There was a Church Service held on Saturday 11th April 2015

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Charles Deakins.

Hymns were led by George Henderson, who began by reading about Thomas in John 20:24-29.
Hymn 1 – Rejoice the Lord is King
Hymn 2 – The King of Love 

2014-07-05 George Henderson with Announcements in WatfordAnnouncements were given given by George Henderson
*The Churches Together in Watford, yesterday successfully helped with the Chapel Clean-up at Watford Cemetery. Some of our members were there.
*Adventure Camp will be held again in Northamptonshire over the August Bank Holiday. It will have a John Bunyan and Pilgrim’s Progress theme. Application forms are available on the church website.
*Our Northampton church will celebrate its 40th anniversary on May 9th. Dr.Tkach and his wife Tammy will be guests. The service will begin at 2.30p.m. There will be a special children’s church and an evening social.
*There will be a Church Conference at Coulsdon on 21st June. A two course lunch will be served. They will need to know how many people will be attending. Please contact Brian Smith.
*We need to pray for two members nearing the end of this life. Mary McConnell in Ireland, and Harry Garden in the U.S.A. Harry is in Hospice Care, and Mary is in hospital.
*The Christian Resource Exhibition is to be held in Kempton Park London, 19th-22nd May.

Hymn 3 – All Heaven Declares

2015-03-14 Irene Wilson leads Intercessory Prayer-trimmedIntercessory prayer was led by Irene Wilson. Irene helped at the Chapel clean-up yesterday. She met a lady there whose baby had been stillborn. Irene asked her if she would like us to pray for her, and she said yes.
*Thank you, God, for this season which celebrates creation and renewal. Spiritual renewal also. Thankyou to Jesus for his birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection. Thank you that he stepped out of the tomb so that we will know eternal life.
*Please heal Esther Marsden who is having difficulties following brain surgery. Please help and support her husband Mike and their two teenage sons and all their family.
*Please help Mary and Harry to be calm and tranquil during these last days of their lives on this earth. Thankyou for their faith. They are going to see you. Please support their families through this time.
*Please heal George Campbell’s knee problem. Help Paul Zehetmayr who is having tests for a health problem and heal him also.
*We ask your blessing on all the plans for S.E.P and Adventure Camp. Give love and patience to all those involved.
*Please bless the planning of the 40th anniversary at Northampton, and the Coulsdon Conference.
*We pray for Clare. She is broken hearted for the loss of her baby. Irene quoted from Psalm 43:18. The Lord is near her. Please let our prayers give her comfort.
*We may get tired of hearing about the election coming up, because the truth is often missing. Please give our leaders the gift of honesty. We leave the decision to you. Our destiny is in your hands. We look forward to your kingdom.

Hymn 4 – Jesus Christ, I think upon your Sacrifice
Hymn 5 – I the Lord of Sea and Sky

Bible in the chapelThe Message was given by Mr.Carion on Praising God.
Our hymns have praised God today. The book of Psalms is the praise book of the Bible. Isaiah chapter 12 also tells us to Praise the Lord. Jesus told us many times to trust and not be afraid. Verse 2. Verse 4 tells us the mission of our church. To praise God and declare him to others.
Why is praising God so important? It is good. Psalm 92:1. Psalm 147:1. Sometimes David seemed to suffer from depression. Then he was lifted up. If we stumble, God picks us up. We are constantly under his mercy. When our heart is dedicated to Christ, we always want to rush back to him. Even if we are unfaithful, God remains faithful.
All of God’s creation praises him. Psalm 148. These verses can lift our hearts. We know that one day at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow. Philippians 2:10. We should be thankful for the glory of God’s grace. Ephesians 1:5-12. Read the last of the psalms. Psalm 150. Let everything that has breath, Praise the Lord! Verse 6.

The Final Hymn was Now Thank we all our God after which the Closing Prayer was given by Bill Wilson.

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the Church Hall.

The Young People’s Church today continued with the events in the life of Jesus. The young people told the story of Jesus’ last week on earth, which they pieced together from their  memory of previous lessons. The teachers were Caroline Gentil and Peter Beardsmore.













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