There was a Church Service on 2 May 2015
2015-03-07 David Silcox gives announcements

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by James Esom

Hymns were led by David Silcox:
Hymn 1.  To God Be The Glory
Hymn 2.  I Am A New Creation



George Henderson with announcementsAnnouncements were given by George Henderson  and included:
*The Northampton Event is next week 9th May and everyone is welcome to attend as they celebrate 40 years as a congregation.  Dr. Joseph Tkach will be speaking at the Service at 2:30.  A social occasion will follow the Service. For more details visit our ‘Coming Up’ page ________________
*Irene Tibbenham thanks everyone for their prayers for her brother, Victor and asks that we continue praying for his family following his death.
*Andrew Silcox is retiring this summer and we are taking up a collection to buy him a gift.  He pastored this congregation for many years and we wish to show our love and appreciation.  There is a box for donations in the tea room.
*14 May is Ascension Day and there will be a Churches Together combined Service at All Saints, Leavesdon at 7:30 pm.  Jesus said, ‘It is for your good that I go away and I will send the Holy Spirit.’ An event to be celebrated.
*Peter Buckley is still in hospital.  He is still a bit confused and suffering some memory loss but sends his regards to the congregation.  If you wish to visit him see George for details.
*Paul Zehetmayr’s brother-in-law has improved and is home but still undergoing chemotherapy
*Dr. Tkach’s update is available on the noticeboard
*Prayer requests include Don & Sue Lawson who both have health issured.  Don is a retired US Pastor.  Prayers are requested for Mr. Bryant, a US Pastor in Tennessee.
*A US Pastor in Virginia has died, as had Marg Bailey/Carrick, who was nearly 95.
*Members in Nepal are OK after the 7.9 earthquake and funds are being sent to 4 pastors there to help.  The love of God is expressed through Christian aid.  WCG UK is sending £1000.  If you wish to make a donation, send it to the Market Harborough office.

Hymn 3.  I Stand Amazed
Hymn 4.  King Of Kings, Majesty

SueAnn HendersonIntercessory Prayer was offered by Sue Ann Henderson and included:
*We stand here because of God’s grace.  We come humbly before you, Father in Heaven, with grateful thanks.  What an amazing miracle that you live in us
*Thank you that we live in a peaceful nation with a democracy where people can have a say in their government.  Thank you for the NHS—a health service that even looks after the poor.  We have so much to be thankful for
*Forgive us for the times when we fall short and sin.  Help us to learn and to surrender ourselves to you so we can change and overcome by your power
*We bring before you those who need your help.  Peter Buckley needs your intervention to clear away the confusion and heal.  Be with Valerie Philo and Jack Stokes that we have not seen for a long time.  We do not forget George Campbell and ask for your healing so he can return to Church.
*Thank you for the intervention in the life of Paul’s brother and continue to heal him
*Be with the people mentioned in the International Pastor’s Report, including the Lawsons
*We do not forget those grieving Victor Francis—comfor and give them hope.  Be with Graham Marshall’s family and those grieving the loss of Marg Bailey—we thank you for her years of Service.
*Many in Nepal are suffering as a result of the earthquake and we ask that you be with them.  Thank you for protecting those christian members of our Church.  Be with the nations as they rebuild.
*We ask you to be with the Royal Family as they wait expectantly for the birth of a new child.
*Bless the coming election to bring a stable government—we trust in you and you know our needs so we ask for your will be done.

Hymn 5.  Now Thank We All Our God
2015-05-02 Mr. Bergin speaking in Watford

The Message was given by Mr. Francis Bergin on the subject of the Power of Example.  More is ‘caught’ than is ‘taught’.  Minister trainees learn more from watching a minister than from classes. We cannot NOT communicate—everything we do and are communicates from how we dress and walk to how we talk. 1 Corinthians 10: shows we can learn from bad examples—don’t do what they did! John 13:14 Jesus set the perfect good example Mat 5:16 tells us we should be an example and let our light shine Phil 3:17 Paul says to be followers together of him—we should follow good examples. We have no choice as to whether we set an example, only on what kind of example we set! 1 Peter 5 and 1 Timothy 3 tell elders and leaders to set a good example and be beyond reproach. 1 Thessalonians 1:6 tell us to follows good examples and then be good examples. Where are we to be examples?Home
Workplace or School
Wherever you are, you are a Christian.  Like a brand of food, there are expectations of quality and consistency with any product, including Christianity, a product of God’s Spirit.  Phil 2:12-15 says it is God who works in you to shine as lights in a perverse generation. Like a lamp that lights the way—which WAY do we show?!

The final Hymn was Standing On The Promises after which the Closing Prayer was led by Mike Barlow
2015-05-02 Men serving tea & coffee

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.

In the Young People’s Church that took place on the 2nd of May we looked at a calendar that had a picture of one biblical mountain for each of the 12 months. Today we looked at the first two mountains: Mount Hermon and secondly the Mount of Beatitudes. The children looked at several overviews of the Sermon on the Mount. They also read Psalm 133 which mentions Mount Hermon: ‘Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; as the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.’ During the lesson the children ate some yogurt-coated blackcurrants and at the end played with a mountain of ‘pick-up-sticks’.
2015-05-02 Children's Church too

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