The Lord’s Supper Service was held on 21 April in Garston community Church at 7:40pm

David Silcox welcomes everyone to our annual Lord’s Supper Service which commemorates and celebrates events that changed history. We rejoice that we have a Saviour and we have a future because of events that we remember tonight.

David led two hymns: I Stand Amazed
How Deep the Father’s Love For Us

1 Corinthians 11 says when you come together to participate in the Lord’s Supper Service to examine yourself and not take it lightly. This was a painful and serious event with wonderful consequences for humanity. If we look in Luke 24:31- the men on the road to Emaus who previously knew about Jesus, knew him in the breaking of bread together. Tonight in the taking of bread and wine together, we come to know Jesus better and cement and renew our relationship with God.

2016-04-21 Lord's Supper-FootwashingMr. Francis Bergin introduced the Footwashing part of the Service, reminding us that Jesus Christ came not to be served, but to serve and set an example as God in the flesh humbled himself and became a man. He washed his disciples feet and then went to the cross willingly to die for us. John 13:12 goes on to say we will be blessed if we follow his example. This foreshadows the ultimate act of service, dying for humanity. Here we are equal before God and each other. Footwashing does not cleanse us from sin—only Jesus Christ can wash and cleanse us from sin. It required more than action, but the spirit of humility and service. We not only wash others’ feet, but allow others to wash our feet, just as we must accept Jesus’ sacrifice for us. It is both humbling and a privilege.

The men went out into the other hall to wash each others feet, while the ladies removed to the back of this hall for this part of the evenings Service.
2016-04-21 Lord's Supper-Mr. Bergin, David & Mike Barlow

2016-04-21 Lord's Supper-Hands breaking breadFor the Taking of the Bread, David Silcox read John 6:35 where Jesus talked about the meaning, “I am the Bread of Life”, which if you eat you will not die. He gave (a gift John 3:16) his flesh for the life of the world. Matthew 26:26 records that Jesus took bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it to his Disciples.
Mike Barlow came forward and asked a blessing on the bread after which he and David broke the bread. Ushers Ricki Fowler and James Esom took the bread around to all the people.
2016-04-21 Lord's Supper-Ricki takes the bread around

2016-04-21 Lord's Supper-wine in glass in handFor the Taking of the Wine, Mr. Francis Bergin reminded us that the Old Covenant was ratified by the blood of bulls and goats but the New Covenant with the blood of Jesus Christ. This reminds us of the cost of salvation. In Matthew 26:27 Jesus blessed the cup. Hebrews 9:11 says He entered once for all as the mediator of a New Covenant and eternal inheritance. Colossians 1:19 says we are reconciled to God through the blood of Jesus Christ. Mr. Bergin asked a blessing on the wine and the ushers came forward to pass the wine around.

David turned to John 13:36 where the disciples asked Jesus where are you going? Jesus replied in John 14 not to be troubled. We live in a troubled world, but Jesus has gone ahead to prepare a place with room for everyone, sending another comforter (verse 27) to bring all things to our remembrance. Jesus said, my peace I give you, so don’t be troubled. John 15 reminds us that Jesus is the true vine and we have a job to do—bearing fruit.

2016-04-21 Lord's Supper-Bible & glass on the chairMr. Bergin read passages from John 16 & John 17 which contains Jesus’ last teachings and prayer before his crucifixion. Humans forget and so we do this in remembrance, to remind us. John 16:33 says in me you have peace. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, of whom the angels sang at his birth and of which he spoke at his death. John 17 is Jesus’ own prayer where he prayed for his disciples down through history—including us. He prayed to his Father on their and our behalf speaking of unity, and indeed all Christians are united in Christ.

We finished with a Hymn – In Thy Loving Kindness, Lord

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