There was a Church Service on 14 May 2016

The Opening Prayer was given by Jill Newman

Hymns were led by Sueann Henderson
Hymn 1 – Stand up Stand up for Jesus
Hymn 2 – My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness

George Henderson leads WorshipAnnouncements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Christians Across Watford are holding two events at Watford Palace Theatre. A seminar entitled “Victorious Women of the World” will take place on Saturday June 11th. 10a.m.-4.30p.m.  On the 10th of June, there will be “Praise at the Palace”. George has the details.
*Our Northampton congregation invites everyone to a special service followed by a social on June 18th. The service will begin at 2.30p.m. and Rick Shallenberger will be the guest speaker. In the evening there will be a visit from a Fish and Chip van and an Icecream van.
*We are sad to announce the death of Ted Robinson on April 1st. He was a member of our Blean congregation aged 95, and had cancer. Please pray for his family.
*We have 2 requests for prayers for members in the U.S.A.
William Condley had heart by-pass surgery on May 12th. His wife of 54 years has cancer.
Bob Persky has cancer and renal failure. He hopes to go home but his wife Kay is ill.
*Bill Wilson was admitted to hospital last Monday. He remains very ill. Please continue to pray for Irene and their family.
*We have a request from the table outside. Please pray for Susan who is out of work but also has a very painful problem with a boil.

Hymn 3 – Lord I Come to You

Winston BothwellIntercessory Prayer led by – Winston Bothwell and included:
* Creator God, we thank you for the wonder of nature as we see the beauty
of the blossom on the trees which will bear fruit for the harvest.
*We pray for the people in Canada where fires are destroying their homes. Please keep them safe and help them to go back and rebuild.
*We ask you to bring an end to the hatred and destruction in the Middle East. Please help those who can’t leave, and improve relationships there to bring peace.
*Please give wisdom to all those who are trying to help the refugees now settling in Europe.
*We ask your comfort and support for the family of Ted Robinson.
*Please help and heal William Condley and Bob Persky and their wives who are also ill. Please be with and support their families.
*We ask you to please give faith and strength to face each day to Graham and Maggie Mitchell, Bill and Irene Wilson, Len and Pam Maylin and George Campbell.
*Please give Susan relief from pain and help her to find employment soon.
*Thank you for the work of all our church leaders. Please help Mr.Tkach and James Henderson.
*Please help us each day to represent you and make a difference in people’s lives. We look forward to the future and let your will be done.

Hymn 4 – Love Divine

2015-11-07 Mike Barlow reads 'For The Fallen' & shares ReflectionsThe Message was given by – Mike Barlow.
Even in his suffering, Job knew that Christ was his Advocate. His Defence Lawyer. Job 16:19. It is sometimes their work to defend a person knowing that they are guilty. 1 John 1:6. 2:1. Job is one of the oldest books in the Bible and could have been written by Moses. Although this was long before Christ came, they understood God’s plan. Job 19:23-27. God loves us and did not spare his own Son. He is for us and Jesus reconciles us to God. Romans 8:31-34. Jesus saves us from the death penalty. Acts 10:38-43. He is also a Judge, so we must win. Verse 42. Jesus is our mediator. 1 Timothy 2:1-7. We are able to be forgiven and have direct access to God in prayer. Our death sentence has been paid for us and we should not feel guilty anymore. Jesus Christ is our Advocate, Defence Lawyer, sacrifice, Judge, High Priest, Saviour and support. Read 1 Peter 1:18-25. Always remember and be thankful. We have no need to fear, our Advocate defends us and gets us off the hook. That is his job.

The Final Hymn was Lord for the Years and the Closing Prayer was given by Phillip Halford.

In the Young Person’s Service this week, the theme of the life of Jesus continued with Jesus’ last appearances on earth, including the Barbecue Fish Breakfast on the Shores of Lake Galilee.  We also looked at the story of the widow’s two coins which is the theme of Messy Church this month. We enjoyed rolling some coins into a metal bin and noting the noise it made. In Jesus’ day, there were those who made sure their
offerings at the Temple made lots of noise so that people would think of them as more righteous.  The teachers were Peter and Caroline.

2015-01-03 Phillip Halford with his Grandson, Ryan

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