There was a Church Service on Saturday 15 April.
The Service was held in St. Peter’s Church as usual at 11am.
The Opening Prayer was given by Reg Newton
Hymns were led by George Henderson:
Hymn 1 – From Heaven You Came
Hymn 2 – Meekness and Majesty
Announcements were led by George Henderson and included:
*Our Resurrection Service will be held tomorrow at St.Stephen’s Parish Centre at Bricket Wood at 11am. We will have a guest speaker and an offering will be taken up. A buffet lunch will be served.
*We thank Roy Young for letting us use Garston Community Church for our two
special Spring Festival Services. His wife Beryl has been ill for some time and we have all signed a card for her.
*We are sorry to announce the sudden death of Brian Sparks. He was a member of our Liverpool congregation aged 75. His funeral will be held on May 4th. Please pray for his family.
*Tim Maguire in South Africa, has had a successful operation on his broken leg. Please pray for swift healing.
*Ingrid Mandel, a Pastor’s wife in Canada, is in urgent need of a hip replacement. She has now suffered 6 months of pain. Please pray for an early opportunity for an operation.
*There is another reminder of our special social on May 27th.
Hymn 3 – O Sacred Head Once Wounded
Intercessory Prayer was led by Winston Bothwell and included:
*We thank you for our calling and the many blessings you give us. Your son’s sacrifice means that we have access to you and a wonderful future for all mankind. We know you have a plan for Christ to return.
*Christians are being attacked and persecuted. Help them to keep their hope for the future as they look to you for protection.
*Please help the world leaders to reduce the tension between them. Let them think very carefully before they destroy. Give them them a desire for a peaceful solution.
*New Zealand has suffered storms this week. Please help our brethren to be safe and help all those affected by the floods.
*We bring before you 3 families grieving for their loved ones. Peter Moore lost his wife last week. The Sparks family lost Brian and the Platt family lost Reg. Please comfort and support them all.
*We are sorry to hear of the neglect at the hospital where so many parents lost their babies. We ask you to help and comfort them.
*We need your intervention and healing in the lives of Graham Mitchell, George Campbell, Peter Buckley, Tim, Beryl, Edith, Blossom and Eileen. Their families and carers also need your support.
*Winston also prayed for someone he knows, Ann in Ireland. She is nearing the end of this life. Please give her and her husband Kevin peace and comfort.
*Many of our members here have problems but prefer to suffer in silence. You know who they are and please help them.
*We thank you for all the work that our Elders do here in our Watford church. David, George and Mike. We also thank our church Council for their service.
*During this week we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This opened the door to you and we are so thankful. Please let people respond to this message of hope.
Hymn 4 – Who is there Like You
Hymn 5 – How Deep the Father’s Love for Us
The Message was given by Irene Wilson
Let us put ourselves back to 2,000 years ago at the crucifixion. Christ was in the tomb and his followers were resting. They were all in shock and Mary had lost her first son aged only 33. Was it grief that made the disciples forget Christ’s promise to rise from death? Luke 24:7-8. They all thought the body had been removed and it took two heavenly messengers to remind them. Verse 4. The disciples had kept at a distance during the crucifixtion, but the women approached the cross. John recorded this because he was there at the cross. John 19:25-26. How close would we have stood or would we have stayed back? Do the world’s attractions keep us away from him, or do we remain near?
For Christians this day is a day for reflection and meditation. We need to reflect on what Jesus did for us. First-Redemption. We were bought at a price. 1 Corinthians 6:20. God bought us by sacrificing his son. Christ gave up his glory to come down to Earth. God had to buy us back from our own sinful lives. We were caught in a trap unable to escape. Ephesians 1:7. Romans 3:23. Galations 3:13. We must return to
our former position. Adam and Eve lived in perfect created paradise with no knowledge of evil. Then their eyes were opened. Genesis 3:7. When Jesus left the empty tomb, death was swallowed up in victory. 1 Corinthians 15:54. He had conquered death and restored God’s will. We will share in his glory. John 17:22-26. We are reconciled. 2 Corinthians 5:18. In the future there will be no more death, sorrow or crying. The former things will have passed away. Revelation 21:4. The heart of mankind will be transformed and we will see God. Our job is to let people know that God loves each of us and that Jesus through his death and resurrection has given us eternal life. We must be thankful for the 3 ‘R’s. Redemption, Restoration and  Reconciliation.
The Final Hymn was There is a Redeemer after which the Closing Prayer was given by Peter Beardsmore.
Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.
A Maundy Thursday Service was held at Garston Community Church Watford on April 13th. It was led by James Henderson and the worship included hymns, a footwashing service, scripture, preaching and bread and wine.

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  1. To Peter Moore,
    was visiting in Pasadena last month and was sorry to hear the news of Jane’s passing, please accept our sorrow
    both my brothers live in the UK and we visited last in 2014
    with love

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