Peter Beardsmore giving the opening prayerThere was a Church Services at Watford WCG 24 September 2016. 

The Service took place in St. Peter’s Church as usual at 11am. 

The Opening prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore

Hymns were led by George Henderson:
Hymn No. 1.  Thy hand, O God has guided
Hymn No. 2.  Let all the world

2016-02-06 David Silcox leads worship in WatfordAnnouncements were given by David Silcox and included:
John Woolford had a 3rd baby, Levi
David Gunn’s Grand daughter, Ester, got the all clear
Harvest collection was sent to the food bank
Thursday night is the social quiz night at Woodside at 8pm
James Esom is updating the church directory
Nora Roycroft is not well and prayers are requested for her
Tkach’s weekly update is on the Noticeboard
*Don’t forget our special Festival Service on Monday 3rd October is at St. John’s in Radlett at 11am and we will be taking up an offering.  The Service will be followed by a buffet lunch.

Hymn No. 3.Father, I place into your hands

2016-06-25 Geoff Sole introduces Intercessory PrayerIntercessory Prayer was given by Geoff Sole and included:
Prayers for Mr Tkach and the national leaders
For those who are not able to attend regularly in Africa and Bangladesh
Prayers for John Reed, Graham Mitchell, Len Maylin, Peter Buckley, Eileen Howard
For those suffering in Syria
To transform us thru Christ

Hymn No. 4. Lord Jesus Christ
Hymn No. 5 
O let the Son of God Enfold You 

barryrobinsonThe Sermon was given by Barry Robinson on prayer.
What is the greatest need in church? 1 Tim 2v1-8 Need for Prayer. Eph6v18 Pray in the spirit as there are many kinds of prayer–Thanksgiving Ps100v4 Worship Ps95v1-8 Perpetration 1John5v14 Asking according to His will, Intercession Eze22v30 stands in the gap Isa59v2 Supplication-asking for mercy Zech12v10 Grace and supplication Heb4v16
·         Prayer of commitment Ps37v5
·         Prayer of dedication John17v19 rom12v1
·         Prayer of persistance Luke 11v5-8
·         Prayer of Blessing Num6v22
·         Praying in Jesus’ name 1Tim2v1,5
·         One God

The Final Hymn was What a friend we have in Jesus after which the Closing Prayer was given by Sue-ann Henderson.
SueAnn Henderson leads worship 2

Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.





Luton Ladies Day took place this year on Saturday 24 September. Around 40 ladies met in the Farley Hill Methodist church from 10:30am to 4:30pm, for a day filled with worshipping together. Daria Fowler, who has organised this event for the last fourteen years, welcomed everyone and began with prayer before introducing Gill Goode to lead worship. Hymns old and new were interspersed with inspiring readings and thought-provoking messages.

Sandra Davies set the tone with her talk ‘Note From A Small Soprano’, giving us tips and techniques for improving out breathing, vocal projection and singing. Like driving a car, singing can be learned and improved, and eventually becomes habitual, but one can form good and bad habits. It is amazing all that is involved in something we normally don’t give a passing thought. We learned too that singing lifts the spirit, improves your health and brings happiness.

After Daria’s reading of a poem entitled ‘I Refuse To Be Discouraged’, Maggie Mitchell spoke about ‘Attachment Theory—The Human Need To Be Loved.’ This was a look at the psychology of attachment and relationships from birth. The formative years are so important to later productivity, contentment and happiness. We learned about Classical Conditioning, the Maternal Deprivation Hypothesis, The Strange Situation and the areas of the brain affected by neglect and stimulation. Neglect of babies and children actually affects the health and size of the brain, and can affect our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Loving attachments bring comfort and joy, as in Jeremiah 31:12-13.

After a wonderful buffet lunch we heard from a Choir comprised of ladies from a number of congregations before Sarina Silcox talked about ‘Ruth: A Love Story’. She introduced her talk with a drama summarizing the book of Ruth in the Bible. Nancy Silcox read out the narration while volunteers from the audience acted the roles of Ruth, Naomi, Boaz, Orpah and the close relative. What a wonderful story of faithfulness and commitment. God is throughout the story, as he protects, guides and makes the way for these amazing women. Boaz is a type of Jesus and represents self-sacrifice, sharing his life, unconditional love, mercy and compassion. Being a Christian means more than caring for the poor, but cannot mean less! Jesus not only cared for the poor, he became the poor! We are to represent Jesus as he lives in us and if Jesus is the solution and we are to be like him, then we are part of the solution! We are blessed to be a blessing. Ask today, who have I been blessed to bless? We can’t help everyone but the story of the Good Samaritan shows us that whoever is on our path is who God expects us to help, and we should do so, not out of guilt or duty, but out of love and mercy.

Margaret Gibbon read the September Prayer before our last talk of the day, given by Linda Halford on ‘Community Matters’. Linda told us how she began to get involved in her community over the past few years, and now serves as a Parish Counsellor among other things. Gill and Maggie acted out an excerpt from The Inspector Calls, that highlights community as a central issue in our lives today. One tip she gave us was that if you want to encourage others to help or volunteer, it pays to be specific. Linda broke us into groups to discuss and write down ways you can get involved in and contribute in your community, whether within the church or where you live. The feedback included such things as ‘singing for the brain’ to help people with dementia, feeding the homeless, helping with the PTA, baking for charity and putting on coffee mornings. Why get involved? For a sense of belonging, sharing & caring, for support and connection. She demonstrated this by asking someone to break a lolly stick, which they did easily; however when many were bound together they were much more difficult to break. The Church is like a body working together (Romans 12). Being involved in the community gives you opportunity to let your light shine.

We left with many things to ponder and put into action, encouraged and uplifted by one another, and looking forward to next years’ Luton Ladies Day scheduled for Saturday 16 September.


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