There was a Church Service on 2 July 2016
2016-07-02 David Silcox leads Hymns

The Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Irene Wilson

Hymns were led by David Silcox:
Hymn 1. King of Kings, Majesty
Hymn 2. Dear Lord And Father of Mankind

2016-06-25 George Henderson gives AnnouncementsAnnouncements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Prayers are requested for Valerie Cann who has been diagnosed with alzheimers
*Please pray for Irene’s Tibbenham’s younger sister, Camilla who is very ill in Brizil. Her sister in law, Daniella, and her children have gone to look after her.
*Val Quinn has been diagnosed with aggressive cancer and requests urgent prayers
*Rod Channon has suffered a DVT and Margaret is having heart palpitations, so please prayer for both of them
*Dr. Tkach’s weekly letter on ‘Prayer Matters’ is very encouraging—please read it on the announce table/bulletin board
*Pinewood residential Home where Peter Buckley lives is having an open day/garden party at 6pm tonight and all are welcome to go.

2016-07-02 David Silcox leads Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer was offered by David Silcox and included:
*We express our thanks for so many blessings
*We are aware that we live in a world in distress of terror, darkness and fear. a world not in harmony with you, Lord. We look to you and grieve for the evil things we see in this world.
*We ask you to be with those mourning loss of loved ones and suffering injuries as a result of terrorist attacks. Make your name known and your will be done. Inspire us to play our part as your Ambassadors of light in our lives.
*We are mindful of members suffering—Val in Exeter, Val in Peterborough, Irene’s relatives in Brazil, Rod & Margaret here in our congregation. Move among them with your healing hand in mercy and grace.

Hymn 4. I Am A New Creation
Hymn 5. Guide Mr, O Thou Great Jehovah—or ‘Bread of Heaven’
2016-07-02 David Francis speaking about the Bread of Life

The Congregation moved into the Church Hall for the interactive Message looking at the analogies in bread. David Francis presented ‘Bread of Heaven’. He spent some time talking about the scriptural reference and the analogies that can be drawn in making bread, such as ‘by the sweat of your brown will you eat bread’—sweat is also a blessing and brings health; break-making is hands on as we participate and contribute to the end result in our lives as well as making bread. The Barley harvest was the first in spring and only eaten of after the wave sheaf offering, which was a type of Christ being offered up as the firstfruit among many. We read that Christ was bruised for our transgressions: the grain must be bruised or crushed and ground in order to make flour. Christ was the one seed, one grain and Saviour. Yeast permeates and grows in the dough, as the Gospel spreads. Many, many analogies and lessons can be drawn from bread—too many for me to list or enlarge upon here. Several people had the opportunity to try their hand at the hand mill to grind grain, which was then added to the seven batches of flour, sourdough culture of natural yeast that David had prepared earler, and water that volunteers got to knead. It was a wonderful message to contemplate in our lives as we go into the world to spread the Good News.
2016-07-02 COLLAGE

The congregation moved back into the Church for final Hymn which was introduced by David who commented on the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme before we sang Abide With Me. The Closing Prayer was led by Phillip Halford.

Fellowship continued over refreshments in the church hall, where people got to taste some fresh baked sourdough bread.


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