There was a Church Service on Saturday 11 February 2017.

The Service took place at 11am in St. Peter’s Church as usual.

The Opening Prayer was given by Reg Newton

Phil Halford was the Worship Leader and started with Psalm 100.

The First hymn was Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
Then followed by Be Thou My Vision

First two songs we sing beautifully and piano by David Brace was excellent.

The Announcements were read by George Henderson and included:
*Keith from Norwich, please pray for his family following his death.
*Peter and Dorothy who are ill, also Irene who is not well.
*Dr Tkach’s update mentions Forgiveness, and Vision and this being Key to us.
*George read also an update on the Church in Manila which is on a rubbish dump
*We had the US update on a few members who are ill and have died.
*James thought for the week was also read on rulings and judges.
*Also a card for Fred to be signed.

We then had another hymn – All Glory, Laud and Honour

The Intercessory Prayer was led by Winston Bothwell and included:
*Thanking God for Safety, Protection
*Thinking of others and hearts going out to the sick, and those who have lost love ones.
*For the Sprit to dwell upon us and them, and thanking God for Wisdom, Knowledge.
*He also mentioned the world, gaps between people, also different cultures, divisions, crisis’s, problems, groups, and for us to Encourage everyone we see.
*And looking forward to Gods kingdom to come.
*We also continue to remember, Len Maylin, Irene Howard, Graham Mitchell and may others.
*Also we thank the Lord for our Ministers, and Council and all the families.
*He finished by thanking God for his assurance and hope.

Another two hymns – Here I am Lord and The King of Love My Shepherd Is

The Sermon was given by Mike Barlow. James 1.17 speaks of a gift from above. God Created the world, and again thanking him for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Mat 6.11 – God giving us our daily bread, him being our Teacher and Mentor. 1st John 5.13 Words written to us. John 3.15 To believe and look forward to eternal life. John 14.16 God will be with us for ever. 2nd Timothy 1.7 Our gifts, and Gods Power, Love and for us to have a sound mind. Isa 55.6 We must seek, God changes lives. We all do make mistakes. Eph 2.4 Save by Grace. Phi 4.19 God supplies all our needs. John 6.4-8 Riches of God and Eternal life. Psalm 16.11 The Path of life. 1st Peter 5.5 We are humble and Grace is important. Acts 5.32Trust and things take time. In summery – Trust in God our great creator.

The service finished with Onward Christian Solders which sounded amazing!

The Closing Prayer was given by James Esom

Children’s church was lead by Geoff and Jean Sole. Following on from last week where the young people in the Watford Church did maps of Africa and especially Malawi (where GCI have a school and a nearly 20 congregations), this week the young people did maps of Middle East countries and especially Cyprus. As Barnabas was from Cyprus and called ‘the son of encouragement’ the subject of encouraging and building each other up was also covered. Note that there will be no Young People’s Church in Watford on the 18th of February.






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