There was a Church Service on 15 November 2015

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am

The Opening Prayer was given by Joy Barlow

George gives announcementsHymns
were led by George Henderson who began by reading from Psalm 25.
Hymn 1 – Praise My Soul the King of Heaven
Hymn 2 – Rejoice the Lord is King

Announcements were given by George Henderson
*We are all shocked at the tragic events in Paris last night. Our church services have been cancelled in France, and we have not had any report that our members were harmed. We must pray for all those involved.
*Irene, Ann and Charles are all unwell today.
*Following last week’s special service of remembrance, we have donated £170 to the British Legion.
*We have an update from Maggie Mitchell about her husband Graham. After 5 months he continues to make slow progress and can now sit in a wheelchair and leave his room for a short time. He also has more feeling and movement in his shoulders.
*John Mckenna in the U.S.A. is making progress following a stroke.
Paul Zehetmayer asks us to continue to pray for his brother-in-law Colin Haynes. His cancer has spread and his condition is deteriorating.

Hymn 3 – What a Friend We have in Jesus

Bill WilsonIntercessory Prayer was led by Bill Wilson who began by asking After what happened in Paris last night, do we fear the future? No, because God has a future planned for all people that will never end. We are children of light. Death has been conquered by Jesus Christ.
*We live in perilous times, Heavenly Father. Our hearts are saddened today as we think of the victims in Paris. We pray for all the relatives of the dead and injured. Also we pray for the families of those killed when the Russian plane exploded. Please bring peace.
*We ask your help for Graham Mitchell and John McKenna to continue their good progress.
*Please give peace and comfort to Colin.
*We pray for your healing power for those unable to be here with us today. Irene, Ann, Charles and Jack and Rosemary. Please take away Jack’s pain and strengthen Rosemary.
*Please protect all our Ministers and David and Nancy as they travel.
*Jesus will return and peace will prevail. We should always look forward to the future.

Hymn 4 – Be Thou My Vision
Hymn 5 – O Give Thanks Unto Our God
Congregation 2012-09-22

The Message was given by Mr.Bergin
Do we have a favourite scripture?  Moses was the greatest prophet and a friend of God. Deuteronomy 34:10. Pharaoh’s daughter gave him the best education in Egypt. We can read his story in Exodus chapters 1-2. Moses had his first encounter with God when he became a shepherd. Chapter 3:5. He was told to go and lead God’s people. He didn’t want to and asked “why choose me”? He then made lots of excuses why he couldn’t do this. Read chapters 3-4. When he led 2 million people out of Egypt and crossed the Red Sea, that is when the nation of Israel began. Chapter 14. Moses was a great man with a huge task. He did  ake mistakes because he was human. God said that he would raise up a prophet like Moses. Christ would be like Moses. Deuteronomy 18:15. Moses was the only man that God buried. 34:5-6. We read in Exodus 33:11 that Joshua as a young man assisted Moses. After the death of Moses God continued with Joshua as leader as he had with Moses. Joshua 1:1-9.
Verse 9 is Mr.Bergin’s favourite scripture and one that we should always remember. During times of trials we should read these words. Do not be afraid because the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Do we sometimes feel that God has left us? Bad things do happen to good people. Do not fear. Hebrews 13:5-6. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. Romans 8:35.

The Final Hymn was The Church’s One Foundation after which the Closing Prayer was give by Phillip Halford.

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.
2015-11-07 Fellowship & Refreshments after church

During the Sermon time the Watford Young People’s Church began with the young people unwrapping sweets with scriptures printed on the wrappers and then discussing their scriptures. The Young People looked at some of the miracles of Jesus, specifically the raising of Lazarus and they then played a ‘miracles’ jigsaw game. They also discussed the Christmas Young People’s Presentation and practised one carol using whistles!


Bricket Wood Bible Study 21 Nov 2014The Bricket Wood Bible Study took place as usual at 7:30pm in the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre upstairs room.  You are welcome to join us looking into the Word of God and for the refreshments afterwards.













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