There was a Special Spring Festival Church Service on Friday, 10 April  2015
Flowers at Watford 2011-04-16 in basket

The Service was held at St. John’s in Radlett at our usual time of 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1.  And Can It Be
Hymn 2.  Because He Lives

Geoff Sole introduces Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer was offered by Geoff Sole, who began by reading where Jesus said to give to Caesar what was Caesar’s and give to god what is God’s.  WE belong to God and he gave his life for us.  One of the ways we can give ourselves to God is through Intercessory Prayer:
*Thank you for Jesus’ death and resurrection so that we can have Eternal Life
*Thank you for your Holy Spirit that through your Spirit we can come to you in Intercessory Prayer
*Thank you for your wonderful creation and we pray for those in spiritual darkness that they will come to know you.
*We pray for those not in good health, including Esther Marsden, Jack Stokes, George Campbell, Valerie Philo, Janie Gadston, Harry Gardener (a minister in Kansas who has cancer from asbestor and given only days to live.  Be with his family.)
*There is a Regional Conference in Scotland tomorrow and we ask that you give them inspiration and encourate those who attend.  Be with the various Regional Conferences through the year.
*Christians around the world are suffering persecution.  Be with them in their trials and distress.  Bless them and give them hope and courage.
*Be with those in Uganda in their poverty.
*Thank you for the opportunity to give offerings that are a blessing to those who benefit from the church and its’ message
*Thank you for the spring season and the beauty we enjoy.  For the Bible and the amazing grace there for us.
Nancy in April 2008

Hymn 3.  The Church’s One Foundation

Announcements were given by David Silcox, who showed some slides from their recent trip to Greece to visit with members in the Thessalonika area in the North, and to take the Lord’s Supper and hold Bible Studies and Services.  On two days the members took trips out to various areas in the North of Greece including Berea and Philippi.  It was so meaningful to sit where Paul would have travelled and read the scriptures he wrote to those people, such as the book of Philippians.

David announced the Offering and during the Offering a piece of Special Offering Music was played—a song entitled ‘You Lift Me Up’. Phillip came forward and asked a Blessing Over The Offering.

Hymn 4.  I Am A New Creation
Hymn 5.  By Faith

2015-04-10 David Silcox speakingThe Sermon was given by David Silcox.  He took us through John 13-17, dwelling on several points.  Although the book of John does not dwell on the Passover bread and wine, he does record the footwashing at length.  Jesus was washing their feet as a symbol of a loving heart of Service.  He said if I do not wash you, we are not washed clean by his blood and sacrifice.  It was not about physical cleanliness, but about following Christ’s example (verse 34) to love one another.  Servant Leadership—we are everyone’s servant. In verse 36 of John 13 they ask Jesus, where are you going?  He was their comforter (I John 2) and he told them they will come to be with him later but in the meantime he will send another comforter—the Holy Spirit (verse 16).  John 14@1-4 is telling them that the events of the next few days make it possible for them to be together forever.  So they ask him in verse 5, how do they get there—show us the way, and Jesus says in Verse 6 I am the way!  The future is in the family of God—this gives peace and comfort.

The final Hymn was The Lion of Juday after which the Closing Prayer was led by Sue Ann Henderson

Fellowship continued over a Buffet Lunch.
2015-04-10 Buffet 1

There was no Children’s Church during this Service.

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