lunch together at the Toby Carvery.
*Gavin & Sinead Henderson had a baby boy, Digby Obadiah, on 28 February weighing 7lb 8oz.
Leaders Breakfast-Annie speaks*Churches Together had a Leadership Breakfast this morning, which went very well, was well attended, and the guest speaker was a lady Baptist Minister who used to fly aircraft into Aphganistan!



George Henderson brought a few announcements including:
*Sue Ann was ill today
*Monday evening at 7pm, a Romanian group ‘New Song’ will be at Woodside Community Church.  For details see George
*Olivier Carion is going to jail for Charity and has to raise £500 for his ‘bail’ on Monday 23 March.  If you would like to help him ‘get out of jail’ please sign the list at the front with your mobile phone number.  Olivier will take his computer and mobile phone and ring those who wish to participate to ask how much they can give.

Nancy in April 2008Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1.  Amazing Grace
Hymn 2.  In Christ Alone 

We watched a video of Joseph Tkach ‘Speaking of Life’ entitled True Riches.

Hymn 3.  More Precious Than Silver
Hymn 4.  What A Friend We Have In Jesus


Intercessory Prayer was offered by Bill Wilson and included:
*God is always here for us (not there)  Thank you, God, that you are always here for us, and that Jesus is all we need for salvation.
*Help us to live our lives with you and count life as precious.  We come to your throne of grace in interessory prayer and we pray for the victims of air craches and their relatives
*There is a lot of talk of ‘civil rights’ and we pray for those who have no rights! *Be with Mary & Joanne, who came to the prayer table—be with them in their time of trouble.  Also comfort and sustain Bob and his wife after the death of their son, Robbie, in a car accident.  You understand the loss of an only son.
*Janie Gadston is ill and needs our prayers.  We put her into your loving care.
*Kingswood Baptist Church is about to close and we pray for the members and for their Pastor, Jane Robson—we give you thanks for their faith and we ask you to guide and bless them in their onward journey.
*Eileen Howard is facing a hip operating this coming week and we ask that all will go well.  Give her courage and healing.
*Margaret Woolston fell and fractured a bone.  We ask for her healing.
*Sue Ann is not well and we put her in your care as well.
*We have You, more valuable than anything in this life, more precious than gold and silver.  We give you thanks and praise.

Hymn 5.  You Are My All In All (sung as a round!)

2015-03-07 Cliff Neill gives the SermonThe Message was given by Cliff Neill about being connected to the ‘true vine’ in order to bring forth ‘fruit’.  He wants a special relationship with each of us.  John 15 records Jesus’ teaching that he is the true vine and we are the branches, and in order to bring forth fruit we need to be connected to the vine. Psalm 80 speaks of Israel being brought as a vine out of Egypt and this became the national emblem of Irsae, the fruitful vine, and was on the temple coinage.  Jeremiah 2:20-21 speak of the noble vine of Israel becoming degerate with moral and spiritual degradation, becoming a fruitless vine.  There are a number of parables in the New Testament that show the branches cut off if they do not bear fruit and new branches grafted in.  Isaiah 5:1-10 is the song of the vineyard and Jesus uses these concepts in John 15. There are comparisons between Israel and Jesus: Exodus 4:22 calls Israel the birstborn son of God!  As Jesus was Israel wandered 40 years in the wilderness being tested and failed, while Jesus was in the desert fasting 40 days being tested and succeeded! There are 12 sons of Israel and Jesus had 12 Apostles The branches do not produce the fruit, they merely bear it.  You cannot get fruit without the vine!  Spiritual fruit comes from being connected to Jesus the true vine with the Father as the vinedresser.  The invisible life of the vine flows through the branches as the Holy spirit flowing through us bears the fruit of the Spirit.  The fruit is not for the benefit of the branches!  It glorifies the father.  It is not a timeshare but a permanent total commitment.

The final Hymn was King of Kings, Majesty after which the Closing Prayer was led by Geoff Sole

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

There was Children’s Church during the Sermon time taught by Ricki Fowler.
2015-03-07 Children's Church-Jessica & Michael

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