There was a Church Service on 30 July 2016

The Service was held in Watford at St. Peter’s as usual at 11am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Chris Esom

2016-04-16 George leads worshipHymns were led by George Henderson
Hymn 1 – For all the Saints
Hymn 2 – Fill Thou my Life

Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*We are sorry to announce the death of Marion Folan who had cancer.
Marion was a member of our Gallway congregation and will be very missed because of all she did for the church there. Please pray for her husband Gerry and their family.
*James Henderson reports that everything is going very well at S.E.P.
The weather has been fantastic–an answer to prayer! He thanks all the staff for their dedication.
*This year once again the North Watford Churches Together, for the next 4 weeks, will host joint services. They will all begin at 6.30pm each Sunday. Please contact George for details of locations.
*The Luton church will be hosting a Ladies Day on Saturday 24th September  from 10.30am-4pm. There will be a lunch and guest speakers. All are welcome. Please give your names to Dorothy Beardsmore or Daria Fowler.
*We are very pleased to report that Paul David Kurts in the U.S.A. has now improved following surgery and is recovering at home. Thank you for your prayers.

Hymn 3 – The Lord’s my Shepherd

Linda giving the readingIntercessory Prayer was led by Linda Halford and included:
*In many shops now you see the sign “Keep Calm and Carry on”. Some of us easily panic! We hear such bad news on the radio or watch terrible things on television news. We may all have unhappy memories that stay with us for years. Only God can give us real peace that lasts. We have no need to fear. Psalm 46:1-2.
*Thank you that we can meet here in peace and safety and we must never take this for granted. Individual people can cause trauma in the world, as we saw in France and Germany. Please bring peace and comfort to all who suffer through this. We as individuals should bring light into this dark world and serve others at all times.
*Please help the family of Margaret Folan and comfort them in their grief.  We have those who still grieve in this congregation. Please continue to help Irene, Rosemary and Paul.
*We also remember those in care: Valerie Philo and Peter Buckley.
*We pray for Len Maylin and Graham Mitchell and their wives are going through a very difficult time.  We ask you to give them all the strength and encouragement to cope with these daily trials.
*We thank you for our S.E.P. which has been going on for many years.
Please give wisdom to Jackie and Pete Mill. Thand you for the dry and sunny weather.  Help everyone to have a safe and fun camp. Please let it be a meaningful and inspirational time for everyone there.
*Please help all of us to just keep calm and carry on.

Hymn 4 – In Christ Alone
Hymn 5 – Great is Thy Faithfulness

Mike Barlow gives announcementsThe Sermon was given by Mike Barlow–All you who are thirsty!
We read in Exodus 17:1-6, that the children of Israel feared they would all die of thirst as they could not find any water to drink. They complained to Moses and God told him to strike the rock. When he did, water flowed out for the people to drink. In the book of John, we read in chapter 7:37-38, that on the last day of the Feast, Jesus said that  all who thirst should come to Him. All who believe in him, out of their hearts will flow rivers of living water. The Holy Spirit had not then been given and Christ had not yet been glorified. Verse 39. Jesus was speaking about the Holy Spirit. It is very important that we believe that Jesus is the Son of God and to know what he taught in the gospels. If we receive his invitation then the living water can flow from us. Jesus said that we would be blessed if we hunger and thirst for righteousness. Matthew 5:6.
We need to “turn on the tap”. Romans 8:14. We need to be led by the Holy Spirit to do the will of God. Ephesians 5:15-20. If the Holy Spirit flows into us, it can then flow out of us to help others. The first fruit of the spirit is love. Galatians 5:22-23. Through love we can become more compassionate, caring, kind and sensitive to the needs of others. It will also bring us peace of mind. We also need obedience to God. Acts 5:32. Do not quench the Spirit. 1 Thessalonians 5:19.

The Final Hymn was Wonderful Grace after which the Closing Prayer was given by Robin Howard.

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