There was a Church Service on 9 July 2016

Jean Sole gives a prayerThe Service was held in St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Jean Sole

Hymns were led by George Henderson:
Hymn 1.  Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken
Hymn 2.  Great Is Thy Faithfulness

2016-06-25 George Henderson gives AnnouncementsAnnouncements were given by George Henderson and included:
*Adventure Camp will be held on 26th-30th August near Kettering. Please visit our website or contact Geoff Sole for details.
here is good news about Val Quinn of our Peterborough congregation. She had an investigation of an abdominal tumour. The surgeon found an abcess on her appendix which had drained itself. She also has malignant polyps in her womb and is to have a hysterectomy next month. Alan and Val are very thankful for all the support given them through prayers and cards.
Our church here in the U.K. will celebrate 60 years on 3rd September. The service will be held at Allum Hall Borehamwood at 3p.m. Tickets will be needed. Before the service from 12noon-3p.m. a Bible Study will be held in Holiday Inn. Please let George Henderson know if you wish to attend.
Please also give your name to George if you wish to attend the Denominational Conference on Sunday 4th September.

Hymn 3 – As the Deer

Intercessory prayer was led by Geoff Sole and included:
We do long to come here to worship and pray to you, and learn more about you. We thank you that we can live in this green and pleasant land and enjoy your creation. We know that Jesus is our bread as we learnt last week. We thank you for our own families and our church family.
Most of us here will have more than one Bible. Many people around the world don’t have one or don’t have one in their own language. We ask you to bless all those who translate the Bible.
Many people worldwide live in spiritual darkness, please bring them into your light. Please protect the persecuted Christians. We pray for all those involved in the bombing in Baghdad, and the shootings in Dallas. Please help those injured and those who grieve.
Please bless the plans to hold a Youth Camp in our Kenyan Refugee camp. Help also John Biswas and Roger Lipross with their work in Bangladesh.
We thank you for the improvement for Val Quinn, and ask you to help Val Cann. Camilla in Brazil needs you to heal her of cancer. We ask your continued help for Margaret and Rod Channon and Graham and Maggie Mitchell.
Please support and guide Jackie Mill as she takes over S.E.P. and  bless the plans for Adventure Camp.
We thank you for the table outside and the help it has given to people through you.

Hymn 4 – I Then Shall Live.
Hymn 5 – My Shepherd will Supply my Need

Irene Wilson brings Intercessory PrayerThe Message was given by Irene Wilson about walls.
Can you name a business which is really booming today? It is those that are building walls, fences, security gates and electronic barriers. People now feel insecure and build walls to enclose themselves, maybe to avoid neighbours. Some people we just can’t even like, let alone love. What does God think? James 2:8 tells us to love our neighbour. There are also walls of class, race, gender, povity or religion. Hate, pride and anger hold the walls together. The world is full of walls and borders. What about a barrier between us and God? How can we as Christians storm these walls? Are we like the Laodiceans? Revelation 3:15-21. Pride leads to sin. Proverbs 18:11. Ephesians 2:13-14. When Joshua and the people marched around Jericho, the ark of the covenant was in the middle of them. Joshua 6:7-9. God’s presence was with them. God does not now live in a temple built by man. At the very moment that Jesus died, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.
Matthew 27:50-51. Humanity was reconciled with God. We must be aware of all blockades in our lives, and let Jesus remove them. Psalm 18:29. With his help and by his grace, we have a destiny of glory with no walls.
Sue Ann Henderson leads Intercessory Prayer in Watford 2015-06-13
The Final Hymn was Blessed be the Lord God Almighty after which the Closing Prayer was given by Sueann Henderson.


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