There was a Church Service on Saturday 22 April 2017
The Service was held in St. Peters Church as usual at 11am.
The Opening Prayer was given by Keith Stevenson
Hymns were led byGeorge Henderson:
Hymn 1 – Immortal Invisible
Hymn 2 – Shout to the Lord
Announcements were given by George Henderson and included:
*2017 will be our 50th S.E.P. On the middle Saturday, 5th August, a special event is planned. There will be a Fun Fair and a Ceilidh. A ticket is required to attend costing £15 and will include a lunch. A child’s ticket is £5 and £40 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children or more. Please apply to Rachel Sweeney or contact George for more details.
The £50 discount for campers applying for S.E.P. ends on 30th April. Please pray for all those involved with these plans.
*Forest Walker, a retired Pastor in the U.S.A, has died. He served our church faithfully over many years. Please pray for his family.
*Another reminder of our social on the 27th May.
Hymn 3 – All Heaven Declares
Intercessory Prayer was led by James Esom and included:
*Thank you our creator God for all the lovely flowers and trees around us. The nice weather uplifts us. You bless us greatly with peace, homes and food. It is a privilege to come before you today. Please be with all churches around the world as they meet this weekend.
*Please support all Charities as they reach out to help those in need. There is darkness in the world. Please help those who are bereaved and those persecuted. One day there will be peace.
*James Henderson is here today and we thank him, Mr.Tkach, our Church Council and all who serve in our church.
*We thank you for our Young People’s church. Please bless and guide all the plans for our special S.E.P. this year.
*Please bless our table outside and bring people who we can help to talk to Reg.
*Some are not here today for various reasons and many have problems. We ask you to help them all.
*We bring before you Bill Brackley, Peter Buckley, Graham Mitchell, Eileen and Blossom. Please heal them.
*Please comfort the family of Forest Walker. Thankyou for all his service to our church.
*Father you are amazing and encouraging. We give you our heartfelt thanks.
Sueann then passed on a message from Chris Cottee. From now until Pentecost, many churches have decided to pray each day for 5 people they know who do not yet know Christ. They have invited us to do the same. This is their outreach mission.
Hymn 4 – Wonderful Grace
Hymn 5 – I Then Shall Live
The Sermon was given by James Henderson on Christian Growth.
Many books have been written on this subject and mostly want you to do something. A miracle has already occurred in our lives for us to be here. There is nothing we must do because Jesus has already done everything for us. Do we still feel though that we must do something? Jesus is the only source of the Christian life. How do we reach Christian maturity? Do we practice something to do or to be? We read in John 15:1 that Jesus is the true vine and his Father is the vine-dresser. Israel produced fruit only for itself. Hosea 10:1. Jeremiah 2:21-22. Our growth is about how Jesus can reach others through us. It is not a selfish agenda. How do we get a good crop of fruit? John 15:2. By pruning and cutting off any dead branches or any that are growing in the wrong direction. The Holy Spirit will convict us of sin and point us to Jesus. Sin is any direction that takes us away from Christ. We must not hinder growth, but stay on the vine and allow ourselves to be pruned. It is central to our growth. Our slate is wiped
clean because Jesus died for us. Verse 3. We can’t bear fruit if we don’t remain on the vine and abide in him. Verse 4-5. We develop the fruits of the Holy Spirit by living and walking in the spirit. Galations 5:22-25.  We preach Christ was crucified and was resurrected. As we grow our desires change and we desire more of the fruits of the spirit. John 15:7. His words abide in us and  we will bear much fruit and be his disciples. Verse 8. Jesus gave us a new commandment, to love one another. This is our mission. Verses 9-12.

The Final Hymn was Thy Word after which the Closing Prayer was given by Sue Ann Henderson. Fellowship continued over Refreshments in the Church Hall.

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