There was a Church Service on Saturday 6 June 2015
2015-02-14 Phillip Halford leads Intercessory Prayer

The Service was held in St. Peter’s Church as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Sueann Henderson 

Hymns were led by Phillip Halford:
Hymn 1 – Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah
Hymn 2 – Be Thou my Vision 

George Henderson with announcementsAnnouncements were given by George Henderson and included:
There is a Conference in Market Harborough tomorrow. Please pray that it will go well and everyone will have a safe journey.
Graham Mitchell remains the same. It has not yet been decided in which hospital he will have his second operation. It is very difficult for him to communicate and this is upsetting for his family. Every message is being read to him.
Sueann went to visit Peter Buckley in hospital. He will soon be able to return home and will need the help of a carer for a while.
Charles Deakins requests prayers for 2 of his relatives. A 3 month old baby called Katie has fluid on her brain which needs to be drained. His nephew Michael in New Zealand, had an operation on a vein in his  head. He is back in hospital because the vein has burst again.
There is a thankyou card from Florence, one of our regular visitors to our table outside. We recently prayed for the Myars family and a man called Roy. Both situations have now improved and Roy is back home.
Please pray for Hans-Juegan Mitac and his wife Rosie who live in Germany. Hans has several health problems and is now in hospital with a serious heart condition.
Prayers are requested for two members in the U.S.A. Marcia Fricke is to have chemotherapy for cancer of the breast and lymph nodes. Paul Smith, assistant Pastor in Big Sandy, was involved in a car accident on May 28th. He is very shaken and sore.
We recently prayed for Charles Taylor, also in the U.S.A. He thanks us for those prayers and reports that he is having therapy following burns to his hand and arm. He is now improving every day. 

Hymn 3 – All Glory Laud and Honour
James Esom gives Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory Prayer was led by James Esom and included:*
Prayer can be in many forms. Long, short, anywhere, out loud or silent. Thankyou that we can each pray to you in our own way.
Thank you for our church and its leaders. We can have a sense of belonging in our church family. You are our creator and a loving Father.
Please stop the corruption in the world. Help wars to cease and uphold peace. Help all those people desperate to leave their countries to find a better life. Many are persecuted Christians.
Please bless the Conference tomorrow and all the plans for S.E.P. and Adventure Camp.
We pray for those unable to be with us today for various reasons. Valerie Philo, Jack Stokes, Peter Buckley and George Campbell.
*When the time comes, please let the operation on Graham Mitchell be a great success and help his family through all of this.
Please intervene in the lives of Mark Harrison, Katie and Michael, Paul, Marcia and Hans. They all have very serious problems and we ask you to give each one your healing power.
We are so pleased to learn of the improving health of Charles, Roy and the Myars family. Please continue to bless Florence.
We know that our hearts are in the right place, and we thank you for all that you do for us. 

Before the next hymn, Phillip thanked David Brace for being willing to come here regularly from Aldershot to play the piano for us. He also thanked David, Winston and Robin for setting everything up for us each week. 

Hymn 4 – The King of Love My Shepherd Is
Hymn 5 – When I Survey the Wondrous Cross 

Mr. Bergin preachingThe Message was given by Mr.Bergin.  We read in Leviticus 19:2 that the Lord our God tells us that we should be holy as he is. What does that mean? We should strive to be holy in all that we do. It does not mean being religious. The definition is to be separate for or devoted to God. The opposite is to be profane or common. Are you holy? The children of Israel were called a holy nation. They did not have to do anything. They were a chosen generation. 1 Peter 2:9. Today we are called of God and have accepted his grace through Christ. 2 Timothy 1:9. 1 Thessalonians 4:7. We respond to God through his Holy Spirit. He makes us separate from the world, but not superior. We are holy and called to live a separate way in our lives. 2 Corinthians 6:17-18. We live in a crooked and perverse generation.  James 2:21. A stange world that is constantly changing. Things are now condoned that would not have been in the past. Few things are forever in our lives, but God remains constant. We should take no part of things that just sound holy and righteous. In the Old Testament God’s people were called saints. The old meaning of the word was people who believe in God. Psalm 30:4. Hebrews 6:10. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We should take care of our body and not misuse it. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17. Who is or who is not a Christian? Only God knows and we must not judge people. Christians should produce the fruits of the Spirit. Galations 5:22-23. The body of Christ is known only to God. Jesus should be very special to us. We must let the Holy Spirit prompt us through our conscience not to do anything that is against scripture. This same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead, will one day also raise us. Romans 8:10-11. God said” Be holy as I am holy”. 

The Final Hymn was Onward Christian Soldiers after which the Closing Prayer was given by Bill Wilson. 

The young people prepared the refreshments and put them out for the adults during their lesson time, in addition to the Bible lesson and activities. The teachers were Peter and Rebecca.

 2015-04-18 Peter Beardsmore hoovering


Bricket Wood Bible Study 21 Nov 2014The Bricket Wood Bible Study took place on Friday 5th June in the upstairs room of the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre at 7:30pm as usual.  The book of Philippians is being studied and anyone is welcome to come along to the studies any time.  Fellowship and refreshments follow the study each fortnight.






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