There was a Special Resurrection Service on Easter Sunday 16 April 2017.
The Service was held at St. Stephen’s Parish Centre in Bricket Wood at 11am.
Hymns were led by George Henderson. He began by reading in John 20:11-18 how Mary Magdalene had gone to the tomb of Jesus and found it empty.
Hymn 1 – Jesus Christ is Risen Today
Hymn 2 – Thine be the Glory
Announcements were given by George
*He thanked everyone who had helped set up the hall and prepared the lunch.
*The funeral of Ron Hitchcock’s son Robert, will take place on Tuesday 18th April in Aldershot. Please pray for all his family.
An Offering was taken up while we listened to Brindley Sherratt singing “Were you There When they Crucified my Lord“. George then gave thanksfor the offering and asked a blessing on it.
Hymn 3 – He Has Risen
Hymn 4 – In the Tomb so Cold
The Sermon was given by James Henderson.
The hope for the lost is the Resurrection. We all need to know the POWER of the resurrection. Philippians 3:10. The power of hope. We read in Matthew 27:52, that when Christ died on the cross, graves were opened. We don’t know who these saints were but people may have recognised them. They may have had temporary life and then died again. This indicates that the resurrection was for ALL and not just Jesus alone. 1 Peter 1:3. We need this living hope. The power of the resurrection makes us strong. We also have the power of Justification. We are given a clean slate. Romans 4:24-25. We can put our past behind us. We do not need to feel guilty any more. Jesus was raised because of our justification. Colossians 3:1. This is a story of involvment and participation. We were all involved in the cross. God was reconciling the whole world. Sins were being forgiven. We participate in the resurrection also. Verses 2-3. We will appear with Christ in glory. Verse 4. We put to death the wrong things in our lives and walk each day in the newness of life made possible by Christ. A living hope. As all died so all will be alive.
The Final Hymn was See What a Morning after which James closed our service in Prayer.
We all then enjoyed a delicious lunch.

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