There was a Church Service on 18 June 2016.
Peter Beardsmore giving the opening prayer

The Service was held in st. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore

Hymns were led by George Henderson:
Hymn 1 – All Heaven Declares
Hymn 2 – Go Forth and Tell

2014-04-05 George Henderson gives Announcements1Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*The celebration service for Bill Wilson’s life will take place here at St.Peter’s church on Tuesday June 21st.  Please allow time for parking and be seated by 10.45a.m. The church car park will be reserved for family only.
*A discussion about the coming referendum, will take place at the Watford
Methodist church on Monday June 20th from 8-9.30p.m. This will be from a Christian viewpoint. Please contact George for more details.
*The care home where Peter Buckley lives, is holding a Summer Party on
July 2nd. Please contact George if you would like to attend with him and
*Charles Young, a Pastor in the U.S.A. reports that his wife Debbie is
still in pain. She has a problem with her oesophagus and finds it hard
to swallow. More tests are needed so please continue to pray for them.
*Also in the U.S.A. Bill Condley can now sit up in a chair. He will soon
be moved to a Rehabilitation Hospital. His wife who is in a different
hospital will also move with him. Please continue to pray for them.
*We are very sorry to report the death of a Pastor in the Philippines.
Eli Toledo died of a heart attack. Please pray for his wife and family.

Hymn 3 – Lord I Come Before Your Throne of Grace

Intercessory Prayer was led by Sueann Henderson and included:*
SueAnn Henderson leads worship 2 Thank you that we can come here to worship you. We know that when 2 or 3
are gathered together, you are with them. You enjoy all that we have prepared for this service.
*The world is becoming more dangerous, filling with hatred and anger.  You hate sin but not sinners. We know that life is empty without you. People are searching to fill that emptiness. You are that sense. We are not to judge people, but to reach out to them and share the hope for the future.
*We pray for Rosemary and Blossom. Both ladies are having trouble
sleeping and left feeling very tired. Rosemary has a troublesome cough
today. Please help them to improve.
*We ask you healing power for Rod Channon. He had to go to the hospital
this week with a blood clot in his leg. He is home resting and taking
medication. Please also help Margaret.
*Reg Newton is now home recovering from surgery. Please help him to heal quickly so that he and Pat can come back here soon. We thank them for their service to our church.
*We pray for Roy and Beryl Young. Please heal Roy of a chest infection.
*We also remember Valerie Philo and Peter Buckley in their care homes.
Please let them receive the very best care.
*Please help Debbie Young and Bill Condley. Please ease Debbie’s pain and help Bill with his breathing.
*We ask you to bless St.Peter’s church. We know that some of their
members are going through difficulties.
*We ask you to comfort all who grieve. Please help the families of Bill
Wilson and Eli Toledo. Death is part of life but Christ has conquered
*The loss of Bill leaves a gap in this church and his family. On Tuesday
please let his service be a witness to hope beyond the grave. He is with
you now.
*Everyone has been shocked this week at the senseless murder of Jo Cox.
Her life has been an example to all. Please give comfort and help to her
husband and children. Please heal the unbalanced mind of her killer and
help the community.
*Please help us to share all that you have done for us with others.

Hymn 4 – As the Deer
Hymn 5 – I Then Shall live

The Message was given by Kevin Harris on Biblical Perspectives. There are many ways to look at the scriptures. We are a Bible literate church, but it can be a hard book to understand. We must not become a one track people, but should be flexible in our thinking. We know that God’s promises were given first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles. Genesis 35:10-12. First to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jesus himself commanded his disciples to go to the lost sheep of Israel. Matthew 10:5-6. We read in Matthew 15:22-28 that Gentiles were regarded as dogs. Under the Old Covenant Jerusalem was the place to worship, but Jesus stated that one day people will worship in spirit and truth. Read John 4:19-24. We read in Acts 17:1-4 that Paul preached to Jews and Greeks in the synagogues, but some of the Jews became envious. Verse 5. Paul’s latter letters have a shift in emphasis and are addressed to all people. The salvation of God is now open to all people, not just Israel, and the Gentiles will hear it. Acts 28:28.

The Final Hymn was In Christ Alone after which the Closing Prayer was given by Mike Barlow.


2015-11-27 Bricket Wood Bible StudyThe final Bricket Wood Bible Study before the summer break took place on Friday night 17 June in the upstairs room of St. Stephens Parish Centre.  David Silcox began by showing some slides from his recent trip to Turkey where he and his wife visited many of the places in Asia Minor mentioned in the bible including Ephesus, Laodicea and Cappadocia before going on to chapter 3 of the book of Galatians.  There was fellowship over refreshments at the end of the study.  The next study will be sometime in the autumn, so keep an eye out for the announcement of the 2016-2017 dates.

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