There was a Church Service on 3 October 2015.

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The people who report on the Service (including myself, the webmaster), were away at the Annual Autumn Harvest Festival/Convention in Paignton, and so there is no report from this Service.  Communion was held during the Service and there was a meal following the Service.  There was no Young People’s Church, as the teachers and the young people were away at the Festival in Paignton.


The Autumn Harvest Festival in Paignton this year took place 27 September to 5 October 2015.  It was a time of hearing God’s Word, Worship, fellowship and activities enjoyed by all.  There were around 350 people registered this year. There were Services on most days with hymns, special music and opportunities to give an offering several times.  There were two groups of Young People’s/Children’s church during most services.  Activities included Bible Studies, Seminars, a Quiz Night, Dance, Hymn sing, Talent show, Life Club and Classical Concert as well as a Party and outing for the children.  We enjoyed warm, sunny weather through the whole week until the last day, when there were a few showers.  The Theme of this years’ festival was ‘Family’ and delegates returned to their local congregation built up through the encouragement and instruction and fellowship of the Festival, excited to be part of the family of God bringing the gospel to a hurting world.


The Autumn Harvest Festival in Paignton will be held once again at Beverley Park, Goodrington, near Paignton in Devon. The dates are 17-24 October 2016, with the Welcome Service on Sunday night, 16th September.

For caravan and chalet Information/Reservations go to  or ring 01803-843887. The postal address is:  BEVERLEY HOLIDAYS, Goodrington Road, Paignton, Devon TQ4 7JE  Some caravans can be booked by the day as well for those who cannot come for the full time. David Silcox is Festival Co-Ordinator and can be contacted by emailing .

We will be planning an exciting and varied programme of Services, Seminars, Workshops and Social Activities.  We welcome suggestions for things to include in the Programme, and it is not too soon to think about volunteering for the various jobs that need help—email to David Silcox. For your convenience a Provisional Blank Schedule can be accessed by clicking this link: Blank Paignton Schedule 2016

The Autumn Harvest Festival in Paignton next year, 17-24 October 2016, will be later, with the end of it being the beginning of half-term school holiday.  The tariff offered by Beverley Park will be from Sunday 16 to Monday 24 October, and the Welcome Service will be 8pm Sunday 16th.  Beverley Park need to take advantage of half-term holiday and so we have agreed to finish the Festival mid-day on the last day, 24th October and request that people vacate their caravans preferably before the morning Service begins.  As we will not be able to have two Services on Monday 24th, we have moved the afternoon Service to the evening before and will have a Service on Sunday 23rd night as well as Monday morning 24th October.  The blank schedule is here for your information:  Blank Paignton Schedule 2016












Blank Paignton Schedule 2016

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