There was a Church Service on 4th July 2015

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Jean Sole Passover-Bread & Wine with lid

Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson
Hymn 1 – To God be the Glory 

We then held a communion service led by George Henderson. 

Hymn 2 – Name of all Majesty 

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:*
Churches Together in Watford will join in an outdoor service in Watford at the Bandstand on July 12th.
Adventure Camp will be held over the August Bank Holiday weekend. For details and an application form, please contact Geoff Sole.
The Leeds church is to celebrate its 50th anniversary. They now need to know the numbers who will attend by 31st July. Please contact the church office for details. 

Intercessory Prayer was led by Irene Wilson and included:
2015-03-14 Irene Wilson leads Intercessory Prayer-trimmed*
This has been a tragic week for many. We pray for those injured in Tunisia, and for those who grieve for their loved ones. We look to you for help and we have no need to fear.
We ask you to help those desparate people trying to reach this country. You know where they come from and why. You have a plan for those also.
Please help the economic situation in Greece and let common sense prevail.
Please grant healing and comfort to the following people: Graham Mitchell, Ruth Edwards, Ron and Eva Hitchcock, George Campbell, Peter Buckley and Jack Stokes.
Please bless all the plans for S.E.P. and Adventure Camp and all those involved. Please let both camps inspire the young people and spread your good news. The good news is that your son Jesus Christ will return and bring peace at last. 

Hymn 3 – Who is there like You
Hymn 4 – I Love you Lord 

The Message was given by – Cliff Neill on the topic of Hearts.2015-03-07 Cliff Neill gives the Sermon
Are we nearly there yet? Most children on a journey will keep repeating  this. Our journey with God lasts a lifetime. We want to keep asking how long Lord? Revelation 6:10. It is easy to lose heart. Our hearts are a mystery. We hear of black hearts, brave hearts, hearts of gold and heartaches. Hundreds of songs have been written about our hearts. For example ” I left my heart in San Francisco”. We know that we should love God with all our heart. Why is our heart so important? Proverbs 4:23 tells that it is a well spring of life, a treasure, a fountain within us. We all have our deep places within us that only God really knows. Jeremiah 17:9. We need a heart of flesh not stone. Ezekiel 11:19. God pours love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. Romans 5:5. He is always with us. When we began our walk with God, we had a glad heart. New love can fade over the years and we can lose the joy of our relationship with God. We should switch off the outside and be still and silent on the inside, ready to listen to God. We read in 1 Samuel 16 how God chose David to be King, and how God looks at our heart and not our physical appearance. Verse 7. We should rest in Christ because he died for us. Jesus spoke to hearts and not to heads. He shows the lost the way back to the shepherd. In him we have been given all that we need. 

Final Hymn was Lord I Come to You after which the Closing Prayer was given by James Esom.

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the Church Hall.









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