David Silcox leads hymns in Watford 2015-06-13There was a Church Service on 13 June 2015 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Jean Sole

Hymns were led by David Silcox: Hymn
1.  Rejoice The Lord Is King Hymn
2.  I Vow To Thee, My Country 


George Henderson gives the announcements in Watford 2015-06-13Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Ron Hitchcock has had an operation on his stomach this week but is home now.  Please pray for his recovery.  Remember also Eva who has gone through a stressful time
*Peter Buckley is still in hospital but the social worker is hoping to get him home soon
*The Regional Conference at Market Harborough last Sunday went well, with around 50 in attendance
*An update on Katie, she is in Great Ormond Street Hospital and Michael is also in hospital in New Zealand.  Continued prayer would be appreciated.
*Leeds 50th Anniversary is to be held on 15 August and Dr. & Mrs. Tkach will be present
*Alan Quinn’s mother has had a breat cancer operation and your prayers are requested.
*Allan Bullock thanks us for prayers about his operation which went well.
*Reports from our congregations in Dubai and Myanmar at in the update on the bulletin board or check the www.gci.org website.

We saw a Video Clip of Joseph Tkach, Speaking of Life, entitled Father’s Day

Hymn 3.  Abide With Me
Hymn 4.  Jesus Is The Name We Honour

Sue Ann Henderson leads Intercessory Prayer in Watford 2015-06-13Intercessory Prayer was offered by Sue Ann Henderson and included:
*We are so grateful for your love and grace, Lord, and we do want to lift you high to the nations—you are worthy of our worship and praise
*We ask that you will guide those you are bringing to us and that we can work together as Christians to teach and lead your people
*We remember our church in Nepal and ask that you guide, lead and help our Pastor there
*We remember and bring before you the Francis family.  As in the song ‘Abide With Me’, death has no power—you defeated eath and we have life everlasting in you.  Help those grieving to feel and know this
*There are so many ill and we ask that you be with Mrs. Quinn to heal and help her to recover.  Also watch over Charles’ niece, Katie and Great Ormond Hospital and his nephew Michael in New Zealand.  Touch them with your healing power
*Jack and Valerie of this congregation are valued and missed—help them to feel this
*Heal Ron and be with Eva—help them to recover.  Bless them with peace and health *Bring Peter home recovered and back to his own self
*Graham Mitchell and his family are going through a sore trial.  Please grant him complete recovery so he can take up his Elder responsibilities again.
*Lord, we want our lives to be effective examples in this world, that others will see YOU in us.  Help us to completely and totally sacrifice ourselves to you so we can go out into society.
*We pray your blessing on the Prayer Table, reaching out into this community.  Bring people to our attention.
*Bless our Children’s Church, so that our young people will come to have a living relationship with you.  Bless the teachers in their service to you.

Hymn 5.  I Stand Amazed at the Presence
Hymn 6 – I sing The Mighty Power of God
Anthony Dady speaking in Watford 2015-06-13

The Message was given by Anthony Dady.  Anthony has just finished his year as Mayor of Corby and shared with us some of his experiences and lessons learned as he used his position as Mayor to share Christianity at every opportunity.  Although God works in different ways at different times in different situations, there were still principles that we can learn from.  We are not ‘yellow pencils’ and need to adapt his points to ourselves and our own situations but the Gospel is for everyone. Eight points emerged from his year as Mayor:
1.  Minister to others around us from the correct foundation
2.  Be open and ready to share our faith
3.  Be proactive—create opportunities and put yourself in situations where you can serve and be an example.
4.  Consider every opportunity—don’t automatically say no, on the otherhand, know when it is appropriate to say ‘no’.
5.  Know your mission and be disciplined in use of time and resources. Focus and don’t be distracted
6.  Don’t pigeon-hole yourself and get stuck.  Sometimes you may need to go out of your comfort zone.
7.  Ministry should be a collective experience.  Network and work together with other Christians
8.  Prioritize your relationship with God.

The final Hymn was We’ve A Story To Tell To the Nations after which the Closing Prayer was led by Phillip Halford

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.
Children's Church in Watford 2015-06-13

In Children’s Church the young people in the Watford congregation continued to consider a theme which they have been covering recently: namely hills and mountains. This week they considered the hill Difficulty mentioned in John Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress. Various illustrations of this chapter were looked at in modern versions of the book. The young people learnt that yes the Christian path can be difficult and uphill at times, however, God gives us all the encouragement and help we need to enable us to reach the goal he has prepared for us. The young people then played Chinese Chequers which demonstrated that, like us, the chequers had problems to face as they tried to reach their goal on the board. However, all the chequers safely got to their destination in the end. Some chocolate was eaten. The teachers were Geoff and Jean Sole.


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