There was a Church Service on 16 April 2016 

2016-04-16 Linda Halford gives a readingThe Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Pat Newton

We began with a Reading of ‘There Are Two Seas’ read by Linda Halford
2016-04-16 George leads worship

Hymns were led by George Henderson:
Hymn 1. Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise
Hymn 2. Holy Mighty Majesty 

2016-04-16 Irene gives an update on Bills conditionIrene Wilson gave an update on Bill’s health, saying than you for all the cards and prayers. They still do not have a diagnosis for all his pain but he is to have more tests on Thursday and doctors will attempt to do something for the pain. With God all things are possible, so we are in the market for a miracle!

2016-04-16 George gives announcementsAnnouncements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Roy Young’s wife Beryl has breast cancer and requests prayers. Roy Young is the Pastor of Garston Community Church.
*Thursday 21st is the Lord’s Supper and will be held at Garston Community Church. Please be seated by 7:45pm.
*Services for the first Spring Festival Service will be at St. Peter’s at 11am as per a normal Saturday but with an offering during the Service and a buffet lunch after.
*The Last Spring Festival Service will be Friday 29th April at St. John’s in Radlett at 11am, also with an offering during the Service and a buffet lunch after. There will be a normal Service on Saturday 30th at St. Peter’s at 11am
*The 60th Anniversary of the London church will be celebrated with a special Service on Saturday 3rd September, the Day before the Denominational Conference, in allum Hall, Boreham. This will be at 3pm and a dance afterwards at 7:30pm. Dr. Tkach is to give the Sermon and there will be an opportunity to give an offering. Although there is no charge, both the Service and the dance will be ticketed separately because of a hall limitation on numbers. Sign up for ticket/s with George.
*Bob Wheeler died and prayers are requested for his family and his congregation in Eugene, Oregon
*Roger Lipross is home fromm hospital and having physiotherapy at home. He sends thanks for cards & prayers

Hymn 3. Lord For The Years

2016-04-16 Winston Bothwell leads Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer was offered by Winston Bothwell and included:
*Great God who rolled out the universe like a child playing with marbles, we thank you for the wonders of creation and the joyous future that lies ahead
*We thank you for the protection and peace we have in this land and we pause to think of those who live in fear and persecution
*Thank you for the wondrous gift of your son
*The Queen is celebrating her 90th birthday and we thank you for her dedicated service, and for her Christian example and leadership. Please continue to bless and protect her
*We pray for wisdom of our leaders in the weeks ahead leading up to the referendum
*After the earthquake in Japan, please comfort and help in the difficult days ahead
*We pray for the family of Bob Wheeler and his congregation—give them strength and hope. Also for the families of Tom Wallace and Joan Leeson who have died recently, as well as others who have lost loved ones.
*Thanks you for the improvement of Roger Lipross’ health and please continue to be with him as he recuperates
*We pray for Graham Mitchell and his family as his trials of paralysis goes on and on
*Bill Wilson is in terrible pain and we ask your guidance of the medical profession as they try to discover what is the problem and help him. We pray for mercy and healing. Bill has been a wonderful servant and example in this congregation. We pray that you would encourage his family, to strengthen and guide them
*We don’t understand why so many have these serious health problems but we pray for your will to be done. George Campbell with serious health issues and Beryl Young also facing operation and cancer treatment
*Two particularly vulnerable sections of the population, seniors and young people, for whom we pray protection and blessing, that you will give them the support and guidance they need
*Thank you for our congregation that supports and encourages one another and thank you for hearing our prayers

Hymn 4. There Is A Redeemer
Hymn 5. Let All Things Now Living

2016-04-16 Barry Robinson gives the SermonThe Sermon was given by Barry Robinson who began by commenting on the excellent book, The Servant Queen and the King She Serves. There is a song about Jesus on the cross that says the Father turns his face away but did he? There is an idea that the books had to be balanced through the wrath of God, the penal substitution theory. That God pours out his anger and punishes sinners. The Bible actually shows a God of justice , mercy and grace. Jesus’ death on the cross was in our place but was not punishment by his Father.
*God did not pour out his anger on Jesus and turn away from him on the cross, while Jesus loved us enough to die for us. They are one in their love for humanity. 2 Corinthians 5:17-19 says we are new creatures in Christ and reconciled us to himself through his Son. The Father hadn’t turned his back on but was IN Christ and going through it with him. Hebrews 9:14 says Christ who through the Eternal Spirit offered himself—the Spirit empowered Jesus to do what he did and strengthened him, rather than abandoned him. The very nature of the Godhead is oneness—God could not cut off the Son!
*The idea that God cannot look upon sin is an insult to the Son who became the friend of sinners. He saw sin as needing to be cured not lethal flaw that needed to be punished. Habakkuk 1:13 which says eyes purer than to behold evil and cannot look on iniquity was Habakkuk’s erroneous reasoning that he goes on to question then why do you look on sin??!!
*The cry of Jesus in Matthew 27:46, ‘Why have you forsaken me?’ is quoted from Psalm 22:1. It was the practice of the time to allude to the entire Psalm by quoting the first verse, so if we look further into this Messianic Psalm, verse 18 says they part my garments and cast lots on my vesture, verses 19-21 cry out to God to help me, save me, then full circle in verse 22 praise him, for verse 24 he has NOT hidden his face from him but when he cried for help, he heard, moving the text from agony to salvation, and showing that God did not turn his face away and forsake him in his time of need. So by quoting the beginning of Psalm 22 he was helping people to interpret his death saying that it looks as if…but that is not the case, and rather than divine rejection it shows divine presence, rescue and salvation.
*Interestingly if you look at the Psalms seeking Messianic references, Psalm 22 refers to his crucifixion, Psalm 23 to his death (yea though I walk through the valley of death, you are with me…), Psalm 24 the King of Glory to resurrection and ascension.

2016-04-16 David Brace at the pianoThe final Hymn was The King of Love (Songs of Fellowship 533) after which the Closing Prayer was led by Irene Wilson

2016-04-16 Pat & James serving the teaFellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall.


Young People’s Church took place during the Sermon time.
2016-04-16 Young People's Church


2015-11-27 Bricket Wood Bible StudyThe fortnightly Bricket Wood Bible Study was held on Friday night, 15th April as usual in the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre in the upstairs room at 7:30pm The next Bible Study will be after the Spring Festival days on 13th May. Everyone is welcome to join us for the study and refreshments afterwards.

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