There was a Church Service on Saturday 16 May 2015

Sueann leading hymnsThe Opening Prayer was given by Mike Hustwait

Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson:
Hymn 1 – Name of all Majesty
Hymn 2 – From Heaven you Came 

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*On 23rd May there will be an Open House and plant sale at New Hope in Watford. Refreshments will be available.
*On the 4th June there will be “Praise at the Palace” in Watford. Booking is required.
*The Churches Together in Watford begin their next “Pulpit Swap” on Sunday 17th May.  Irene Wilson will speak here at St.Peter’s church on that morning at 10.30a.m.
*Our Stoke congregation will celebrate its 40th anniversary on 13th June. If you have any past connection with them and would like to attend, please contact them.
*Our Leeds congregation will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year. Dr.Tkach will be guest speaker.
*The Northampton church thanks all who attended or helped from the Watford church, at their 40th anniversary last Saturday.
*If any ladies would like to attend the Ladies’s Conference for one day only on Saturday 30th May, then please contact Joy Barlow.
*Prayers are requested for Charles Taylor, a Pastor in the U.S.A. On May 11th he burnt his arm and hand when cooking. He is in hospital and will need surgery for nerve damage. He is in a lot of pain but the skin is starting to heal. Also in the U.S.A. Arlan Bryant has had part of his brain tumour removed. He will need chemotherapy treatment. Please pray for David Howe in the U.S.A. as his father Howard has died.
People-Geoff & Jean SoleGeorge Henderson then presented Geoff and Jean Sole with a card and gift. They have just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. George thanked them for all the many years of service they have given to our church.

Hymn 3 – My Jesus My Saviour
Hymn 4 – Faithful One

James Esom gives Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer was led by James Esom and included:
*We thank you for the gift of a smile and laughter. We see all the lovely Spring colours around us. Thankyou for your creation. For nature, light and rain.
*Thankyou for our church and its leaders, so that we can have a sense of belonging and purpose in our lives.
*Thankyou for our friends and families. We pray for those who are unable to meet with us today.
*Please bless Reg and his team at the table outside. They always offer a smile to people.
*We ask you to stop the conflicts in the world and bring peace. Please help the persecuted Christians and the migrants fleeing in such danger.
*Please continue to help the people of Nepal. Thankyou for all the donations and teams who are willing to go there.
*We need a Government that cares for all people. We are so blessed here, but many need the help of Food Banks. Please bless all those who give or serve those in need.
*Please continue to help and heal Jack Stokes, George Campbell, Peter Buckley and Valerie Philo.
*It will soon be time for S.E.P. Adventure Camp and the Festivals. All these take months of planning. Please guide all involved.
*Also bless the plans for the Stoke and Leeds anniversaries.
*James asks us to pray for his mum Joan and for a friend. Joan has problems with her leg and hip. Please give his friend improved health and a better outlook on life.
*Please give your healing power to Charles Taylor and Arlan Bryant. Give comfort to the family of Howard Howe.
*We congratulate Geoff and Jean and ask you to continue to bless them andtheir family.
We pray all these things on behalf of others.

Hymn 5 – Great is the Lord

2015-02-28 Ricki Fowler speaks about Children's ChurchThe Message was given by Richard Fowler: Go to the ant.
If we seek a life of wisdom, then we need to look at people as a society. We can learn a lot from the example of ants. Proverbs 30:24-25. An ant colony is a community. They all work together as a team in an unselfish way. Verse 25 tells us that they are not strong, but each one is able to lift a great weight that would be like us tossing a car over a fence! By linking together they can cross a river as one unit. Do we have a community instinct? Do we condsider ourselves as one body and have concern for others? 1 Corinthians 12:12. Ants do not act in a solitary way. We as Christians should not act alone. We are a community, which gives us a greater and wider family. Read Matthew 12:47-50. Ants walk in a line, each one laying down a chemical scent for the next one to follow. We can support each other in the church and should always be an example, especially to our young people. Are we examples of love?
Hebrews 10:24-25. Do not forsake asembling together. Verse 25. All ants have an individual goal. We also all have our individual goal and spiritual gifts. 1 Corinthians 12:7-11. There are many problems facing this world. We must prepare for the winter ahead for Christians. Matthew 24:12-13. We must endure to the end and not give up. The ants prepare their food in the summer for the winter. Proverbs 30:25. A war is being made on Christians. An attack on our traditional beliefs and values of the Bible. It is a battle for our hearts and minds. Isaiah 5:20. We should always keep God’s words in our hearts and minds and be ready to do the work he has ahead for us.

The Final Hymn was And Can it Be after which the Closing prayer was given by Irene Wilson.

In the Young People’s Church today we continued reading from the Lion Publication Story of the Life of Jesus.  We then contrasted the attitudes of Solomon, who asked for wisdom to govern, and later his son Rehoboam who ignored wise council and listened to his young ‘hothead’ friends. We talked about wise government, and then played a game where we all wore names of essential jobs on our backs, and had to guess what they were by asking yes/no questions of the other players. The teachers were Caroline and Peter

2015-04-18 Peter Beardsmore hoovering











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