There was a Church Service on 26 December 2015 

With this being Boxing Day and holiday time, the Service was held in at the home of David & Nancy Silcox at 11am.
2015-12-26 House Church-Watford Congregation at our house

Announcements were given by David Silcox and included:
*Reg Newton is not well
*John McKenna is recovering well and hopes to be teaching next year
*Rosemary Heavey in Ireland died last week and the funeral was last Wednesday.
*Graham Mitchell is due to be transferred 29 December to Stoke Mandeville specialist unit—please pray that all goes well

Nancy in April 2008The Opening Prayer was given by Jean Sole

Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1.  To God Be The Glory
Hymn 2.  The Servant King

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Geoff Sole and included:
*We are very grateful to come to your presence thanking you for Jesus, who humbled himself and was born as a baby.  The angels praised and we do too, bringing our lives as an offering
*We bring before you in our worship, those who need prayers—the family of Rosemary who are morning at this time and we thank you for her life and faithfulness
*We pray for those in spiritual darkness that you will open their minds to you and that vital relationship that brings joy and life
*Thank you for the message from the Queen on christmas Day and please continue to guide and bless her
*We see the suffering in the Middle East—that darkness in Syria, etc.  Be with leaders there to bring light of peace to their nations
*Be with Bangladeshi Christians and those in Morocco that are facing persecution, strengthen them and give them peace
*We remember Reg and Pat during Reg’s health trial
*Graham Mitchell is facing a time of anxiety as they move him to a specialist unit—bless his transfer and help them to be able to help him there
*Marian Folan is also facing a sore trial and we pray for her and her husband that you will give them strength and peace
*Bill Bailey in a nursing home needs your peace as well as Peter, Valerie, Jack and Rebecca.  Heal and bless them
*John McKenna is recovering from his stroke and we thank and praise you, requesting that you would help him to recover fully
*Be with those suffering as a result of the floods

Hymn 3.  How Great Thou Art
Hymn 4.  Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

Speaking of Life:  Dr. Joseph Tkach – Peace Through the Advent 

Hymn 5.  Let There Be Peace On Earth
2015-12-26 House Church-David gives the Sermon

The Message was given by David Silcox, who looked at the subject of light.  Luke 2:22 shows that Jesus brought light to the world and Simeon said his eyes had seen thy salvation, a light to the Gentiles.
If we think about light, it drives away and displaces darkness.  What darkness is removed by the coming of Jesus?  What darkness would Israel have?  What about to each of us personnally, what darkness do we have to which God brings light?
We looked at scriptures about darkness and light in the Bible.  Genesis 1 where Jesus, the Word spoken of in John 1, said, “Let there be light”.  This was written by Moses perhaps to counter what the Israelites had learned under 400 years of slavery in Egypt. Isaiah 8:20 says if they speak not according to this word, thee is no light in them, and 9:2 tells about the people who walked in darkness and the shadow of death have seen a great light.  Isaiah 42:6 mentions light to the Gentiles.  Luke 2:9 the glory of the Lord shone—massive display of light.  Matthew 2:2 the wise men had seen the star—that light coming to the Gentiles!  Matthew 4:12-16 people who sat in darkness and the shadow of death have seen a great light.  John 1: Jesus was to be the light and life of man when he became flesh and dwelled among them.  The light that shined in darkness but those in darkness did not see.
We are led from
the darkness of oppression                 to the light of freedom and deliverance
the darkness of death                          to the light of Eternal Life
the darkness of ignorance                   to the light of knowledge & understanding
the darkness of evil & sin                   to the light of grace and love
the darkness of Satan & deception     to the light of God’s truth & righteousness
the darkness of war and violence       to the light of peace and joy
God in us brings enlightenment!

The final Hymn was Morning Has Broken after which the Closing Prayer was led by John Stettaford

Fellowship continued over refreshments, including mulled wine & mince pies

2015-12-26 House Church-Refreshments & Fellowship

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