There was a Special Festival Church Service on 3 October 2016 

The Service was held in St. John’s in Radlett at 11am. 

The Opening Prayer was given by Chris Esom

Nancy in April 2008Hymns were led by Nancy Silcox:
Hymn 1. Come Thou Almighty King
Hymn 2. Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending

The Offering was introduced by David Silcox. The UK is top of the list of European nations in generous giving to charity. Matthew 28:16-20 says all power is given to Jesus, so go and make disciples. Our offerings make this possible to spread the gospel and teach. 

Offering Music during the offering was a song by Keith & Kristyn Getty called There Is A Higher Throne. 

watford-trumpets-service-geoff-sole-prayingGeoff Sole asked a Prayer over the Offering, giving thanks and asking God to bless it’s use. Thanking God for the physical and spiritual blessings and understanding and praying that Jesus would come quickly. Thank God for the many blessings that you give and thank you for the opportunity to give of the blessings you give us. Bless the use of this offering for your work in sharing the gospel.
He then led the Intercessory Prayer including:
*Please be with Abbie, Nancy’s sister and heal her of this health issue
*We remember Eileen and ask you to help her to continue to improve
*Continue to be with Graham Mitchell and Len Maylin, remember them and be with them
*Suzanne, Charlie’s daughter is giving an important lecture and we ask that you would bless her and be with her to be clear and confident.
*We hear about the damage and injuries caused by the hurrican in Jamaica and ask that you be with people as they rebuild their lives.
*People are suffering from the air strikes and bombs, we earnestly ask for the return of Jesus soon to put an end to this terrible suffering. 

Hymn 3. Crown Him With Many Crowns
Hymn 4. The Lord Is King 

We showed a video clip of Dr Joseph Tkach Speaking of Life entitled Elections

Hymn 5. King of Kings, Majesty

watford-trumpets-service-david-silcox-speakingThe Semon was given by David Silcox. Are we deeply desirous of the return of Jesus Christ above all? Many get discouraged because it hasn’t happened yet. The timing is totally beyond our control. God’s concept of time is different to ours. Jude 14 & 15 speak of Enoch, the 7th from Adam prophecying of the return with 10,000 of his saints! Christ’s return is an OLD concept. Genesis 3:15 tells of the plan of redemption from the beginning. In John 14 Jesus speaks of going to prepare a place so let not your hearts be troubled because he WILL come again and receive you to himself.
Titus 2:11 says the grace of God appeared to all men to bring salvation and so vs 13 we are looking for that blessed hope and glorious appearing of a Saviour, so vs. 14 be zealous for good works and speak these things—share and encourage with the gospel. In Acts 1:6 when the Disciples asked when are you coming back, Jesus told them in verses 7-8 don’t worry about when, but concentrate on the work of the gospel. 2 Peter 3:1-4 says that scoffers will say where is the promise of his coming but verses 5-8 tell us the heavens are old and there is a plan. Time is not the same for God, one day is as 1000 years and he is more centred on bringing salvation not the timing. Verse 9 says God is not slack concerning his promise but because of his love and mercy doesn’t want any to perish to delar is for them, but he will come! We look for new heavens and new earth, verse 13 and vs 14 in the meantime be diligent to be found in Him in peace. Revelation 22:10 Surely I come quickly. Even so, come Lord Jesus.
Ready of Not Here I come!

The final Hymn was Rejoice The Lord Is King after which the Closing Prayer was led by Phillip Halford

Fellowship continued over a Buffet Lunch.


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