There was a Church Service on 21 January 2017 

The Service was held in St. Peter’s at the earlier time of 10:30am.

The Opening Prayer was given by Sue Ann Henderson

David Silcox welcomed everyone and our guests from other churches and denominations to the Service on the 7th day during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
People were invited to stand and circulate with greetings to one another before the service began with a
Reading by Linda Halford of 2 Corinthians 5:14-20 which says Christ’s love compel us to be reconciled as Christ’s ambassadors—Christians! 

Hymns were led by David Silcox:
Hymn 1. King of Kings, Majesty
Hymn 2. Jesus is the Name we Honour



Announcements were given by David Silcox and included:
*Next week we are back to our regular time of 11am. There will be Communion during the Service next week
*Dorothy’s sister, Margaret Elliot is recovering from her stroke but please still pray for her ongoing health situation
*Tomorrow is the Last Service during this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The Service will be at Beechen Grove at 4pm and there will be a diversity of worship with five different congregations leading in English, Portuguese, Twee & Romanian. There will be international refreshments following this Service of true Christian Unity with diversity. Please consider attending with our fellow Christians.

We viewed a video clip of Denomination President, Joseph Tkach, Speaking of Life, entitled Reconciliation and Redemption. 

There was a Reading of John 17:15-26 by Linda Halford

Hymn 3. Let There Be Peace On Earth

Intercessory Prayer was offered by Phillip Halford and included:
*We have direct access to our Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ, our Saviour. It is a blessing to know you.
*You know all, Father in Heaven. When we look at the world we see disasters like the landslide in Italy, but you see all and we ask your intervention in people’s lives. We know you are able to protect and heal, and we ask for faith to trust your will.
*Church Together have this wonderful opportunity to unite in pray. We look forward to that future return of Jesus to bring ultimate unity, when you will will be done on this earth
*Thank you for your presence and we ask your blessing on all our churches together.

Hymn 4. The Power Of Your Love

The Sermon was given by David Stirk, guest speaking from Northern Ireland. David began by asking how does the world view unity? Football teams are viewed as opposition and adversaries, as are political parties. What about religions, such as Catholics and Protestants? How might God view unity? Football, politics and churches are all seen as his children with His Son, Jesus, dying for the sins of all people, past, present and future. God sees Christians as those who look to Jesus as their Saviour.

The final Hymn was God of Grace And God of Glory after which the Closing Prayer was led by Mike Barlow.

Fellowship continued over Brunch in the church hall. There was no Young People’s Church this week.


The Bricket Wood Bible Study was held in the St. Stephen’s Parish Centre in the upstairs room at 7:30pm on Friday night 20th January. The study group is looking into the Gospel of John. The Study is followed by Refreshments and we welcome anyone who would like to come along.

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