There was a Church Service on Saturday 1 October 2016

Phillip Halford-Intercessory PrayerThe Service took place in St. Peters as usual at 11am

The Opening Prayer was given by Reg Newton

Hymns were led by Phillip Halford:
Hymn 1 – Come Thou Almighty King
Hymn 2 – Standing on the Promises

George Henderson announcesAnnouncements were given by – George Henderson and included:
* Rosemary Stokes requests our prayers. She has been in hospital this week for tests for a health problem.
*Please continue to pray for Eileen Howard. She has been transfered back to a Watford hospital because of a problem to keep food down.
*Our first Festival day will be held on Monday at St.John’s church in Radlett at 11a.m. It will be followed by a buffet lunch.
*Our Autumn Festival in Paignton will take place from 17th-24th October. The welcome service will be on Sunday evening the 16th. This year the services will be live on the internet. We anticipate broadcasting most of this year’s sermons from Paignton as they happen on the internet. If you are unable to attend and would like access to these live broadcasts, please email and you will receive details of the link needed to receive the transmissions, or click on this link: Because only sermons will be broadcast, transmission times will vary each day.  Anticipated and approximate transmission times are:  16 October at 8:10pm.  17 October at 11:10am and 3:30pm.  18, 19 & 21 October at 11:10am.  22 October at 3:30pm.  23 October at 11:10am.  24 October 11:10am.  No Service on 20 October.
*From our UK Denominational on 4 September, Gary and Cathy Deddo’s handouts/powerpoint presentations from our recent conference are available to download from our UK website, and the link is
*Doreen Waters of our Birmingham congregation, requests our prayers because her cancer has returned. She needs to have more treatment but last time had a bad reaction to it.
*Three of our congregations have changed their meeting places–Northampton, Reading and Liverpool. Please visit our church website for details–go to and click on the Churches tab
*Joanna Decosta is now at home recovering from a stroke but will soon be going to stay with her daughter in Bangalore.
*David Ord has had a stent fitted following a second heart attack.
*Deben Sam, a pastor in Nepal, is now recovering and resting at home. He is still very weak, please continue to pray for him.

Hymn 3 – Faith of our Fathers

2015-03-14 Winston Bothwell gives Announcements-trimmedIntercessory Prayer was led by Winston Bothwell and included:
*We will soon be enjoying the beauty of Autumn as the leaves change colour. Thank you for your creation.
*Thankyou for your gift of salvation through your son Jesus Christ.
*We need an urgent solution to the terrible destruction in Syria. There is now war and famine in Yemen. Please give an end to all this sorrow. Please protect, comfort and help all the persecuted Christians around the world. Give them the strength to retain their faith.
*We are pleased that Blossom is back with us today. Please continue to help her. We ask your healing power for Rosemary, Eileen, Doreen, Deben, David and Joanna. Please help their families also.
*We remember Peter Buckley in the Care Home. Please let him have the very best care.
*We pray to you to help a lady called Pamela who is very ill with cancer.
*Many young people are away from home for the first time at university. Please give them wisdom and guidance.
*Please guide our Queen and Government as they make decisions about our
country. Let it please benefit Christians.
*Please bless our church leaders here in Watford, and we thank Chris Cottee that we can meet here.
*We look forward to the day when your Son returns and all tears will be
wiped away.

Hymn 4 – The Church’s one Foundation
Hymn 5 – Stand up Stand up for Jesus

chris-cottee-giving-the-sermonThe Message was given by Chris Cottee on The Armour of God. Are we wearing it? It is invisible to the eye of man. The battle which
we need it for is very real. We need to stand firm against the dark rulers in heavenly places. Evil is without compassion. The Devil’s
schemes are powerful, wicked and cunning. We must not forget him and his fiery darts. He was defeated by Jesus, but then became worse. If we belong to Christ, then the Devil is out to get us.
We were each given a card and told that we must put on the armour of God every day. On this card were verses taken from Ephesians 6:10-17. We should read these words every day.
1.The Belt of Truth. The truth that I am God’s son by the cross, and belong to Jesus. The call to be a person of integrity. The belt undergirding all, in my innermost self.
2.The Breastplate of Righteousness. I am justified, standing as righteous before God. Living as righteous before others, every day. This is visible.
3.The Shoes of Readiness, to announce the gospel of peace. Not shoes off relaxing, but alert and on duty.
4.The Shield of Faith. We face real and fiery opposition. I am under attack. God defends me, and it is His Word that puts out the flaming arrows.
5.The Helmet of Salvation. God’s salvation marks me out, decorates me, and I am under it and certain of it. It surrounds my thoughts.
6.The Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. The best defence is attack, listening to and following the leading of the Holy Spirit out there in the world.
Please read Ephesians 5:8-15 and walk in the light.

The Final Hymn was Onward Christian Soldiers after which the Closing Prayer was given by Sueann Henderson.
Sue Ann Henderson leads Intercessory Prayer in Watford 2015-06-13

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