There was a Church Service on 20th August 2016

The Service was held in St. Peter’s Church, North Watford, as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Pat Newton

2016-06-25 George Henderson gives AnnouncementsHymns were led by George Henderson:
Hymn 1 – Tell out my Soul
Hymn 2 – I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included
*Shirley Henderson has sent out emails to all those who have shown interest in the Cyprus Retreat. This is to take place 18th-26th February next year. If you wish to receive the details then please email Shirley.
*The 60th anniversary of our church here in the U.K. will be celebrated with a special service on 3rd September. It will be held at 3p.m. at Allum Hall Borehamwood. An offering will be taken up. Separate Tickets are required to attend the service and the dance. Tickets are still available—see George.
****There will be no service here in Watford on that day, 3 September.****
*Our Annual UK Denominational Conference will be held on 4th September at 10.30a.m. Please email James Henderson if you wish to attend
*Please continue to pray for Blossom as she has now pulled a muscle. She thanks us for our card and prayers and would like us to know that she prays for all of us.
*Eileen Howard is progressing well following an operation. She will remain in hospital for a few more days. Update—urgent prayers requested for Eileen who is now in intensive care with a possible heart-attack. *Please pray for our brethren and all those affected by the floods in Mississippi and Louisiana in the U.S.A.
*Check out Dr. Joseph Tkach’s Weekly Update at:

Reg NewtonReg Newton gave us an Update about our Prayer Table outside. Reg thanked everyone who has helped at the table past and present. It does have an impact, and is the visible and approachable face of our church. We are called to be in a relationship with God and with others. We began the table at Garston church in 2005, and then here in 2009. Reg then told us about some of the people who came to the table with many different problems. Our prayers have all been answered, but sometimes not in ways that we might have thought. It is rega privilage and a responsibility for us to share in these lives and pray for them. We all have our own trials and can use our experiences to help others. If anyone would like to help outside at the table, then please see Reg.

Hymn 3 – Will you Come and Follow me

2016-06-25 Geoff Sole introduces Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer was led by Geoff Sole and included:
*We thank you for our calling and your amazing grace and love. Jesus is our friend who gave his life for us. He knows our every weakness and will always be there when we need him.
*Thank you that in this country we can read the Bible freely.
*We have enjoyed a lovely summer. Your creation is wonderful. We have seen at the Olympic games examples of the gifts and talents that you have given our human bodies.
*Please help all the young people who were at S.E.P. to remember their experience and help them with their spirituality.
*Adventure Camp takes place next weekend. Please help everyone involved to make it a great success.
*We pray for all the Missionaries around the world. Please bless the work of John Biswas in Bangladesh.
*Please help the refugees around the world. There are also many homeless people in every town. They need your help to find their own home.
*We pray for the plans for the Conference and the soon coming Festivals. Please guide Mr.Tkach and James and Shirley Henderson in their work.
*Many people are suffering the effects of flooding in America. We pray for them and for those who have lost loved ones.
*Here in Watford we ask your continuing help for Blossom and her daughter Dawn, Peter Buckley and Valerie Philo. Please heal Eileen and let her have a speedy recovery.
Update—Valerie Philo, sadly, died this week, please pray for her family as they mourn their loss.
*Please also help Graham Mitchell and David Gunn’s granddaughter.
*We ask that our publications will reach out to people. Please bless them and our prayer table.
*Let us always remember that Jesus is our friend and he listens to our prayers.

Hymn 4 – I Then Shall Live
Hymn 5 – Be Still

2015-03-14 Irene Wilson leads Intercessory Prayer-trimmedThe Message was given by Irene Wilson about ‘glory’. The word that has made the greatest impact for Irene in the Bible is Glory. God first spoke to Moses from the midst of the burning bush. Exodus 3:1-6. We read in Exodus 33:11-17 of another time God spoke to Moses. This time Moses asks God for something. “Please show me your Glory”. Verse 18. Job was asked questions by God. Job 38. God knew the hearts of both of these men. Moses wanted to know God better. Have we ever wondered what glory really is? It is God self revealed, his character and being. Exodus 33:19. Moses could not see God’s face. No human can see God’s glory and live. Verses 20-22. It is like looking into the sun, his power is too great. God demonstrated his love and mercy for Moses and let him live. Psalm 19:1 tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God as in a beautiful sunset. We live here in a lovely country and we all want the problems to be solved. We need the hope and glory that one day they will be. In the New Testament, how was glory manifest? John 1:14. Jesus was transfigured on the mountain and they saw his glory. Matthew 17:2-3. Jesus is the brightness of God’s glory. Hebrews 1:3. He who has seen Jesus has seen the father.John 14:9.How can we see this glory now? When we accept Christ, the Holy Spirit will be in us. Colossians 1:27. We can only see a torch light in the dark. We must share our faith boldly and let our light shine.2 Corinthians 3:12. We must do all to the glory of God in our daily lives.

The Final Hymn Mine Eyes have seen the Glory after which the Closing Prayer was given by Sueann Henderson.

Fellowship and Refreshments in the church hall followed the Service.

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